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Transgenderism is a fundamental component of the way Luciferians raise their children. As Kerth Barker, survivor of satanic ritual abuse, revealed in his books, he was raised to be "Kathy" when he was with members of the cult (despite being a boy), and he was programmed to sexually service the adult members of the cult while he was dressed as a girl. Members of the cult always referred to him as "Kathy," and they did this in order to get him to break away from his core identity. In other words, they raise children as the opposite of what they biologically are in order to create "alter" personalities that can be programmed to serve the cult.

Significantly, Kerth was also groomed to be a homosexual, as many Luciferian children are, because both homosexuality and transgenderism are part of the Luciferian rebellion against God. This is not to say that all homosexuals and transgender people understand what they are part of. In fact, I think many of these people do not understand and they suffer tremendously. Nonetheless, I strongly sense that a HUGE proportion of homosexuals and transgender people were ritually abused and programmed when they were young. It is abuse and/or mind control programming that causes these aberrations. These things are NOT natural and they are not part of the natural order of Creation.

It is also important to point out that Kerth Barker was born into a Jewish family. All my research leads me to believe that Jews are at the root of Luciferianism and Satanism. Without a doubt, Jews are the driving force behind the push to normalize and mainstream homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, bestiality, and even cannibalism.

It looks as though the American College of Pediatrics is NOT run by Jews, otherwise they would have come to a very different conclusion about raising children to be transgender.

Source Article:
American College of Pediatrics reaches decision: Transgenderism of children is child abuse

The American College of Pediatricians issued a statement this week condemning gender reclassification in children by stating that transgenderism in children amounts to child abuse.

“The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.”

The policy statement, authored by Johns Hopkins Medical School Psychology Professor Paul McHugh, listed eight arguments on why gender reclassification is harmful.

1. Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: “XY” and “XX” are genetic markers of health – not genetic markers of a disorder.

2. No one is born with a gender. Everyone is born with a biological sex. Gender (an awareness and sense of oneself as male or female) is a sociological and psychological concept; not an objective biological one.

3. A person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking. When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise healthy biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind not the body, and it should be treated as such.

4. Puberty is not a disease and puberty-blocking hormones can be dangerous. Reversible or not, puberty-blocking hormones induce a state of disease – the absence of puberty – and inhibit growth and fertility in a previously biologically healthy child.

5. According to the DSM-V, as many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.

6. Children who use puberty blockers to impersonate the opposite sex will require cross-sex hormones in late adolescence. Cross-sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) are associated with dangerous health risks including but not limited to high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke and cancer.

7. Rates of suicide are twenty times greater among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery, even in Sweden which is among the most LGBQT – affirming countries.

8. Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful as child abuse.

The left, as one might expect, reacted swiftly with claws fully extended.

Think Progress described the American College of Pediatricians as a “hate group masquerading as pediatricians.”

The Huffington Post said that “Once again, Paul McHugh has used the ever more tarnished name of Johns Hopkins to distort science and spread transphobic misinformation.”

McHugh, who formerly served as Johns Hopkins’ psychiatrist in chief, issued an opinion last year stating the transgenderism is a “mental disorder” and sex change is a “medical impossibility.”

The statement was also signed by Drs. Michelle A. Cretella, M.D., president of the American College of Pediatricians, and Quentin Van Meter, M.D., the organization’s vice president.

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Via Luca Costa:

Her real name is Rebbekah Dorothea Kasner. This Jew is the head of the largest economy of Europe and the most dictator communist regimes in the world, where just questioning the Holo-hoax can lead you to 5 years prison, or opposing Multiculturalism or the Islamic future of Germany, even on Facebook, can get you fined for "hate speech", or fired from your Job

This Jew is the head of the CDU Christian Democratic Union party, she pretends to be German and Christian while she is Polish and Jew and was member of the communist party who fought the German people

She was introduced to politics by her antecedent Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl, who was also Jew, his real name was Hennoch Kohn who also has been the leader of Christian Democratic Union party CDU and was pretending to be Christian and German while he was Austrian Jew and prominent member of the great Masonic lodge "B'nai B'rith" that was made of only Jewish members

The Jew Angela Merkel is the biggest enemy of the German people and the most dangerous Jew in Europe. She gave gift to the terrorist state of Israel several German-made submarines that can be equipped by nuclear weapons, and they are considered the most advanced in the World that even Germany doesn't have equivalent to them

This Jew defends all Jewish interests in Europe and Worldwide. She is a prominent leader for the Islamization in Europe which is the Jewish plan for the great coming European civil war. She robs the German people, impoverish them by imposing the highest taxation rate in Europe while she gives very generous welfare to millions of invaders and useless immigrants who will just in 2045 become majority in Germany. She promotes all Jewish filth such as Homosexual rights, abortion rights and feminist rights to reduce the birth rate of the native Germans

She is the biggest defender of the EU union that was created by the Jews to destroy the European people and impoverish them. She received the "Kalergi Medal" that is given to European leaders who play a big role in race-mixing the White people of Europe with all non-Whites races that the Jews bring by massive immigration

She supported Ukraine coup made by the Jew George Soros; and removed by force with her American clowns the democratically elected pro-Russia Ukrainian Government and she placed a Jewish terrorist president (Poroschenko) in Ukraine.

She wants to start WW3 with Russia so the Jews can destroy Western Civilization and rule the planet over the remaining slaves of the southern hemisphere. The first country to be nuked by Russia will be Germany where the Jews implemented their largest American bases in Europe

This Jew is the most Satanic woman in the world, but the Jews put her on "Time magazine" as a "leader of the free world"

Read more at:

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The article linked below is very disturbing in its own right. But the amazing thing to me is that this is not the first time I have encountered information regarding Jews and their Neanderthal genes. I know we've been told that we "evolved" from Neanderthals, but I suspect The Truth is that these beings were the first "Jews" on our planet and they were not created by The Creator, but by The Creator's adversary. This fact alone makes them inferior in every way and would explain their consistent hatred and jealous rage against those of us created by the Real Creator, especially the "white race."

Please read the horrific story in the link below which reveals the diseased minds of those in positions of "authority" in Israel.

Also check out this quote from a Reader's Digest article a friend "just happened" to show me about Jews and Neanderthal genes.

“Here’s the deal: I am 2.9 percent Neanderthal. That may not sound like a lot, but it is a full .2 percent above the norm. In other words, I am nearly 10 percent more Neanderthal than the average person! This was the manliest thing that had happened to me since getting hit in the eye with a pitch during Little League. I rush to tell my wife the good news.

“I’m a Neanderthal!” I tell her, showing off my test results. I expect her to whip off her clothes and make passionate love to me then and there.

“That explains why you look like that,” she says.

“Like what?”

“You have a Neanderthal brow.”

She’s right. I do have a heavy brow. It overhands the rest of my skull like a buzzard on a tree limb. How did she manage to transform my cool genetic idiosyncrasy into a jab about my physical appearance? Damn her and her more highly evolved Homo sapiens brain.

Deflated, I return to the website, turning to my lines of ancestry, which are a total letdown. As it happens, I am exactly what I have always believed myself to be: 100 percent Ashkenazi Jew…
A few months after receiving my test results, I read that the Food and Drug Administration had forbidden my genetic-testing company from continuing to sell their product, expressing concerns about the “validity of their results.”
-- Michael Ian Black, My Bad Genes, Reader’s Digest, 2/2017, p. 108

Source Article:
Israeli authorities brand Indian Jew genetically inferior

Jacob is Indian. He is also an Israeli citizen. His parents immigrated to Israel when he was a very young boy.

When Jacob reached the age of four he started kindergarten. But because his parents spoke their own language at home, his knowledge of Hebrew was weak. This was the cause of a lifetime of persecution by the Israeli education and welfare systems that continues to this day.

For 20 years Jacob has been fighting in the courts for justice and compensation for the abuse he endured in the Israeli education system.

Jacob suffers from muscular dystrophy but the Israeli authorities refuse to carry out a proper diagnosis and describe his physical illness as psychosomatic, or mental disorder.

A “Neanderthal” from a “culturally inferior wasteland”

Jacob has been described by the Israeli authorities as Neanderthal, coming from a cultural wasteland that is genetically inferior to Israeli society. He has also been accused of being a homosexual and told that he needs drugs to overcome his “anti-feminist” views.

Not only has this been told to Jacob and his family to their faces, but it was also documented in the defence papers of an ongoing claim for compensation that has so far lasted for two decades.

This week Jacob lost his appeal but he intends to take the individuals and ministries concerned to the Israeli Supreme Court and also sue them abroad. His lawyer, Hanna Boulas, an Arab Christian lawyer who is appalled by the racist abuse hurled at Jacob, has represented him for free for nearly 20 years.

Jacob wants his story to be told. He asked for an interview, and sent his story as a warning to others.

Jacob comes from a respectable family: his father having a patented invention of his own and his great grandparents worked as architects when India was under British rule.

In his interview, Jacob says:

In India my family was very respected and well educated: my grandfather and my father’s brother were both draftsmen in a British architect company. My great grandfather was an officer in the British army, my grandmother’s father was a senior director of the main post office in Aden, Yemen. My mother’s father was a senior clerk in the main post office of Bombay – examples from more than 100 years back and to this day. Still, they [the Israelis] keep referring openly to my family’s “genetic inferiority” as proof that I was born defective.

Quacks, ignoramuses and sadists

What Jacob didn’t know as a child was that he suffered from a form of muscular dystrophy known as spinal muscular atrophy. There is cognitive evidence to show that children afflicted with this disease are in fact more intellectually advanced than others, and this is true for Jacob.

In their ignorance, Jacob’s Israeli teachers decided that his struggle to climb stairs, which left him breathless and weak, was a mental disorder. He was stigmatised by “psychiatrists” as early as four as a reserved child and this was used to build on for more than 10 years of educational and other system abuse.

Jacob relates his experiences:

At school, not only the kids were very violent and abused me every day, the teacher, Miriam Tzabbar, was truly sadistic and physically abused me: because of the violence I was absent from school many times, and the authorities sent a special officer to warn me and my parents that if I would not go to school every day, my parents would go to prison and I would be sent to an institution for young criminals. She also came with uniformed officers who scared me about life in prison. “Do you really want to see your parents in prison because of you?”

Jacob was to endure his whole schooling being abused. It went as far as him being beaten and even having a flagpole inserted into his backside while the teacher looked on with apathy. The abuse Jacob endured through his education extended to psychiatric tests: enforced hospitalisation, enforced drugs and medication.

Jacob was forced to take the anti-psychotic drugs Ridazin, which the authorities claimed would help him with his “fear of dogs”, and Modal. He suffered every side effect of the drugs, which the authorities claimed were “all in his mind”. Imagine giving drugs of this kind to a child who was yet to be diagnosed with his terminal illness but was showing all the physical symptoms!

Jacob describes his fight against being forced to take medication:

The female family-doctor and every doctor who met me told me “you have nothing” without examining me because they saw the referral letter which said I am “under psychiatric treatment”. They were sure that my complaints were imaginary and shouldn’t be treated seriously.

In the summer of 1993 Jacob was sent to a secure mental hospital as a result of the side effects of the drug Modal. A “diagnosis” committee determined that his inability to climb stairs was “a bad mental condition”, and this was signed off by two “psychologists” and a “psychiatrist”.

Jacob spent 10 years being passed around institutions and was threatened that if he didn’t comply his parents would be punished by the state. He was determined to get his education despite all the beatings and emotional abuse. By the end of his schooling, with help from a few good people, he emerged with 85 per cent on his grades.

When in 1994 Jacob was eventually diagnosed properly, his teachers still refused to accept his medical condition. This is how he describes his school’s response to his diagnosis:

In the beginning of 1995 I got an appointment with the school counsellor. She was very hostile to me, refused to believe that I suffer from a physical disease. She smiled and kept irritatingly nodding her head and saying: “No, no, no, you don’t understand. Don’t speak about physical problems, I am asking about your mental condition.”

Punishing the victim

Jacob is an extraordinary man. He is a fighter, refusing to be beaten by his disease, and more so, refusing to lie down and die, which he believes the authorities would like.

He can walk only a short distance and needs constant care, yet he refuses to die without justice. He says:

My case discloses a long chain of severe negligence, failures and corruption in the education establishment of Israel, while the leading policy dealing with violence, even today in 2017, is still that when a group of kids abuse and beat up one specific child, the system will do everything possible to punish, slander and throw the victim out of the system, not the perpetrators, as a senior educational psychologist, Dr Menachem Ophir, clearly told to me. That is exactly what explains so well the false diagnoses, misleading presumptions and the harassment by the authorities against me and my parents.

They were looking only for retrospective excuses for the question why I’ve been so many years in therapeutic institutions while they found nothing real against me. They even suggest something about suspicion of homosexuality, which was never even close to reality.

Jacob is by no means the only child abused in the system. Stories are abound of children who are drugged in institutions to “correct their mental attitudes”, children who have no diseases but are separated from their parents, children who simply are pining and yearning to go home.

Institutional perjury

Jacob, his family and his lawyer are having to fight the institutional perjury in the courts. Here are some examples of the lies put out by Israeli institutions to smear him and his family

Lie: “As a child, Jacob was the victim of sexual abuse by his grandmother and grandfather.

Fact: Jacob never knew his grandfather, who died when his own father was seven years old.

Lie: “Yakov was behaviourally disturbed in school and was yelling in the class very hateful remarks against women, Jews and Israel.”

Fact: Every teacher described Jacob always as too quiet, too shy, introverted and a gentle kid. But one of his teachers, Soffy Katz, a divorced feminist, spread falsehoods about Jacob, for example by telling Jacob in front of everybody, including psychiatrists:”You are against feminism because you have a problem in your brain.” She even claimed that drugs would resolve his views about feminism!

What child would not suffer emotionally or mentally? Yet Jacob has a host of friends and a dedicated lawyer fighting for him. Once his case reaches the international arena, it remains to be seen how so many experts testifying for him can be ignored.

Here is an example from Jacob’s lawsuit (in Hebrew).

Many elements of Jacob’s story are similar to those of numerous other parents and children in Israel: children being medicated against their will with strong psychotropic drugs; ignoring physical conditions or illnesses, which in many instances are caused by the side effects of drugs; enforced incarceration in mental hospitals when the child is intellectually proven to be fit.

As with many victims, Jacob tried to get his story told on Israeli mainstream media. Most of these stories are stopped at the last minute by the authorities.

What is special about Jacob’s case is that he can prove the lies and misinformation about him. Yet, he cannot get justice.

Jacob needs help to file a lawsuit overseas for racism and abuse as his remedies in Israel are almost exhausted. Just as the Ethiopians are fighting to overcome racism, Jacob, with his Indian heritage, fights on.

For further information about Jacob’s case, contact Marianne Azizi.

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To all my friends who insist that Trump was put into office by the Luciferians and that he "works for the Jews," this is what I need to say...

It is absolutely sickening to me how much power you are giving to the forces of evil. Do you really believe evil is so powerful that it controls everything in this dimension? Well then, you must think The Creator is a real incompetent weakling, and so too, are all of us who are His Creations.

"Oh we are so weak and stupid" - you say! "The Creator has made us weak and inferior. We cannot possibly do anything to overcome this evil. Evil is just sooooooo powerful! It controls the whole world. This is Satan's world!" And on and on and on.

Well you sound like a bunch of fools! And worse than that -- YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG. You spit in the face of The Creator every single time you think this way and every single time you say "Trump is one of them" or "Trump works for the Jews," etc. You are supporting the Luciferian agenda when you do this and you might as well become a Luciferian yourself if you think evil is so powerful.

It is time for you to stop giving away your power. The people of this country (and the people of the world!) have clearly indicated a readiness for change and THAT is why Trump has been elected (and also why the UK left the EU with many other countries to follow). Trump has such a huge avalanche of support in America, even the Luciferian attempts to rig the elections did not work. In fact, nothing they do works anymore. It is all falling apart. It is all turning to dust. It is all turning against them now.

Are you people really so far removed from your feeling senses that you cannot even FEEL the energy of what is happening in our world or SENSE the terror that now runs through the demonic forces on our planet? What a pity. This means you have separated yourself from your spiritual core and instead have aligned all of your attention and thoughts in support of the dark side. What a waste of human potential.

Get this straight. The Creator works through US (at least those of us who are willing to step up to the plate and stop fucking whining about how powerful evil is). You are either here to support the Creator's dream or you are here to support the opposite. If you continue to promote the thought that the Luciferians are in control of our planet and our world, and that there is nothing the good people of this world can do about it, then you are a HUGE part of the problem. Your thoughts and beliefs are an insult to The Creator and you are contributing to the death and destruction of America and all of life. Please snap out of it.



The Jewish Luciferians who control the Washington Post want YOU to think cannibalism is natural. Mainstreaming satanism is part of their agenda -- to turn the whole world away from The Creator's loving and natural order and get everyone to participate in blatant filth and evil. It is Luciferian Jews who have created this diseased agenda and of course a repulsive Jew who wrote this diseased article. Would you like to become one of them?


Source Article:
Could cannibalism be ‘perfectly natural’? This scientist thinks so.

A snowy egret typically has three nestlings at a time. Two, which were doused with a healthy supply of hormones while they are still eggs inside their mother's body, grow to be large and aggressive. The third is small and meek. In a good year, when food is abundant, the larger chicks will toss the smaller one out of the nest. But if resources are scarce, and the chicks get hungry, they'll stab their sibling to death and eat it.

“It's a lifeboat strategy,” Bill Schutt, a zoologist at the American Museum of Natural History, offered by way of explanation. “That way at least one of the chicks survives.”

This is the kind of knowledge you pick up when you're writing a book on cannibalism, as Schutt has done. For his new work, “Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History,” he scoured several continents and every branch of the tree of life for stories about siblings eating siblings, strangers eating strangers, parents eating children, children eating parents, mates eating mates and more.

There are quite a lot of them. Although cannibalism is often depicted as aberrant behavior, Schutt found that it occurs all the time in the natural world. We humans have also long made a habit of consuming our own — Renaissance Europeans drank human blood as medicine; Pacific Islander communities ate the flesh of deceased relatives as a gesture of grief. Schutt even tried a taste of a human organ (don't worry, no people were harmed in the making of this book).

To learn more about what makes cannibalism “perfectly natural,” Speaking of Science gave Schutt a call. Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Speaking of Science: Your background is in bat research. What got you interested in cannibalism?

Bill Schutt: For my PhD, I studied vampire bats and my first nonfiction book was “Dark Banquet: Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood Feeding Creatures,” where I went in and sort of demystified the whole idea of vampirism. And as a follow-up book, I thought of going in and finding something that is sensationalized, that a lot of people think negative thoughts about. It would be interesting to be able to go in there and put a different spin on it from the perspective of a zoologist. And I’ve always been into strange animals and macabre behavior, so cannibalism seemed to be a very natural follow-up to blood feeding.

SOS: I'll say. Part of your argument is that cannibalism is more natural than scientists once thought — it doesn't only occur when an animal is under extreme stress. What are some of the ways that you found cannibalism can occur?

BS: Well, there are the ones that are sort of obvious, like there’s not enough food, so there’s no alternative source of nutrition. That makes sense, and that’s the one that people know about.

But in the animal kingdom, you’ve also got parental care, which to me was a big surprise. For example, trophic [unfertilized] eggs are laid by spiders or snails or a lot of different invertebrates. These eggs are never meant to hatch; they’re in a sense little kids meals that are readily available once your babies come along. So the spiderlings will consume those. And if they run out, [the mother] will just call the spiderlings to her and squat down — if spiders squat down — and the babies climb all over her and consume her.

Then there’s parental care associated with things like these weird amphibians called caecilians, where some of them hatch from eggs. In those instances, the hatchlings peel their mother’s skin like a grape, and they eat that for a week or so.

And then you’ve got another group of caecilians that are live born, and scientists did some dissections and found out that the newborns have got this weird little tooth that drops off when they’re born. And the scientists wondered what is this for? So they examined the inside of the pregnant females and found that the lining of the oviduct had been eaten away. The young are using the tooth to scrape their mother's insides. This, to me, is not only an extreme form of parental care, but incredibly interesting.

There’s the lifeboat strategy, where nesting birds have asynchronous laying of eggs. So there’s an older bird and a younger bird that gets picked on, and if there’s not enough food, then not only will that bird get picked on, it will be consumed.

And there’s a reproductive strategy in big cats, for example. Let's say a lion takes over a pride, and there’s a female with a cub. Rather than wait several years for that female to come into estrus again, the male will kill and eat the cub, and then the female will be receptive to his advances much more quickly.

It’s also used as a way to sort of hedge against unpredictable environmental conditions. I fund this incredibly cool work being done by these folks out in Arizona on Spadefoot toad larvae. Their eggs are laid in a, you know they call them ponds, but they’re really glorified puddles, and with those dry conditions those bodies of water could evaporate overnight. So it pays to get out of the pool as quickly as possible. Because if the pond dries out before these are toadlets, then everyone dies.

So what has evolved in this system is that some of the tadpoles just overnight explode in size. They have huge teeth with really heavy duty jaw musculature, shortened digestive tracts now adapted for meat consumption. And they will eat their little omnivorous brethren and develop quicker and get out of the pond faster.

SOS: Our society has a taboo against cannibalism passed down from the time of the Greeks and Romans. But you found that consuming humans was more widespread than culture might have us believe.

BS: Yeah, when you think about human cannibalism the first thing that jumps to mind would be criminal cannibalism. Jeffrey Dahmer and all these other horror shows. Or the Donner Party. Strandings. The guys that got stuck in the Andes, the rugby team. Those are the things that immediately come to mind.

But what I found was that there’s ritual cannibalism all over the world. For example, funerary practices. There were many cultures that didn’t come under the influence of the ingrained Western taboo, that weren’t taught that cannibalism was the worst thing you could do to another person. And there you find these funerary practices where the dead are consumed, or you find instances where body parts are used medicinally. Or, sort of on the other side, there are instances where cannibalism is used to terrify your enemies.

But there’s more to cannibalism than just “we ran out of food” or “this is a crazy person,” and I tried to emphasize that.

The most surprising thing that I found in writing this book was that given the Western cannibalism taboo, which is deeply ingrained, that for hundreds and hundreds of years Europeans practiced medicinal cannibalism on a scale that was completely surprising.

Body parts of every kind were used to treat all sorts of different maladies. From drinking blood to treat epilepsy to consuming human fat to treat burns and skin problems. People ground up powdered mummies and consumed them thinking there was a medicinal benefit. I thought that was great because it was evidently a mistranslation of an Arabic word “mummia,” which to them meant a tarry bitumen that was used to bind up wounds. … But when Europeans saw “mummia,” they thought that these guys were consuming actual mummies, and so there was a run on mummies which were suddenly in short supply.

SOS: You were invited by a woman who runs a placenta encapsulation company to taste a placenta. [Note, there's no scientific evidence for the purported health benefits of placenta-eating.]

BS: Mmmhmm.

SOS: So — how was it?

BS: It tasted fine. It was prepared by a chef. He cooked it osso bucco so he knew what he was doing, and he cooked it with veggies. You know he assured me all the veggies are organic. And I was like, “Thank God for that, you know, I wouldn’t want to eat human placenta with nonorganic vegetables.”

But he poured some really nice wine into it, and it smelled great, and it tasted fine. I’m sure anybody else who tasted it would have said the same thing.

SOS: And you consider that cannibalism?

BS: There is a large fetal component to [the placenta]. It’s not all maternal tissue. So therefore, in a sense, you are eating a part of another person, and it’s flesh, and in my book that translates to cannibalism.

You know with this term, there are gray areas. For example, if you eat your fingernails, is that auto-cannibalism? I could get more gross than that but you know what I’m talking about. It's not black and white.

For the purposes of my book, I think that it's consuming any part of an individual of the same species, whether you kill that individual or whether that individual is dead and you come upon him scavenging, or something else. As long as it's the same species, I would consider that to be cannibalism.

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Please help this go viral! From the heart and soul of a man born in the occupied nation of Germany. This is extremely profound!!! Please listen and awaken your hearts and minds to The Truth. The ones responsible for this evil must be exposed. They are planning the same fate for America.

A Distress Call

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The Medical Swindle

The Laws Against Non-Jews

'As for Gentiles, the basic talmudic principle is that their lives must not be saved, although it is also forbidden to murder them outright. The Talmud itself expresses this in the maxim 'Gentiles are neither to be lifted [out of a well] nor hauled down [into it]'. Maimonides explains:

As for Gentiles with whom we are not at war ... their death must not be caused, but it is forbidden to save them if they are at the point of death; if, for example, one of them is seen falling into the sea, he should not be rescued, for it is written: 'neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy fellow' - but [a Gentile] is not thy fellow."

In particular, a Jewish doctor must not treat a Gentile patient. Maimonides - himself an illustrious physician - is quite explicit on this; in another passage he repeats the distinction between 'thy fellow' and a Gentile, and concludes: 'and from this learn ye, that it is forbidden to heal a Gentile even for payment...'

However, the refusal of a Jew - particularly a Jewish doctor - to save the life of a Gentile may, if it becomes known, antagonize powerful Gentiles and so put Jews in danger. Where such danger exists, the obligation to avert it supersedes the ban on helping the Gentile. Thus Maimonides continues: ' ... but if you fear him or his hostility, cure him for payment, though you are forbidden to do so without payment.' In fact, Maimonides himself was Saladin's personal physician. His insistence on demanding payment - presumably in order to make sure that the act is not one of human charity but an unavoidable duty - is however not absolute. For in another passage he allows Gentile whose hostility is feared to be treated 'even gratis, if it is unavoidable'.

The whole doctrine - the ban on saving a Gentile's life or healing him, and the suspension of this ban in cases where there is fear of hostility - is repeated (virtually verbatim) by other major authorities, including the 14th century Arba'ah Turirn and Karo's Beyt Yosef and Shulhan 'Arukh.19 Beyt Yosef adds, quoting Maimonides: 'And it is permissible to try out a drug on a heathen, if this serves a purpose'; and this is repeated also by the famous R. Moses Isserles.

The consensus of halakhic authorities is that the term 'Gentiles' in the above doctrine refers to all non-Jews.'

Friday, February 10, 2017


68 sheep slaughtered because this psychopath decided that murdering innocent animals is a great way to "celebrate" his ministerial appointment. And people still cannot see how dangerous Judaism is to all life forms. When will people wake up?

Source Article:
Barbaric Israeli minister to celebrate his new ministerial appointment by slaughtering 68 sheep on Monday

YNET – Minister Ayoob Kara (Likud) announced his intention to celebrate his new ministerial appointment by slaughtering 68 sheep on Monday, spurring outrage by animal rights organizations.

Kara was sworn in as a minister without portfolio on Sunday, eight months after he threatened to resign if he didn’t receive such an appointment. He claimed at the time that his Likud party was racist against the Druze, a community to which Kara belongs. Seven hundred guests attended his swearing-in ceremony, including the leaders of the Druze community.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Kara whispered to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “I ask for your forgiveness. I thought that you were avoiding appointing me, but you just wanted to wait for the right time. I’m sorry.

Netanyahu patted the new minister on the back and replied, “You’re my brother; when will you understand?”

The number of 68 sheep to be slaughtered in celebration was chosen to commemorate the number of years since the establishment of the State of Israel. Originally, 61 had been planned to mark Kara’s age. Ten years ago, Kara served guests 58 sheep stuffed with rice. “Within ten minutes, all the sheep were eaten,” the minister recalled. “When Minister Yisrael Katz arrived, who was still hefty at the time, there was nothing left for him.”

The animal rights organization Let the Animals Live, Israel criticized Kara’s manner of fĂȘting his appointment: “Killing an animal is heartbreaking, not a sign of joy. But if we were horrified by the killing of these 68 sheep, counted one by one and their slaughter being performed openly, we must be equally horrified by the slaughter of entire herds of animals, their flesh piled in stores and restaurants, without any mark of the animals they once were.”

The organization Anonymous for Animal Rights commented, “It is sad that in 2017, there are those who feel comfortable marking a celebration by slaughtering the flesh of others, be it at a ministerial appointment, a wedding buffet, or a barbecue on Independence Day…There is no join in the torture and killing of animals. Minister Ayoob Kara should find other ways of celebrating his appointment.”

On Saturday night, a demonstration is to take place on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard. Thousands are expected to protest the importation of calves and lambs to Israel from Australia and Europe on cargo ships for slaughter in Israel. Last year, more than half a million animals were sent via aerial and maritime transports.

Next week, the High Court of Justice is to hear a petition calling for the end of these transports the two animal rights organizations above filed.

Kara’s office commented on the matter, “To each his own. The State of Israel is a democratic country. We oppose coercion of any kind whatsoever. There are people who eat meat, and there are people who don’t. We respect everybody.”

Monday, February 6, 2017


Psychopath Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira

Are you awake yet? Do you realize the danger these creatures pose to all life forms?

Source Article:
Book About Killing Gentile Children Becomes Best Seller in Israel

"JERUSALEM – A Jewish rabbi has issued a book giving Jews permission to murder non-Jews, including babies and children, who may pose an actual or potential threat to Jews or Israel. “It is permissible to kill the Righteous among non-Jews even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement in the occupied West Bank, wrote in his book “The King’s Torah.”

He argues that goyem (a derogatory epithet for non-Jews) may be killed if they threaten Israel.

“If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder.”

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro – co-author of the book

Shapiro, who heads a small Talmudic school at the settlement of Yitzhar near Nablus, claims his edict “is fully justified by the Torah and the Talmud.”

The anti-goyem edict seems to come in response to the arrest by Israeli police of a Jewish terrorist who has confessed to having murdered two Palestinian shepherds in the West Bank.

The terrorist, an American-born immigrant named Yaakov Teitel, also confessed to have tried to assassinate leftist Jewish figures.

Police considered the arrest an important achievement in combating Jewish terrorism, which experts contend thrives on religious edicts issued by rabbis affiliated with the religious-Zionist camp.

Nearly 16 years ago, a Jewish terrorist named Yigal Amir assassinated then Israeli Premier Yitzhak Rabin.

Moreover, numerous innocent Palestinians have also been murdered in cold blood by Jewish terrorists.

In 1994, Baruch Goldstein, a notorious Jewish terrorist, murdered 29 Muslim worshipers inside Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in the West Bank town of al-Khalil.


The controversial edict is backed by numerous rabbis affiliated with the so-called national-religious camp as well as the Talmudic seminary in West Jerusalem, known as Merkaz Ha’rav.

Among the rabbis who have publicly supported the edict are Yitzhak Ginsburg and Ya’akov Yosef.

Ginsburg had written a leaflet glorifying murderer Goldstein and called him a “saintly figure.”

Shapiro’s views on how Palestinians and non-Jews in general ought to be treated according to Jewish religious law (halacha) are widely looked at as representing the mainstream not the exception in Israel.

During the Israeli onslaught against Gaza earlier this year, Mordecahi Elyahu, one of the leading rabbinic figures in Israel, urged the army not to refrain from killing enemy children in order to save the lives of Israeli soldiers.

He had even petitioned the Israeli government to carry out a series of carpet bombing of Palestinian population centers in Gaza.

“If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand. And if they do not stop after we kill a thousand, then we must kill 10,000. If they still don’t stop, we must kill 100,000, even a million. Whatever it takes to stop them.”

According to Israel Shahak, author of “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: the Weight of Three Thousand years,” the term “human beings” in Jewish law refers solely to Jews.

Many Jewish orthodox rabbis, especially within the national-religious sector, view international conventions incriminating the deliberate killing of civilians and destruction of civilian homes and property as representing “Christian morals” not binding on Jews.

In 2006, the Rabbinic Council of Jewish Settlements in the West Bank urged the army “to ignore Christian morals and exterminate the enemy in the north (Lebanon) and the south (Gaza Strip).

Such manifestly racist and hateful edicts don’t raise many eyebrows in Israel, neither among the intelligentsia nor in the society at large.


The article is also available on Israeli website Haaretz.