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Friends -- I recently watched a film on Netflix entitled "Frozen Angels" -- about surrogacy, IVF, and the enormous business of reproductive technology in southern California. To me, the film was very disturbing, but I recommend people see it anyway. If you are not yet a netflix subscriber, you can watch the documentary for free as Netflix is offering the first month of a subscription at no cost.

Two very disturbing aspects of the film are:

(1) "Masturbatoriums." Masturbatoriums are tiny rooms within the California Cryobank that house various forms of pornography, including magazines and films (and who knows what else -- maybe big, plastic, blow-up dolls with holes in them, or one of those "automatic sperm collectors" seen in the photo below).

It is into the cold and sterile masturbatoriums pictured below that men go to jack off into a plastic cup so that the underworld gods of technological reproduction can collect and store their sperm. According to the guy in the white coat (who probably has a black robe hanging in a closet nearby), these sordid rooms are known as "erotic rooms." However the antiseptic-like quality of these cells, combined with the scientifically demonic environment they are located in, would lead me to think of them as anything but erotic -- except, perhaps, to those who enjoy necrophilia or other expressions of satanic-based sexuality. Judge for yourself.

Now, according to the film, "sperm donors" (otherwise known as dissociated men who like to ejaculate into plastic cups while having sex with magazines) get paid $75 a pop for each time they jack off and deliver a bucket full of sperm. If we consider the fact that each one of those sperm has the potential to be turned into an IVF or surrogate baby, and that each one of these "embryos" comes at a price of approximately $12,000, you begin to realize -- hey -- this is quite a racket they have going on there!!! A mark-up of $11,925 PER SPERM and you figure somebody has masterminded this brilliant get-rich-quick scheme and wow -- what an incredible way to make money! Right?

Now let's consider a very strange scene in the documentary during which one of the main promoters of these technologies -- a loud-mouthed, obnoxious, radio talk show host in southern California who appears to have little human value -- was actually celebrating the fact that he was a Jew. During this bizarre scene, the loud-mouth and his "family" (made up of a wife and two surrogate children) were proudly demonstrating (albeit in a very mocking and disrespectful way) their commitment to the practice of Judaism.

Naturally, I could not help but wonder what on Earth this scene had to do with the rest of the documentary -- until I asked myself the right question. Were the makers of this film trying to tell us something? Is there a connection between Judaism and the disturbing world of reproductive technology?

Sure enough, a quick google search affirms that, indeed, there is. And the same google search is filled with articles like "IVF Babies: A Gift of Israel and Hadassah to Its People" and "Two Jews caught stealing eggs in Romania" that confirm this sordid connection.

The first article proudly boasts that:
"Unlike countries where couples spend their entire life savings trying to conceive a child with the help of expensive medical intervention such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), Israel provides free IVF until a woman has two babies or reaches age 45. Israel has the highest per capita use of IVF in the world. According to Prof. Arye Hurwitz, head of the Hadassah Medical Center’s IVF Unit, Hadassah provides over 5,000 IVF procedures each year to patients from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and abroad..."

The second article states:
Fertility specialist Dr. Raphael Ron-El and technician Daphna Komarovsky were released to house arrest at their hotel in Bucharest on Wednesday following their arrest the previous day. Ron-El is director of the in vitro fertilization unit at Assaf Harofeh Hospital in central Israel.

The two Jews are suspected of recruiting young students in the province in need of cash and offering them $180-$240 for harvesting their eggs, which they allegedly then sold for $4,000-$5,300 to couples seeking in vitro fertilization.

Ron-El and Komarovsky are suspected of trafficking human cells and belonging to an organized criminal group, and may not leave Romania. According to the statement, they conducted their activities along with nine others from Med New Life, a private clinic in Bucharest.

In 2009, Romanian authorities arrested some 30 Jews and locals in a raid on the clinic Sabyc. Four Jews were released and fled to Israel, but they were tried and sentenced in absentia to five years in prison for illegal trade in human eggs.

Israeli Jews have been caught in the lucrative illegal trade of human organ harvesting in Kosova, India, Haiti, Chad, Belarus, Nicaragua, Peru, Nicaragua, Philippines, Turkey, Ukraine, China, Palestine and other countries.

Then I remembered a third article that I had recently read regarding Jews dominating the porn industry. And I began to think -- gee, these "masturbatoriums" -- replete with Jewish-owned Penthouse magazines -- sure seem like an excellent way for a few good-intentioned Jews to make a few extra shekels. Nothing wrong with that. Right? Surely we shouldn't be picking on the Israelis or the Jews just because they want to earn a few extra dollars. Right?

But then I began to ask myself some very important questions like.... What impact do these technologies have on human life? What happens, for example, to those sperm who later become frozen embryos and later become children? Do they suffer? I mean, what's it like to be left in suspended animation for decades, frozen in the bowels of the satanic reproductive technology industry not knowing if the chance for life will ever actually occur? This is a real concern since there are likely more than 1,000,000 human embryos currently stored in the US alone. What happens to their souls?

And then there are the questions regarding what it means to be "conceived" in a laboratory filled with mad scientists frantically attempting to prove themselves as powerful as God? And what does it do to the psyche of a child when it is conceived through the merging of a sperm taken from a man who had only pornographic thoughts at the moment of release -- and merging that sperm with an egg taken from a woman who willfully chose to "donate" her genetics and her body in exchange for about $15,000? Surely, it must be detrimental to the child to be "conceived" in an environment devoid of human love, yes? And what of the fact that most of these children are gestated in wombs where their "mother" has no interest to bond with them. Wouldn't that further compound their trauma by reinforcing an already loveless beginning?

Let's listen to the words of a surrogate mom in the film as she describes her ability to dissociate herself from her pregnancy.
"...As heartless as this might sound, I don't feel attached to this baby. I know it's not mine. I know where it's going. And I know who its parents are gonna be. So it doesn't bother me. I don't feel attached. And even to the last one that I had... I don't feel any attachment to that baby either. If that sounds heartless, I don't know. I guess it's just the frame of mind that you put yourself in when you're pregnant or even when you're starting the process. You know from day 1 that this baby is not yours and that it's someone else's. So you kind of just detach yourself..."

Hmmm -- to me, that type of emotional distancing definitely seems to be cause for concern.

And making matters worse is the fact that these same love-deprived children will also have to go through the brutality of hospital birth -- i.e., a process that will likely include induction, pitocin, the theft of their placenta and cord blood (also held captive at the Cryobank), poison eye ointments, swaddling, vaccination, and much more.

Here is a picture of a newborn surrogate baby for whom my heart bleeds.

And here is a picture of the baby's dissociated surrogate mom after the birth, with her depressed husband who is, no doubt, trying to make sense of why his wife is caught up in this mess

Now, after all of the hospital abuse that this baby is put through, and after nine months of loveless lonliness in the womb of a dissociated mom, this poor child is then handed over to complete strangers with whom she has no previous connection and with whom she shares no common history or genetics.

These are the lucky new parents

This is the new "mom" in her technocratic place of employment

So what do YOU think? Do you think the child will be thankful for her new life? After all, at least her "parents" really wanted her and had enough money to purchase the type of child they want.

But then there are articles like this one indicating that IVF children really do suffer, especially as they come of age and consider creating families of their own.
"...The facts of my conception are that my father was paid to abandon me. There is no dignity in that. I suffered from debilitating identity issues, mistrust of the opposite sex, hatred and condemnation of the opposite sex, feelings of objectification – like I only exist as a play – toy for others, and feeling like a science experiment.

If people can take away something so precious as a mother or father and make us feel like we should be grateful for the loss, what else can people take away from us? How do you expect the next generation to fight for things like freedom, democracy, clean air, clean water, when something as precious and basic as your mother or father is stolen from you? Removed by the state… Removed by a fertility industry that forces you into existence and then doesn’t return your calls when you grow up and start banging on their doors asking for records… Removed by a commissioning parent, often your other biological parent who vowed to protect and provide for you, but only on the contingency that you show gratitude for your life and don’t ask questions about the other missing parent…..."

And yet, these children are the "lucky ones" -- i.e., the ones who actually get an embodiment after a cold and loveless reproductive beginning. But what happens to the embryos who never get to become children? Do they suffer too? What happens to a baby, for example, that is held in a state of suspended animation indefinitely, like some freak chimeras created by satanic forces who get off on imprisoning souls? Surely, if these disembodied spirits never have a chance to incarnate and are, instead, trapped in these satanic-infested scientific institutions where even those who should have access to them do not (like the wife of a dead man whose sperm are being held captive but who has not been given "permission" to access them) -- Surely these disembodied, imprisoned souls will suffer! Right?

Which brings me to a second very disturbing aspect of these "baby farms."

(2) "Postmortem sperm recovery" -- Say what??? You read that right folks. The dark ones are involved in collecting sperm from dead men (talk about satanic!) and also from men who have been declared "brain dead" - which we know from Dr. Paul Byrne's work is a fictitious diagnosis created specifically so the dark ones can steal organs from people who are very much alive -- and apparently they are stealing sperm too!!!

I went searching the internet to find out more about this sickening practice and was not wholly surprised to learn that Israelis are on the cutting edge of this postmortem sperm retrieval. It appears that when they are not busy blowing off the arms and legs of children in Gaza -- children who, by the way, cannot escape because the Israelis have built walls around Gaza and created an open-air prison to entrap and murder the Palestinians... when they are not busy blowing people up, their scientists are busy digging into the bodies of dead or defenseless men and babies and stealing their eggs and their sperm!

Let us ponder for just a few minutes the ethics and morality of these "people" that have no qualms about blowing up trapped innocent children and families, and no problem whatsoever in stealing eggs from aborted female babies and turning those eggs into IVF children! I mean, is it possible that they do not realize that this goes against every aspect of natural law? It is possible that they do not care that a child who has been sacrificed and murdered by her own mother will carry memories of the murder in her eggs!

Scientists are finally catching up with what prenatal and perinatal psychologists have been saying for decades -- i.e., that intergenerational memories are carried through the sperm and the egg and these memories get passed on to future generations.

What then will become of the future children who were once an egg in the body of an unborn child that was murdered by medical technicians at the request of its own mother? And what will become of the future child conceived through sperm that was stolen from a dead or unconscious man??? Surely, there will be "unexplained" psychological patterns that develop in the lives of these children. And every single aspect of their spiritual, psychic, emotional, and mental pain will have been caused by the satanic underworld of reproductive technology -- and the parents who are unconscious enough to get involved with it.

In truth, just about every person involved in the film -- from the surrogate moms who were carrying the babies to the parents who bought them -- seemed emotionally not quite right to me. Disassociation in the two surrogate moms was vividly apparent and a distinct lack of humanity seemed to ooze out of those involved in the industry of selling unborn children for profit. This is human trafficking at its finest, and God help us all for allowing it to happen in our own backyards.
"...[L]ast year Americans bought $45 million worth of frozen sperm via the internet... The California Cryobank is the largest sperm bank in the world. We distribute 2,500 ampules of sperm to every state in the United States and 24 countries outside the United States and we are the sixth largest user of Federal Express in southern California. We are now probably providing 90% of white sperm..."

"It's become an American trade product that's sent abroad. Just as we're sending blockbuster movies from Hollywood, we're also sending sperm from blonde, blue-eyed American men... And so there's a new imperialism where American sperm is going around the globe, including to third world nations, to try to create light-skinned blonde kids...

I'm involved with recovering sperm from men who have died... postmortem sperm recovery. And I do it because there's so much pay..."

"...Now that I am in the process of donating to another couple and they live so close to me, it is a very different feeling for me. It's so much more real to me. I felt very disassociated from the first couple because I just thought there was no way I would ever see the child or meet the child. Even though in my mind I said I would like to, I think if I actually did, I think it'd be very emotional. I can't imagine. Like I said I go through these scenes in my mind -- I even envision meeting the child. I think it would be easier for me to meet the child if the child was an adult. If I saw a child that was a little baby or a little toddler, I think....."
Dissociated blonde haired, blue eyed surrogate mom who gets top dollar for her genetics and the use of her eggs and womb

Important Jewish ethics regarding postmortem sperm retrieval - by Rabbi Mordechai Halperin

"We learn in the Torah that we are required to pay for damages we cause to others.2 As long as the one who incurred the damage does not forgive the one who caused it, the latter is obligated to pay for the damages, even if he is not being sued. However, nowhere in the Torah does it explicitly say that causing damage to your fellow man is forbidden. It is written that if one causes damage he must pay for it, but it does not say that causing damage in the first place is forbidden...."

"Post-mortem sperm retrieval seems to fall under the prohibition of hana’a min ha-met, deriving benefit from a corpse... However, procreation is a mitsva (“be fruitful and multiply”)7 and therefore the prohibition of hana’a min ha-met should not apply..."

"An often-heard ethical argument against post-mortem sperm retrieval is that a new heir is being created against the will of the other heirs. If the inheritance is one million dollars and there are four heirs, each will get two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. If you then create a fifth heir, each will get only two hundred thousand dollars. Is this fair?..."

Jeanice Barcelo is a transformational teacher, a birth activist and whistleblower, and someone who is concerned with all things that limit or undermine human love. Jeanice is an outspoken leader in the movement to expose the violence of hospital birth and to get birth out of the hospitals and back into the home. Through her radio and television shows, and in her forthcoming book series, she speaks out about the horrors of technologically-managed pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the evils of mind-control, satanism, pedophilia, child abuse, pornography, abortion, vaccines, and more. Jeanice has spent the last 15 years uncovering the long-term and inter-generational impact of primal trauma on the human body/mind/spirit system. She views the ever-escalating amounts of violence being inflicted on babies and pregnant mothers as systematic, methodical, purposeful evil. Jeanice has lectured extensively on this topic and has created an important curriculum designed to help end the lineage of abuse, violence, and trauma and restore humanity’s capacity to love. To learn more about Jeanice and her work, please visit her website at or her blog at or her youtube channel at


If you are one of the many people who would like to understand the inner workings of the satanic Illuminati, Kerth Barker’s books are a must read. Kerth is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse. In his first book, Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers: Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor, Kerth describes his personal experiences of being forced into a pedophilic prostitution ring where, as a child, he was programmed to sexually service high-level Illuminati members and initiates. Some of the sexual acts he was forced to perform were photographed and/or filmed. These photos and films were not only sold for extremely high prices, but were also used to blackmail politicians and other public servants in order to get them to acquiesce to the mandates of the Illuminati.

Kerth is a victim of trauma-based mind-control. As a child, he was exposed to some of the most horrendous and harrowing experiences known to humankind. As a means of grooming him to become part of organized satanism, Kerth was repeatedly tortured and traumatized and made to split into two separate personalities – one a mundane Christian named Kerth and the other a female satanist named Kathy. Kathy was the cross-dressing “girly-boy” that attended satanic rituals and performed sexual acts for her/his Illuminati “owners.” Kerth was the “normal” Christian boy that attended school regularly and went to church with his family on Sundays.

Kerth describes in some detail some of the torture and manipulation that he was subjected to in order to get him to split into two personalities. He also describes some of the insane activities that he was forced to participate in as a child. This book leaves no doubt that there are seriously perverted and wicked individuals at the top of the Illuminati pyramid and they have no moral conscious or any feelings whatsoever about the trauma and violence they inflict on other people, especially children.

Thankfully, Kerth finds powerful non-satanic human and angelic allies as he moves through childhood and into adolescence. These allies help him break away from the satanists and they introduce him to a special form of therapy – called Fabian Therapy – that ultimately helps him reclaim his memories, his mind, and his soul. Kerth now works furiously to expose the Illuminati and to help free those who are wanting to get out.

In his second book, entitled Cannibalism, Blood Drinking, and High Adept Satanism, Kerth takes us on a journey into the underworld of satanism and into the depths of depravity that some satanists are capable of. It is here that we meet two incestuous, inbred sisters who are not only proud of the fact that they are “aristocratic cannibals,” but whose home is a virtual prison compound where they keep slaves and brain-dead, inbred servants who are forced to cater to their every whim. Kerth describes in some detail the sisters’ penchant for consuming human blood and body parts, as well as the cruelty, violence, and depravity of these extremely insane "people." He also shares insider information regarding the fact that these two psychopaths serve the Illuminati by working in positions of importance within the United Nations.

In Book 2 we also learn that some members of the Illuminati have an addiction to adrenalized blood drinking. This addiction forces them to kidnap and torture their victims before they murder them and drink their blood. Kerth has compassion for these very damaged people and he has been trained in a special form of therapy that can help blood drinking addicts recover from their addiction.

Kerth also shares a few revelations about high-adept satanism and the fact that many of these people DO NOT engage in cannibalism or blood drinking but rather manipulate people through hypnotism and well-developed methods of psychic control. Kerth came very close to being a victim of one of these high-adept satanists, but with a little help from his allies in the heavenly and earthly realm, he was able to break the spell and ultimately break free from the satanists for good.

Reading between the lines in these books one can discern that satanism derives much of its power and tenacity from carefully constructed networks of mutual blackmail and self-perpetuating inter-generational patterns of child abuse that often parasitize the families of its practitioners. In that respect satanists are hardly in control of their own lives – they are more like cogs in a machine than free individuals. Unfortunately, these machines can, and have been, programmed to do some very nasty things. And this includes attempting to destroy the world and, if necessary, taking themselves out with it. There is no sanity to their logic or their behavior. It is completely depraved.

Be forewarned that some of the material in Book 2 is extremely hard to read and I am quite certain that, for Kerth, it was very hard to write. Yet for all of us, The Truth remains that if we hope to overcome the psychopathy and evil that now grips our planet and threatens all of life, we must understand the enemy and know how they work. I think we owe Kerth an enormous debt of gratitude for coming forward with this information and I trust that many will find what he shares invaluable.

Two thumbs up from my end. These books are a must-read! For more information, please visit

Jeanice Barcelo

Here are a few testimonials from our readers about Kerth's first book:
I have read the entire book on satanism this night through, in one go. I could not stop reading. It was so well written and so easy to understand - it could not be done better, I am sure.

I cried on the last pages but not from sadness, but from empathy with all those people who work to help others and for the people trapped in this system, who don't really want to be there and I hope all this can end so we can all flourish and have better lives. I also understand that the satanists are not happy people and that one could feel sorry for them if they had not done so many horrific actions.

Thank you so much for the book, and I so hope that you will be successful and the author too will be successful. I really understand him and I think he is a very good person.

Best wishes,
OMG this is an amazing book. Very well written and rings very authentic. Gonna recommend this one to many. Deserves the widest audience possible.
Thanks very much." -- Myles

Just follow this link for more information about Kerth's books.

Here is an excerpt.

"...I noticed that the Baron kept on slyly glancing about the house as we walked through it. When we strolled by some windows that looked out into their backyard, I noticed a strange sight. It looked as if the backyard was caged in. There was wire mesh that covered all the sides of the backyard. And there was wire mesh on top. Inside the caged in area, there were swings, a picnic table and some other things that you might expect children to use.

Bernie explained, “That’s the play area for our slave girls. We can’t expect them to work all the time.”

Nancy went on, “But they’re too precious to us, so we can’t let them escape. We have to protect them from the outside world.”

I noticed that many of the windows had bars on them which were hidden by the curtains in front of them. I realized that this home was like a prison or a bank. It was all locked down. And that meant that the Baron and I were locked in it as well. But the Baron seemed unafraid, and so I kept on smiling.

The two sisters said that they were about to eat lunch and invited us to join them. The Baron said that we would be delighted to sit with them, but that we had already eaten. We entered the dining room and sat together at the dinning table. The whole house was filled with beautiful old antique furniture. The paintings on the wall were quite tasteful and beautiful as well. The dining room table had a red lace tablecloth of a unique design. It looked like it was made of little lace roses. Everything on the table was silver. The plates, cups and bowls were all silver.

A maid and cook, both dressed in white, served the food as we sat at the table. Both the maid and cook had the same family face as the two sisters, only these servants were shorter and seemed slightly retarded. But the family resemblance was unmistakable. It was explained by the two sisters that their servants were all second cousins from the poorer side of the family. The cook and the maid showed no emotions at all as they served, and they expressed no personality.

Although the Baron and I asked for nothing and ate nothing, food plates and drinks were set before us. But we didn’t dare touch anything on the table. Although the two sisters repeatedly and politely insisted that we eat or drink something, the Baron repeatedly and politely refused. I said nothing but forced myself to sit up straight and smile continually.

The main dish was a meat plate. It was served on an oval silver platter. It was all very strange looking. It was made up of small slices of different types of meat that were garnished lightly with what looked like catsup. It had all been shaped to looked sort of like a rose. The two sisters explained what it was. They said that the meats were pork, chicken, turkey, venison, beef, goat and human flesh. These different meats had all had been chopped up and mixed together with spices. And once shaped into this floral form, they had been garnished with a mixture of catsup and human blood. As the two sisters explained this, I had no doubt that they were telling the truth. Although I had a smile rigidly fixed upon my face, I could not have felt more sickened by the meat plate in front of me than if it had been a plate of dog crap.

There was a small bowl of vegetables next to the meat plate, but for some reason the vegetables seemed just as disgusting. The cup of tea and glass of water felt suspect as I glanced at them. So I had no trouble obeying the Baron’s mandate that I should eat or drink nothing while in this house.

The two sister explained where they got their “human cattle” meat. They said that once a year they “harvested” a family of migrant farm workers…

The way that the two sisters ate their meat was peculiar. They used their forks for the vegetables and their spoons for the tea, but they picked away at the meat plate with their fingers. They held the silver platter containing the meat with one hand, very daintily with the little finger held up. And they held their meat plates up near their mouths. They periodically sniffed at the meat and moaned with pleasure at its smell. The other hand was used to pick at the meat. Each sister would carefully pick up a small piece of meat and place it gingerly on her own outstretched tongue. Sometimes they would feed each other in this way.

As they were eating the meat, they would say things like, “Mmmm. This is so-oo delicious. Ohhhh, this is so-oo tasty.”

When they had eaten all of the meat off of the silver platter, they then licked off the red blood-catsup garnish that was left on it. They licked until the meat plate was clean. Even the Baron, who was usually unaffected by any event he witnessed, winced at this display. I sat with a smile robotically fixed on my face, my back straight and my purse on my lap. But it took all of my concentration to keep myself from vomiting as they ate in this way..."



In our satanic-infested culture, we are forced to live in a world of opposites where we are told -- often through "scientific research" -- that what is harmful for us is good for us and what is good for us is harmful for us. In this upside-down world, we learn that cuddling is a dangerous activity as it causes "discomfort in the neck, shoulder, [and] arms" as well as "poor circulation, sore muscles, fatigue, stiffness, numbness, cramping" and more. Also we are told that cuddling causes "nerve, muscle, tissue, and joint damage" and that a great way to avoid all of these harms is by using the "cuddle cradle."

Furthermore, we are informed through the patent of this wonderful technology ( that this toxic piece of rubbish "promotes a genuine sense of closeness between two individuals," despite the fact that, when we look at the video below, it is clear to see that these children are NOT connecting with their "caregivers" but instead appear to be dissociated.

Please note that causing children to dissociate is a primary goal of the dark ones because dissociated children are more easy to mind-control. However when we break free from the mind-control and turn things around, we can see things for what they really are. There is no "cuddling" possible with this ridiculous contraption as it makes real human contact impossible. Sensory deprivation -- i.e., preventing skin-to-skin contact, no breast-feeding, no human touch whatsoever -- will result in brain damage.


Cuddle Cradle by Baby Brezza

7/29/14 UPDATE

Well friends -- it appears this blog entry is a big hit and there are those who are a little perturbed about the popularity of this post. So in order to exercise some spin control, the dark ones have done a very interesting thing. Please take a look at the video just above and notice that the arrow is now over to the right of the video -- directly over the baby's face. This arrow was in the center of the video the other day -- and I am quite sure of this because I distinctly remember thinking about the misery on the baby's (and the "mother's") face and how interesting it was that youtube happened to make that very spot the thumbnail picture.

I don't know how they did it -- but they moved that arrow. And the reason they moved it is so that YOU would be deceived.

Committed as I am to exposing these dirtbags, I decided to exercise a little spin control of my own. So I took a few screenshots during the video and have posted them below so that you can see not only the misery on the baby's face, but also the absolute blank, staring-off-into-space and refusal to look at their "caregivers" that every one of these children is displaying in this short video. This children's faces say it all. Disassociation abounds. The adults in this video cannot be trusted and these children are not safe in their hands.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Source Article:
Dasani Bottled Water Has 4 Ingredients: Tap Water, Known Teratogen, Lethal Drug, and Salt

I remember the first time I tasted Dasani bottled water. I was at a gym in Orange County, California. The drinking fountain at the gym was out of order so I purchased a bottle of water from a vending machine. I cracked open that lid and—YUCK! I had never tasted water so disgusting. Who knew water could have such a strong taste? At the time, I assumed my taste buds were off and eventually I drank Dasani bottled water again… always with the same reaction. Gross! I’ve finally learned my lesson. Unless I’m extremely parched, I would rather remain thirsty than drink Dasani. While everyone’s bodies are different, I personally have a visceral reaction to Dasani. After drinking Dasani, my stomach sometimes hurts and I almost always have terrible dry mouth. Have you noticed any of these side effects after drinking Dasani?

Years later, during a trip to Costco, I noticed that Costco brand Kirkland Signature water lists several ingredients added “for taste.” Out of curiosity, I drank the water and—light bulb!—there was that familiar, metallic Dasani taste. It seemed clear to me that Costco and Dasani had shared water “recipes.” When I noticed that Costco brand water had multiple ingredients in addition to water, I wondered if Dasani had additives as well. What I learned surprised me. Not only does Dasani water have additives, but these additives are known to cause much more than dry mouth and abdominal pain. The chemicals in Dasani water can, at certain levels, cause birth defects and death.

Dasani bottled water contains four ingredients: tap water, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt. The Dasani label claims these ingredients are added for taste, and while that may be true, these ingredients change a lot more than taste. Do you know what’s really in your bottled water?

Dasani Ingredient #1: Tap Water. It’s no secret that Dasani, which is owned by Coca-Cola, bottles tap water. In general, I have no problem drinking tap water. Although tap water often tastes noticeably different from spring water, I acknowledge that drinking tap water is an environmentally conscious choice…. but bottling tap water?! That seems to defeat the purpose. If you’re going to drink tap water, drink it from the tap.

Dasani Ingredient #2: Magnesium Sulfate. AKA Epsom Salts or Bath Salts. FDA Pregnancy Category D Teratogen, Drying Agent, and Laxative. On its own, anhydrous magnesium sulfate is a drying agent. (Side note: Could this explain the strange dry mouth I experience after drinking Dasani water? It’s ironic that Coca-Cola has added a “drying agent” to a beverage that is intended to quench thirst. If trace amounts of magnesium sulfate residue remain on your tongue after you drink a bottle of Dasani, making it difficult to quench your thirst, it seems reasonable to question whether this might encourage you to purchase another bottle of Dasani water or perhaps a soft drink, either of which would benefit Coca-Cola. Could this be a dangerous ploy from the marketing masterminds at Coca-Cola?) In addition, magnesium sulfate has many powerful purposes in medicine. Off label, it has been used to delay labor by inhibiting uterine contractions in pregnant women. However, this practice has declined because recent studies show that magnesium sulfate causes birth defects. After studies confirmed that just 5-7 days of in utero exposure to magnesium sulfate caused birth defects, the FDA officially classified magnesium as Category D Teratogen. Coca-Cola would probably prefer that the many pregnant women drinking Dasani water don’t know that an ingredient in their water can affect their unborn babies. So what exactly happens when babies are exposed to magnesium sulfate in utero? After just 5-7 days of exposure to magnesium sulfate, exposed babies experienced bone structure changes and weaker bones. For these reasons, magnesium sulfate is now listed as a known teratogen (Pregnancy Category D) with positive evidence of human fetal risk, according to the FDA. Yes, Dasani water lists a known teratogen as an ingredient. You can learn more about the FDA’s position here. One more thing: Magnesium sulfate is known to have a “bitter taste.” So why is Coca-Cola adding it to their already foul-tasting water?

Dasani Ingredient #3: Potassium Chloride. FDA Pregnancy Category C. Potassium chloride is commonly used as a fertilizer, but it’s also used in lethal injections to stop the heart and, in some cases, in late trimester abortions to stop the heart of the fetus. Interestingly, potassium chloride is known to have a “weak, bitter, unsalty flavor” with a “chemical or metallic aftertaste” which again calls into question how this ingredient could possibly improve the “taste” of poor-tasting Dasani water. If you would like to learn more about the role of potassium chloride in lethal injections, you might be interested Stephen Fox’s article, “Can Ingredients In Dasani Bottled Water Kill You?” over at The Water Filter Lady’s Blog. In addition to possible birth defects, the list of side effects from potassium chloride is endless: bowel lesions, gastrointestinal disruptions, cardiac arrhythmias, muscle weakness, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia or heartburn, GI tract bleeding, hypersensitivity, nervous system damage, and more. While potassium is found in natural food sources, anytime you separate a chemical compound from its natural food source, it may behave differently than it would in its natural form. That’s why it’s very difficult to overdose on bananas, but very easy to overdose on potassium chloride. That’s also why so few people are able to successfully use processed foods to lose weight and stay healthy. How much potassium chloride is added to Dasani water? Do you trust Coca-Cola and Dasani to make that decision for you?

Dasani Ingredient #4: Salt. As I’ve written before, I believe that table salt gets a poor reputation simply because sodium is added to almost all processed foods. While table salt itself is rarely dangerous, adding unspecified amounts of sodium during “food processing” can absolutely create unnecessary health issues for many people. While one bottle of Dasani water may not have much salt, if you drink six or seven bottles of Dasani water in one day, suddenly the amount will be much higher. That said, the real concerns are magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride.

Dasani is not the only manufacturer selling water with additives. Next time you buy bottled water, take a look at the ingredients. There should only be one: water.



This is an important study. And what would make it even more powerful is to ask the question of whether these moms were suffering from postpartum post traumatic stress and whether technological interventions were used during the birth process -- and which ones. For example, an important question to ask would be -- was pitocin used during labor, despite the fact that it is becoming clear that its introduction during labor will shut down the mother's production of natural oxytocin -- a hormone that is absolutely necessary for her to properly bond with and breastfeed her baby? Were mother and baby separated at any time during the first two hours after birth -- even though there is a good deal of evidence to indicate that this causes harm to the mother-infant bond?

In fact, every single technological intervention being used during hospital birth negatively influences the mother-infant bond and has the potential to cause postpartum depression. When a mother cannot bond with her baby -- i.e., when she cannot make skin-to-skin contact with her own child (due to swaddling or separation), from an evolutionary perspective, her body has no way to interpret this other than to think the baby is dead! Naturally, her body will then produce the neurobiology of GRIEF AND MOURNING rather than the neurobiology of JOY AND LOVE, and this will lead to postpartum depression.

And so hospital birth is causing a breakdown in the human psyche and energy field that goes far beyond what we have previously imagined. It is causing birthing mothers and their children to live in a vortex of trauma amounting to untold suffering for mothers, children, and families.

Hospital birth trauma is at the root of postpartum depression and much more. It needs to end now. If you are thinking of giving birth in a hospital, please think again, Protect yourself and your children. Stay home!

Source Article:
Depression during a mother’s postpartum year linked to homelessness risk

Source: American Public Health Association (APHA)

Summary: A new study finds a strong association between depression during a mother's postpartum year and subsequent homelessness and risk for homelessness. The study reviewed interview responses and medical records regarding depressive symptoms and homelessness status among 2,974 mothers before and after birth.

A new study from the American Journal of Public Health finds a strong association between depression during a mother's postpartum year and subsequent homelessness and risk for homelessness. The study reviewed interview responses and medical records regarding depressive symptoms and homelessness status among 2,974 mothers before and after birth.

Data collected were a part of the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study that randomly selected birth logs from 75 hospitals in 20 U.S cities with populations over 200,000.

The study found that 13 percent of the women experienced depression during their postpartum year. Even among women who had no personal or family history of mental illness, depressive symptoms or housing insecurity, the researchers found a strong association between depression during the postpartum year and homelessness or risk of homelessness two to three years later.

"Overall our study provides robust evidence that maternal mental illness places families with young children at risk for homelessness, adds to the scant literature that elucidates directional and causal links between mental illness and homelessness, and contributes to a largely stagnant but important body of literature on family homelessness," the researchers explain.

Journal Reference: Marah A. Curtis, Hope Corman, Kelly Noonan, Nancy E. Reichman. Maternal Depression as a Risk Factor for Family Homelessness. American Journal of Public Health, 2014; e1 DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2014.301941


Source Article:
Is your root canal increasing your risk for Breast Cancer?

I talk to women with Breast Cancer from all over the globe every week. One of the questions in my Coaching program is, “Do you have root canals? If so, how many and where?” I ask the question because I believe that root canals increase your risk for Breast Cancer (or any disease for that matter) and also decrease your ability to heal and recover from Breast Cancer.

I will begin this article by stating the obvious: I am not a dentist or an endodontist and do not pretend to be so. However, I am a person who is very passionate about helping others create vibrant health and educating them about what it takes to get there.

Root canals are toxic and dangerous. Period. Your teeth are living organisms that are connected to the rest of your body with over 3 miles of tubules in each tooth. When a tooth becomes diseased to the point where it cannot be saved with a non-toxic filling or a crown, the tooth should be extracted.

Saving a dying, infected tooth would be like trying to save an infected appendix or gall bladder, stuffing it with bleach (sodium hypochlorite is routinely used in root canals) and other toxic chemicals, hoping that there would be no effects of long term infections. Sound silly?

That is exactly what happens when you get a root canal.

No matter how they try to kill the bacteria and make that tooth “aseptic” or bacteria free, the truth of the matter is that root canals are serious toxic focal sites that drip infection in the body, 24-7.

One of the toxic anaerobic bacteria that is often present in a root canal is called E. Faecalis. This particular bacterium is responsible for the formation of abscesses, pus and destruction of tissue. In fact, root canal procedures themselves release toxic bacteria and fungi into the blood.

The root canal affects your body in 2 ways:

1.) It creates a toxic drip of bacteria that suppresses your Immune system

2.) Energetically the toxic tooth affects the organ connected to the tooth through the acupuncture meridian system.

The Breast Meridian is connected to the 4th and 5th tooth from the center tooth, right and left, upper and lower jaw. In other words, if you have a hunk of metal or a root canal in one of those teeth, seriously consider having that issue repaired by a biological dentist.

Dr. Robert Jones, a researcher of the relationship between root canals and breast cancer, found an extremely high correlation between root canals and breast cancer. In a 5 year study with over 300 cases, Dr. Jones found the following

• 93 percent of women with breast cancer had root canals

• 7 percent had other oral pathology

• Tumors, in the majority of cases, occurred on the same side of the body as the root canal(s) or other oral pathology

Dr. Josef Issels, the “father of Integrative Medicine” found that, in his 40 years of treating “terminal” cancer patients, 97% of his cancer patients had root canals.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding about root canals increasing your Breast Cancer risk. If you are on the Healing Path with Breast Cancer, immediately take action by seeking out a Biological Dentist who understands the relationship between root canals and disease in the body."

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Detoxing from Radiation, Heavy Metals, Cleansing & Restoring Your Body – Naturally

"Fighting Radiation Exposure – Naturally

By: Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH (plus) added information by: Yolanda Bertaud

With the recent nuclear catastrophe happening in Japan as well as the probability that nuclear events will continue to be a part of our world, it’s prudent to have good reference information as to how the body can be supported (using natural means) and protected should high radiation exposure become a reality. Knowledge and information empower and should always propel one toward effective preparation and planning, not fear. The power of fear is destructive in that it paralyzes resulting in unwise decisions. Along with knowledge and preparedness, we must also be aware of the very real probability that the general public will not be privy to factual information. Hopefully my readers will copy this information and place in a safe place for future reference.

Fighting Radiation & Chemical Pollutants with Foods, Herbs, & Vitamins by Steven R. Schechter, ND was required reading when I was studying for my ND. It’s difficult now to find copies at a reasonable price of this out of print but very informational book. Below are some of the chapter titles and information that Dr. Schechter deals with in his book as well as some of my own research/suggestions.

“These foods and food substances will enhance the immune system and protect against the dangerous side effects of radiation.”

–Dr. Steven R. Schechter.

The time to implement these foods is now in order to build up the body as well as the immune system. Most of the foods and vitamins/minerals are “protective” meaning that they should be implented before a radiation event occurs.

Each of these can be researched individually on the Internet such as “bee pollen+nuclear radiation protection”, etc. in order to find out how it is helpful/useful to the body.
Fighting Radiation with Food

Sea Vegetables – According to a 1964 McGill University study published in the “Canadian Medical Association Journal,” sodium alginate from kelp reduced radioactive strontium absorption in the intestines by 50 to 80 percent. The sodium alginate allowed calcium to be absorbed through the intestinal wall while binding most of the strontium, which was excreted out of the body. Some of the more popular sea vegetables to consume are kelp, arame, wakame, dulce and kombu. Canadian researchers reported that sea vegetables contained a polysaccharide substance that selectively bound radioactive strontium and helped eliminate it from the body. In laboratory experiments, sodium alginate prepared from kelp, kombu, and other brown seaweeds off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts was introduced along with strontium and calcium into rats. The reduction of radioactive particles in bone uptake, measured in the femur, reached as high as 80 percent, with little interference with calcium absorption. “The evaluation of biological activity of different marine algae is important because of their practical significance in preventing absorption of radioactive products of atomic fission as well as in their use as possible natural decontaminators.” Source: Y. Tanaka et al., “Studies on Inhibition of Intestinal Absorption of Radio-Active Strontium,” Canadian Medical Association Journal 99:169-75, 1968.

The Atomic Energy Commission recommends for maximum protection against radioactive poisoning for humans, taking a minimum of 2 to 3 ounces of sea vegetables a week or 10 grams (two tablespoons) a day of sodium alginate supplements. During or after exposure to radiation, the dosage should be increased to two full tablespoons of alginate four times daily to insure that there is a continual supply in the GI or gastrointestinal tract. There may be a rare concern of constipation but this can be avoided if the sodium alginate is made into a fruit gelatin. Agar, derived from sodium alginate in kelp, is a safe, nontoxic substance that can be used as a thickening agent or gelatin.

Shiitake, Matsutake, Chantrel — mushrooms are a great source of riboflavin, niacin, and selenium. Selenium, of course, is an antioxidant that works with vitamin E to protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. Oftentimes, many individuals may not be taking full advantage of selenium, or other nutrients that mushrooms often contain such as potassium. In the Baltimore study on Aging, men with the lowest blood selenium levels were 4 to 5 times more likely to have prostate cancer compared to those with the highest selenium levels. One medium portabella mushroom has even more potassium than a banana or a glass of orange juice (remember to always juice your own oranges, don’t buy the chemical filled commercial junk).

Utilizing these powerful healing feeds in your diet can not only boost your overall health and mental clarity, but it can help defend against potentially life-threatening diseases. Remember to always purchase 100% high quality organic whenever possible, and avoid toxic additives like high-fructose corn syrup.

Bee Pollen – Studies show that bee pollen can significantly reduce the usual side effects of both radium and cobalt-60 radiotherapy and also the sickness after massive abdominal x-rays. One study showed that the proliferation of cancer cells stopped in cancerous tumors induced in mice. (This is only indicative and does not purport to be medical advice. One should go to the source and study the relevant information before drawing conclusions. Try to get real bee pollen from an organic bee keeper, uncooked.)

Bee Propolis - Besides the healing and anti bacterial qualities of this substance, it has been effective in clinical stages of radioepithelitis, i.e. inflammation of epithelial tissue due to radiation. (Same as above. Get unheated, raw organic honey; it is a good source of pollen, royal jelly and propolis.)

Beets – Organic Beets have been shown to rebuild hemoglobin of the blood after exposure to radiation. Rats fed a diet of 20 percent beet pulp were able to prevent cesium-137 absorption and 97 to 100 percent more effectively than rats given no beets.

Dried, Primary-Grown Nutritional Yeast – Besides having Vitamin E, it also contains the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, both of which have been shown to have radio protective qualities. It has been shown to help rebuild and regenerate cells damaged by radiation, and also to produce relief from radiation poisoning and it’s many horrible symptoms. Nutritional yeast has a good amount of many important nutrients. Primary –grown yeasts bonds with and absorb heavy metals such as uranium, lead and mercury!

Garlic - Garlic’s high sulfur content supports natural antioxidant systems like glutathione. Garlic extracts protect red blood cells from radiation damage by a glutathione-related mechanism. In mice, garlic extracts prevented radiation damage to chromosomes in vulnerable bone marrow cells.

Onions – Cysteine, present in onions, binds with and deactivates both the radioactive isotopes and toxic metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury. The sulfur in cysteine helps the kidneys and liver detoxify the body.

Chlorophyll – A Report by Scottist in 1986 and report from Japan showed that increase absorption of Cadmium by Chlorella and increased excretion of Cadmium by threefold after intake of Chlorella from animal testing. Chlorella can also detoxify Uranium, Lead, Copper, PCB. Source: ” A good Health Guide: Chlorella ” by William H Lee. R. Ph.D. and Michael Rosenbaum, M.D. Guinea pigs on a diet rich in chlorophyll showed increased resistance to lethal X-rays. U.S. Army report in 1950
(*)Chlorophyll, The Green Nutrient Powerhouse

As you may know, Chlorophyll is actually responsible for the green pigmentation in plants. The biomolecule is what absorbs energy from the sun to facilitate photosynthesis in plants. Vital to metabolic functions such as growth and respiration, chlorophyll acts as the ‘blood’ of the plant, and it also provides powerful benefits to human health. Amazingly, research has found that chlorophyll can actually help to expel toxic mercury from your body — a truly potent quality in modern society, where mercury has run rampant. Even high-fructose corn syrup, a ubiquitous ingredient that populates supermarkets worldwide, has been found to contain mercury. Beyond removing mercury from your body, chlorophyll has a whole host of other benefits.
(*)Overall Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

According to peer-reviewed research, chlorophyll has been found to:

Help prevent cancer: Studies published in the journals Carcinogenesis and Food and Chemical Toxicology highlight the ability of chlorophyll to actually inhibit carcinogenesis.
Provide antioxidants & anti-inflammatory benefits: Carrying high levels of the vitamins A, C and E, chlorophyll has strong antioxidant capacity and has also been found to help reduce inflammation.
Rapid delivery of magnesium: A highly alkalizing effect, chlorophyll is a powerful source of readily available magnesium.
Contain protein, calcium, and folic acid: These nutrients are essential in red blood cells and boosting your immune system.

Altogether, this powerful string of healing foods will be reinforcing your immune system, removing waste, and much more — but where’s the true flavor? You may be pleased to learn that chocolate is the next top food, though it is important to choose the right kind.

Oils – Plant oils such as unrefined and cold-pressed olive oil, flaxseed oil.

Foods rich in pectin – Pectin is able to bind radioactive residues and remove them from the body. It also acts as a natural chelating agent. Apples, guavas, plums, gooseberries, oranges and other citrus fruits are recommended. Be sure to effectively wash all fruit/vegetables before consuming.
Fighting Radiation with Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin A – In 1974, researchers from India found that vitamin A, when taken internally by humans, hastened recovery from radiation. In 1984, Dr. Eli Seifter and a team of researchers fro the Albert Einstein College of Medicine….reported vitamin A and beta-carotene counteracted both partial and total body gamma radiation. It also improved the healing of wounds; reduced weight loss, thymic and splenic atrophy, and adrenal enlargement; and prevented gastro-ulceration and an abnormal decrease in red and white blood cell formation. (The therapeutic purposes, 25,000 to 35,000 IU are recommended for adults. During emergencies or crisis situations, intensive exposure may warrant as much as 40,000 to 100,000 IU of beta-carotene, but should be taken for no more than three to four weeks. Infants should not consume high amounts. This info is only very partial and you should consult the book for specifics.)

Vitamin C & Bio-flavonoids – Italian researchers in 1966 found that Vitamin D, in combination with vitamins A and the entire B Complex, helps remove radioactive isotopes such as strontium-85 and strontium-90 from the bones and the body. Vitamin D also helps protect against some common pollutants, including lead and cadmium, according to Airola in How to Get Well.

Vitamin E (natural not synthetic) – Radiation destroys leukocytes in both tissues and the blood, according to S. L. Robbins in Pathologic Basis of Disease ( W. B. Saunders, 1974). In Japan, I. Kurokawa and co-workers found that blood given vitamin E maintained a white cell count twice as high as blood not given vitamin E but exposed to the same radiation. Vitamin E has also been shown to produce internal and external protection in mice irradiated by cesium-137. Vitamin E and selenium are best taken at the same time since selenium preserves vitamin E.

Interesting to note about the ACE (Vitamins A-C-E) - A remarkable study among X-ray technicians reveals just how powerful antioxidant vitamins can be. Radiology techs are nominally protected by elaborate shielding, but they’re still exposed to unnaturally high levels of radiation over the course of a lifetime. As a result they tend to have higher levels of tissue oxidation. But when a group of techs was supplemented with vitamins C (500 mg) and E (150 mg) daily for 15 weeks, their markers of tissue oxidation plummeted, and their levels of natural antioxidants (such as glutathione in red blood cells) rose significantly. (Kayan M, Naziroglu M, Celik O, Yalman K, Koylu H. Vitamin C and E combination modulates oxidative stress induced by X-ray in blood of smoker and nonsmoker radiology technicians. Cell Biochem Funct. 2009 Oct;27(7):424-9.)

B3 Nicotinic Acid – Have on hand the Acid form of B3 rather than the salt form, Niacinamide, which is basically useless. Several sources indicate that large doses of niacin B3 were used in treating victims of radiation poisoning after the Chernobyl meltdown. B3 will cause the body to detox and therefore it is wise to make sure that your liver has been detoxed and is supported properly. Chemical poisoning slows down the liver.

Calcium – Protects against strontium-90, calcium-45 and other radioisotopes.

Magnesium – Like Calcium, magnesium prevents the uptake of strontium-90 and other radioisotopes. It helps to eliminate already absorbed strontium-90 as well. One study has shown that exposure to gamma radiation can decrease calcium and magnesium levels in the blood. As a result, optimal levels of both minerals in the diet are essential after one is exposed to higher amounts of radiation.

Selenium – As selenomethionine. Has been shown to decrease the mortality rate of rats exposed to irradiation, and to alleviate leucopenia (abnormal decreases of white blood corpuscles). Selenium greatly reduces cancer in animals exposed to cancer-causing agents.

Zinc – Natural zinc will help the body eliminate several toxic heavy metals, including cadmium, aluminum, lead, and excess copper.

Potassium – Cesium-137, cesium-134, potassium-40, and potassium-42 are radioactive, competitive sister elements of natural potassium, all of which are in the same chemical family. These radionuclides are absorbed by the body when there is a deficiency of natural potassium. They concentrate primarily in the reproductive organs and the muscles. Cesium-137 is common in nuclear fallout, and can often be detected in our food, soil, and water. The authors of one study described our biosphere as “contaminated with radiocesium.” Researchers discovered that after the accident at Chernobyl, iodine-131 and cesium-137 were the most prevalent radionuclides in samples of food from the USSR and from Poland, Hungary, and other parts of Eastern Europe. Cesium-137 is also already being used in some countries to irradiate foods as a means of extending their shelf life at the supermarket. Research by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences demonstrates that natural potassium decreases the concentration of radiocesium. Begin to add potassium rich foods such as bananas, potatoes+peels, etc. If a nuclear event escalates in which cessium is being released, then also adding supplemental potassium is recommended. Potassium regulation is affected by magnesium. For magnesium deficiency include leafy green veggies, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and black beans

Iron – Research done in Czechoslovakia showed that whole body irradiation disturbed absorption of iron, and functions of red blood cells, plasma, and bone marrow. Other researchers found that amma-irradiation of the whole body or of the abdomen decreased absorption of iron, vitamin B12 and lipids.

MSM – As plants take in MSM from the soil they change it into amino acids such as methionine, cysteine and taurine which can protect against radiation as well as chelate heavy metals for elimination from the body. MSM also regulates the fluid that covers the airway surface of the lungs, preventing an inflammatory response and helping to regulate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Note: Not All Supplements are Safe! Be be mindful to purchase supplements that are “Labeled” properly. Look out for soy, corn derivatives, and some use GM microorganisms to produce their products. Supplements that are most likely to contain GMOs have vitamin E, vitamin B12, and citric acid. Download a free copy of “Non-GMO Shopping Guide” from the
Fighting Radiation with Herbs

Siberian Ginseng – Soviet researchers have reported that eleuthero extract has radio-protective abilities, and can be used therapeutically in conditions of acute and chronic radiation and sicknesses such as hemorrhaging, severe anemia, dizziness, nausea, vomiting , and headaches due to x-rays.

Panax Ginseng – Hemorrhage was a symptom of humans exposed to atomic radiations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japanese research doctors found that “Panax ginseng prevented hemorrhaging tendency after x-irradiation.” Bone marrow death is one result of radiation damage to blood-forming tissues. It occurs ten to twenty days after exposure to high doses of radiation. Panax ginseng extract prevents bone marrow death and accelerates normalization of red and white blood cell counts in animal studies.

Gingko Biloba – According to Science News Daily, extracts of its leaves contain antioxidant compounds including glycosides and terpenoids known as ginkgolides and bilobalides. These compounds are thought to protect cells from damage by free radicals and other reactive oxidizing species found in the body. These are generated continuously by the body’s normal metabolism, and in excess in some diseases or after exposure to pollution or radiation. They damage proteins, DNA and other biomolecules and left unchecked can kill cells. Results suggest that ginko biloba extracts can neutralize the free-radicals and oxidizing agents produced in the cells by the radiation and so prevent them from undergoing apoptosis.

Black & Green Tea – The polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) derived from green tea protects animals from whole-body radiation, blocking lipid oxidation and prolonging life span. Several sources indicate that there were hundreds who survived Hiroshima at ground zero and the one thing they all had in common was drinking 20 cups of green tea per day. (Warning: I would question Black & Green teas due to the fact that there are high amounts of Fluoride & Aluminum found in most teas… please use discernment and read this very important article Title: Green Tea, Fluoride & the Thyroid).

Astragalus – An article published in Cancer, a publication of the American Cancer Society, reported that the aqueous extract of Astragalus membranaceus restored the immune functions in 90 percent of cancer patients studied.

Milk Thistle & Liver Support - A report suggests that milk thistle may prevent radiation toxicity. It enhances liver regeneration after exposure to heavy metals, radiation, or toxic chemicals. It reduces DNA damage and extends survival in animals exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. Silymarin’s free radical scavenging and direct antioxidant effects are credited with producing these results.
Fighting Radiation with Miscellaneous Substances

Distilled Water - Dr. Kenneth Sutter recommends drinking lots of distilled water for radiation poisoning. A tiny pinch of good quality sea salt in several glasses of distilled water each day will provide one with all the minerals and trace elements they need to stay healthy.

N-acetylcysteine – A glutathione precursor. As a source of sulfhydryl groups, NAC stimulates glutathione (GSH) synthesis, enhances glutathione-S-transferase activity, promotes liver detoxification by inhibiting xenobiotic biotransformation, and is a powerful nucleophile capable of scavenging free radicals. Studies at the Louisville School of Medicine have shown that Glutathione possesses a unique ability to slow the aging process. While Glutathione aids in the protection of all cells and membranes, a study at Harvard Medical School found that glutathione is especially able to enhance immune system cells, protecting against damage from radiation and helping to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, x-rays, and alcohol. As a detoxifier of metals and drugs, glutathione also aids in the treatment of blood and liver disorders.

SSKI – Super Saturated Potassium Iodide. Protects ONLY the thyroid from radioactive iodine. If it is radioactive cessium that is being released, potassium iodide will not be effective for the areas where cessium will accumulate – mainly the reproductive system, kidneys and liver. (see potassium recommendations above) FDA – “It is also notable that the thyroid radiation exposures after Chernobyl were virtually all internal, from radio-iodines. Despite some degree of uncertainty in the doses received, it is reasonable to conclude that the contribution of external radiation was negligible for most individuals. This distinguishes the Chernobyl exposures from those of the Marshall Islanders. Thus, the increase in thyroid cancer seen after Chernobyl is attributable to ingested or inhaled radio-iodines. A comparable burden of excess thyroid cancers could conceivably accrue should U.S. populations be similarly exposed in the event of a nuclear accident. This potential hazard highlights the value of averting such risk by using KI as an adjunct to evacuation, sheltering, and control of contaminated foodstuffs.” This may reduce the risk of developing thyroid cancer in the future. Potassium iodide does not provide immediate protection from radiation damage, and does not have protective effects against other radiation exposure complications.

SSKI Dosage information: Adults: dose = 130mg KI; Children between 3 and 18 years of age: dose = 65mg KI; (Children who are 150 pounds or over should take the adult dose regardless of age.); Infants and children between 1 month and 3 years of age: dose =32mg KI; This dose is for nursing and non-nursing infants/children Newborns from birth to 1 month of age: dose = 16mg KI This dose is for both nursing and non-nursing newborn infants. Take one dose every 24 hours until the danger is past.

Beta-1,3 Glucan: Extracted from the cell walls of baker’s yeast it is a potent immune enhancer. It activates important macrophages and is also an anti oxidant. Studies by the Army showed that glucan was a powerful protectant against a lethal dose of radiation.

Lecithin – 2-3 tbsp. a day, will help counteract harmful effects of radiation. Be sure to purchase lecithin that is labeled Organic & NON-GMO!

Papain - In one particular study, 50 percent of rats that were given papain survived a normally lethal dose of radiation.

Thymus Extract – Animal studies demonstrate that thymus tissue extract can re-create immunity even after doses of radiation powerful enough to kill the all- important lymphoid tissue. The idea of thymus glandular feeding in cases of mild to extreme radiation exposure has been applied in numerous cases.

Charcoal – Has the ability to absorb and neutralize radioactive substances and some toxic materials. Researchers report that 10 grams or 1 tablespoon of charcoal can absorb about 3 to 7 grams of materials. German researcher found that charcoal air filters removed more than 70 percent of radioactive iodine from the air. Taking finely powdered charcoal has been found to be one-and-a-half times as effective as the tablets.

Organic Germanium 132 – Should be used in gram amounts for effectiveness. According to one study, “Radioactive rays release electrons that destroy cells and blood corpuscles….Germanium floating near the blood corpuscles skillfully catches those released electrons and lets them move around its nucleus.” In other studies mutagenesis of cells exposed to cesium-137 and gamma rays, was “remarkably reduced” without affecting cellular growth or survival. It seemed to improve the fidelity of DNA replication. Ge-132 protects cysteine, an amino acid with known protective value. Dose: 25 mg. to 100 mg. per day is often used in Japan. It can be derived from onions, pearled barley, and watercress.
Other Recommendations

Natural Geiger Counter: There is a plant that is a natural Geiger counter. The spiderwort plant is so sensitive to changes in radiation levels (its petals change color upon exposure) that it’s often used as a natural radiation detector (dosimeter), just as they use canaries in mines as detectors of poisonous gas. Some people like knowing that they have an ongoing monitoring system for radiation in the environment, and this is just another tip available in “How to Neutralize the Harmful Effects of Radiation or Radioactive Exposure.”

Sea Salt & Baking Soda & Clay - Add one pound of good quality sea salt and 1 pound of baking soda to chlorine-free water. Soak for 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water. Adding one pound of bentonite, or other safe clay, to the sea salt and baking soda will increase the removal of radiation. Some specialists who work with radioactive isotopes use this method to remove radiation from their body. For an abnormally high level of radiation exposure one can use this method three times a week for one month.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Dr. Mark Sircus writes, “So useful and strong is Sodium Bicarbonate that at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, researcher Don York has used baking soda to clean soil contaminated with uranium. Sodium bicarbonate binds with uranium, separating it from the dirt; so far, York has removed as much as 92 percent of the uranium from contaminated soil samples…the United States Army recommends the use of bicarbonate to protect the kidneys from radiation damage…sodium thiosulfate can be added to baths and that instantly neutralizes any chlorine in the bath water while simultaneously providing sulfur for the vital sulfur pathways.” “Uranium is one of the only metals that get significant bonding from carbonate. Just flushing a lot of bicarbonate through the system, along with whatever kidney support you are going to use, will be very helpful,” writes Dr. Chris Shade.
Bottom-line: As a general guideline, and based on personal research, the following is my recipe for adjusting acid-blood toward the direction of healthier alkaline-blood pH. Below are two separate examples — do one or the other but not both:

Mix 1/4-1/3 teaspoon of baking soda in a 12-16 ounce glass of tap or bottled water and consume 1 glass in the AM and 1 in the PM and swish it in your mouth (cavity prevention) before swallowing daily. In addition to, and at anytime when you experience heartburn, an extra glass may be necessary.
This following method is easy, convenient, and you’re more likely to be consistent with it. If you drink distilled or reverse osmosis water daily as your main source of water (cleanest there is, but acidic), mix 3/4 to 1 teaspoon/gallon. Tap and bottled waters are not as acidic (but very dirty) so you may want to adjust them to a lower 1/2 teaspoon/gallon. You can make adjustments with pH papers below.

Refrain from consuming straight baking soda and/or strong mixtures of the same. It can numb taste-buds and cause the skin from the roof of your mouth to peel (personal experience) not painful, just bothersome. In other words, strong alkalinity can burn you on its end of the scale similar to strong acids such as sulfuric or muriatic that burn on the acid side of the scale.

Probiotics - A 2007 study of 490 patients receiving radiation for various types of cancer found that those consuming probiotics throughout treatment were less likely to experience radiation-induced diarrhea.

Zeolite - Zeolites have been used to decontaminate animals, particularly sheep and reindeer, which have ingested radiation following nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl. Addition of zeolites to contaminated soils has shown to reduce up-take of radionuclides by plants, and hence, reduce the spreading of contamination through the food chain. (Introduction to Zeolite Science and Practice by Herman van Bekkum). Do not take any product containing zeolite if you are taking any prescription medication containing heavy metals, such as lithium, or containing platinum, which can be found in some cancer medications or Radiotherapy with chemotherapy check with your practitioner.

Juicing Raw Live Vegetable & Fruits – Juicing Live Fruits & Green Leafy Vegetables, would be one of the best nutritional healing and detoxing benefits you can give your body. Be sure to use more leafy green vegetables then fruits! Raw Food Nation
(*)Turmeric & Cayenne Pepper Nutrient Drink

For starters, Turmeric is one nutritional powerhouse that you should be consuming on a daily basis. Before purchasing any old Turmeric spice product, however, it is important that you buy the right kind. Look for pure Turmeric powder, as opposed to commercial curry powders that contain less concentrations of pure Turmeric. It is also highly preferable that you purchase 100% organic Turmeric to avoid fillers and lower quality ingredients. One great recipe involves Cayenne Pepper and Turmeric combined together in a health-enhancing recipe.

Take 1 teaspoon Turmeric & the smallest pinch of Cayenne Pepper and mix them with some olive oil in a glass shooter. This makes for a great start to the day, nourishing your body with vital nutrients. Alternatively, you can powder your breakfast meal choice with high quality Turmeric or purchase a whole food Turmeric supplement if that is not an option. Next up, it is time to discover the benefits of green superfoods.

Sprouting Seeds – Sprouting seeds is easy, fresh, quick & available, or purchase your sprouts at a local farmer’s market/organic food store.

Sprouts the Super Food – “Powerhouse of Nutrients”
Consuming sprouts is like eating live vegetable food. Think for yourself, how nutrient-dense a growing food could be…It is said that sprouts ‘represent the miracle of birth’. They are in the true sense, super foods. They are alkaline, whole, pure, and natural foods. It is inexcusable that though aware of their miraculous effects, we do not take full advantage of them. We scour departmental and organic stores, looking for health foods and recipes, but forget to eat ordinary sprouts on daily basis – considering them a poor cousin of high-fashion health foods.
Sprouts the Super Food
Sprouts are the cheapest and most convenient source of complete nourishment. They are food for long-term health and wellness. If consumed judiciously and chosen over other foods, they can prevent diseases and lifestyle-related ailments. Sprouting a seed enables it to produce an enormously enhanced bundle of nutrients.A sprout is at the transitional stage between seed and plant. It is, to put it simply, a baby plant. These are essentially pre-digested foods as the seeds’ own enzymes do most of the work. The nutritional changes that occur during sprouting primarily happen because complex compounds get broken down into simpler forms. This, added to development of some essential nutrients, constituents, and breakdown of anti-nutrients, makes the whole phenomenon of sprouting possible. Metabolic activity in dormant seeds is initiated as soon as they are hydrated during soaking.Sprouted seeds acquire natural increased digestibility and nutrients as compared to unsprouted seeds. They provide us with all the essential minerals and vitamins, and must ideally form a part of our daily diets.The sprouting process:On sprouting, grains, legumes, and seeds turn into super foods. They then become an extremely sound source of protein, fiber, & vitamin B.All edible grains, legumes, and seeds can be sprouted. The following are generally used for sprouting:Grains: Wheat (wheat grass is the sprouted form of wheat. It must be juiced. Soak hard wheat grains for 12 hours and then grow in soil. It will be ready in 12 days’ time), maize, ragi, barley, bajra.Seeds: Alfalfa seeds (sensitive to heat, ready in seven days), sesame seeds, radish seeds, fenugreek seeds (bitter in taste. To be mixed with milder sprouts to tone it down, ready in 9 days’ time), coriander seeds, pumpkin seeds, and musk melon seeds, groundnut.Legumes: Green gram, Bengal gram, chickpea, kidney beans, dried peas.Oats: (oat groats) to be used — ready in 3 to 4 days), buckwheat, quinoas are foods which are lesser known as sprouts, but are at the same time, highly nutritious. They should be sprouted and consumed if readily available.Alfalfa is called the ‘father of all foods’ or the ‘king of sprouts’. It is highly rich in minerals like manganese and is also a rich source of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. It also contains all the essential amino acids. Alfalfa contains most of the essential amino acids and has a higher concentration of calcium than milk. The lesser explored sesame seed sprouts are also said to be great source nutrients. They too, contain most of the essential amino acids and are high in vitamin E and vitamin B complex, apart from other nutrients.The sprouting process
Firstly, one has to ensure that the seeds, legumes or grains will easily sprout. (For instance, soyabeans are said to become sour and do not sprout too well; and wheat has to be grown in soil). The seeds should be thoroughly washed and then soaked in fresh water overnight. The time span of soaking is mostly 12 hours, though it depends on the size of the seeds. Next morning the seeds should be rinsed and the water drained off. Soaking turns the seed soft and laden with water. They eventually germinate and become sprouts in two to three days’ time, depending upon the temperature and humidity. One should not soak the seeds for a longer period than required, as the seeds may rot and ferment. After they sprout, they should be stored in a refrigerator.Nutritional Benefits:
The ISS (International Speciality Supply, USA) is a company that supplies sprouts to many countries. It describes in detail, the nutrient changes which occur during the process of sprouting. On sprouting, there is a tremendous increase in nutrients as compared to the dried embryo. The vitamins, minerals and protein content substantially increase with a simultaneous decrease in caloric and carbohydrate content. Pulses and seeds show a very low water content. This, however, tends to increase tenfold when converted into sprouts. The ISS elaborates that sprouted green gram (mung beans) have an 8.3 percent increase of water content over dried beans. Hence the nutritional value of sprouted and dried mung beans can be compared by multiplying the analyzed nutrients of sprouted mung beans by the factor of 8.3. Based on this criterion, the changes found in sprouted mung beans when compared with the figures for the beans in the dried state are as follows:

Energy content – calories Decrease 15 percent
Total carbohydrate content Decrease 15 percent
Protein availability Increase 30 percent
Calcium content Increase 34 percent
Potassium content Increase 80 percent
Sodium content Increase 690 percent
Iron content Increase 40 percent
Phosphorous content Increase 56 percent
Vitamin A content Increase 285 percent
Thiamine or Vitamin B1 content Increase 208 percent
Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 content Increase 515 percent
Niacin or Vitamin B3 content Increase 256 percent
Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C content An infinite increase

The increase in protein availability is of great significance. It is a valuable indicator of the enhanced nutritional value of a food when sprouted. The amazing fact is that sprouts are a food — very easily available to all sections of society, and yet the biggest storehouse of all nutrients.The reduction in carbohydrate content indicates molecules being broken down during sprouting to allow absorption of atmospheric nitrogen and re-formation of amino-acids. The resultant protein is the most easily digestible of all proteins available in foods.

Grains, legumes are nowhere even near to be considered a source of vitamin C. However, when sprouted, they reveal significant quantities of this vitamin. The infinite increase in Vitamin C or ascorbic acid derives from their absorption of atmospheric elements during growth.

Sprouts supply food in a pre-digested form — food, which has already been acted upon by enzymes and simplified. During sprouting, much of the starch is broken down into simple sugars such as glucose and sucrose by the action of the enzyme ‘amylase’. Proteins are converted into amino acids and amides. Fats and oils are converted into simpler fatty acids by the action of the enzyme lipase. Also, during sprouting there is s reduction in the gas producing quality of beans. Mainly oligosaccharides have been held responsible for gas formation. As the process of germination ends and sprouting begins, the content of oligosaccharides is reduced by 90 percent. The content of fiber and water increases tremendously, which is a boon for a healthy digestive system.

Sprouts are a good source of chlorophyll, said to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They are highly beneficial foods for losing weight too. They keep one full for a long time and also prevent over-eating as one feels satisfied on consuming just a handful.

Sprouts are an extremely inexpensive method of obtaining a concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Eating sprouts is the safest and best way of getting the advantage of complete nutrition.

Cooking with Sprouts:

Sprouts could be eaten in various ways, other than just the standard salads that we generally know of. They could be used in the following ways:

To make hummus to be used as dips, for sandwich fillings (sprouted chickpea is best suited for this).
To make healthy vegetables and curries.
To be crushed lightly and added to pancakes, or used as a filling for pancakes.
To prepare a variety of stir fries.
To cook and serve with rice.
To be added to yoghurts.
To be juiced up (wheat grass is a sprout).
To be dried and turned into malt. This is called malted flour. It is especially given to babies in the form of porridge as it is easily digestible and has a high nutrient density. Ragi malt (Red millet malt) is very commonly prepared in southern India. It’s highly rich in calcium and iron, and is relished by all age groups. The dry ragi sprouts are roasted with wheat, green mung dal, and almonds, and are then ground and cooked with milk and sugar. Malted multigrain flours are also readily available. They can be had as porridge, they can be mixed in flour, or can be added to various food preparations.

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