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For those who may not already know this, satanism permeates so-called "child protective services." The "Department of Social Services" is an organization steeped in child trafficking and other forms of evil and, in my not-so-humble opinion, the organization needs to be crushed into dust until it exists no more.

I trust these evil people will reap what they have sown.

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Child found handcuffed to porch with dead chicken around his neck

"A Union County social worker was one of two adults charged with intentional child abuse Friday after deputies found a child handcuffed to a porch with a dead chicken around his neck.

Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson, both 57, have been charged with numerous offenses after a deputy discovered the child at 4116 Austin Road, south of Monroe, authorities said.

Larson is employed as a supervisor with Union County Department of Social Services. She and Harper had adopted four children and were serving as foster parents for a fifth child, officials said.

Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey called the incident “shocking.”

“I can assure you that we have only just begun our investigation into what has happened, and we will pursue it to its fullest extent,” Cathey said.

A deputy was responding to an animal services complaint at a neighboring home Friday when he walked up to Harper’s and Larson’s residence and saw a “10-12-year-old child secured to the front porch at the ankle, by what appeared to be a pair of handcuffs,” officials said.

“The child also had a dead chicken hanging around his neck and appeared to be shivering,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

Moments later a man appeared on the porch, and asked the deputy why he was there. The deputy asked for the man’s identification and why the child was handcuffed to the porch, officials said.

“The man produced a driver’s license, but then a child at the residence opened a door to the house releasing several large dogs that then accosted the officer,” the Sheriff’s Office said.

The deputy got in his vehicle and by the time the dogs were secured, “the man had removed the child from the porch and left the dead chicken on a barrel on the porch,” authorities said.

When backup arrived, deputies entered and searched the home and found five children, ages 8, 9, 11, 13 and 14, the Sheriff’s Office said. The children were removed from the home. Officers then began a criminal investigation, and the man was taken into custody at the scene.

Harper and Larson have both been charged with intentional child abuse inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animals, authorities said.

Larson was not present when the children were discovered but is accused of being complicit in the ongoing mistreatment of the children, the Sheriff’s Office said. She was also charged with willful failure to discharge her duty as a public official.

The child handcuffed to the porch is the 11-year-old Harper and Larson had been fostering, authorities said. The children are now in custody of an undisclosed social services agency outside Union County.

Harper is being held under a $500,000 bond. Larson’s bond was set at $525,000. Both are being held at the Union County jail and are scheduled to appear in court on Monday."


If only there were more men like Peter Young, evil would never stand a chance.
"I am here today, November 8th 2005, to be sentenced for my participation in releasing mink from 6 fur farms. I regret it was only 6. I'm also here today to be sentenced for my participation in the freeing of 8,000 mink from those farms. I regret it was only 8,000. It is my understanding of those 6 farms, only 2 of them have since shut down. I regret it was only 2.

More than anything, I regret my restraint, because whatever damage we did to those businesses, if those farms were left standing, and if one animal was left behind, then it wasn't enough.

I don't wish to validate this proceeding by begging for mercy or appealing to the conscience of the court, because I know if this system had a conscience I would not be here, and in my place would be all the butchers, vivisectors, and fur farmers of the world.

Just as I will remain unbowed before this court- who would see me imprisoned for an act of conscience- I will also deny the fur farmers in the room the pleasure of seeing me bow down before them. To those people here whose sheds I may have visited in 1997, let me tell you directly for the first time, it was a pleasure to raid your farms, and to free those animals you held captive. It is to those animals I answer to, not you or this court. I will forever mark those nights on your property as the most rewarding experience of my life.

And to those farmers or other savages who may read my words in the future and smile at my fate, just remember: We have put more of you in bankruptcy than you have put liberators in prison. Don't forget that.

Let me thank everyone in the courtroom who came to support me today. It is my last wish before prison that each of you drive to a nearby fur farm tonight, tear down its fence and open every cage." - Peter Young

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Very important film! A must watch!

Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version)


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Fukushima nuclear meltdown causes thyroid condition in California babies

"American scientists believe that the Fukushima nuclear fallout has impacted the health of babies born in California around the time of the Japanese power plant disaster. An upcoming review has revealed an increase in the number of newborns with congenital hypothyroidism, a rare but serious condition normally affecting about one child in 2,000.

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone. The researchers believe the condition was triggered by the radioactive contamination travelling 5,000 miles across the Pacific.

In their study, which is to be published next week in peer-reviewed Open Journal of Pediatrics, the scientists examined congenital hypothyroidism rates in newborns and compared data for babies exposed to radioactive Iodine-131 and born between March 17 and December 31, 2011 with unexposed newborns delivered before the meltdown plus those born in 2012.

The results have been revealed in a paper titled “Changes in confirmed plus borderline cases of congenital hypothyroidism in California as a function of environmental fallout from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.”

It showed that hypothyroidism increased by 21% in the group of babies that were exposed to excess radioactive Iodine in the womb, while “borderline cases” in the same group surged by 27%.

After the Fukushima Daiichi explosion, the winds blew the toxic iodine and other volatile radionuclides out to sea and to the Pacific. Although much of the toxic waste dispersed on its way to the US West Coast, small amounts of I-131 were measured in milk and led to widespread concern.

One of the reasons for this is that radio-Iodine is associated with thyroid cancer in children. According to the Global Research Center, which studies the effects of globalization, the past six months saw an increase in thyroid cancer among children aged 0-18 from the affected prefecture following the Fukushima catastrophe, with up to 53 cases confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Japanese authority has been repetitively dismissing the catastrophe as a potential cause of health effects in Japan, let alone California, citing the official estimates that claim the “dose” was too “low” for unborn babies to be affected."


Illustrative photo of a ritual circumcision (photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Source Article:
$140-a-day fine for refusing ‘brit’

"Rabbinical court rejects appeal by Netanya resident who won’t have her son undergo what she calls ‘mutilation’

The Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem rejected an appeal Monday by a Netanya woman fined NIS 500 ($140) per day for refusing to circumcise her son, as is required by Jewish law (halacha).

The penalty was initially levied by a rabbinical court in Netanya earlier this year at the request of the woman’s estranged husband who has demanded that the circumcision take place. The two are reportedly undergoing divorce proceedings, and the court stated that it believes her refusal was part of some ploy to save her marriage.

The woman’s lawyer claimed that the rabbinical court had no authority to order the woman to circumcise her son, who is now a year old.

“I’ve been exposed to a lot of material regarding circumcision and I have decided not to circumcise my son,” the woman, who has not been identified, told Channel 2 News Monday evening.

“I have no right to cut his organ and mutilate him. And the court has no right to force me to do so,” she went on, vowing that she would not pay the fine, which has so far reached NIS 2,500. “I don’t have the means; I’m not working,” she said.

The woman intends to take the case to the Supreme Court, according to the report.

The court also addressed the current anti-circumcision sentiments around the world — specifically in Europe where some countries have pushed forth a ban on the Jewish (and Muslim) practice — and expressed concerns about the precedent this incident could set should an Israeli Jewish woman be allowed to forgo the custom.

In October, an overwhelming majority of Council of Europe assembly members passed a landmark resolution against non-medical circumcision of boys.

The resolution, which states that circumcision is a “violation of the physical integrity of children,” is unprecedented among an organization of the caliber of the council. While the intergovernmental organization is not part of the European Union and cannot pass binding legislation, it is widely influential.

In France, the Council of Europe resolution galvanized the Jewish community, which sent a letter to President Francois Hollande urging him to reject the resolution. A petition gained more than 8,000 signatures, among them leading politicians, artists and celebrities.

On October 30, Hollande replied with a letter eschewing the resolution and assuring the community the practice is protected under French law.

Also last month, government advisers on child welfare from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland issued a joint resolution in favor of banning the ritual circumcision of minors."


In the following video, you will see what happens to animals who are "raised" and slaughtered on a Tyson factory farm. Behold the psychopathy of people that are involved in the slaughter business. Behold the overwhelming evil that resides in these entities masquerading as humans who do such purposeful harm to innocent life. And KNOW that anyone consuming an animal product made by Tyson is not only contributing to this evil, by absorbing it into themselves.

WATCH: Pigs Kicked, Punched, and Spiked Like Footballs at Tyson Factory Farm

Take note, also, of future psychopaths in the making... i.e., children who are being raised by very sick parents who not only teach them to disrespect and disregard the welfare and life-force of other living beings, but to also extinguish it.

And finally, behold what the world would look like if only goodness prevailed.

Source Article by Mike Schwager

"[Editor's note: a version of this article was also published in The Huffington Post].

EnrichOurWorld is a blog dedicated to Life and the sanctity of Life. While it’s my desire to keep the news and commentaries here positive and hopeful, sometimes one needs to address violations of Life which if unaddressed, signal a tacit endorsement of the abuse and cruelty inflicted upon living beings. And history teaches us time and time again that silence condones horrific actions.

The chemical genocide committed against Syrian children is one recent example; and it was utterly necessary to expose this atrocity, condemn it and take the violators to task. It’s unclear whether the latter has yet occurred.

The holocausts in the 20th Century against Jews, Cambodians and Rwandans – in the millions – were exposed, but too little too late. The world did not reel against such catastrophic actions in time to save lives. Those stains will never be stamped out of history – and if there is such a thing as redemption to such acts, it is in ensuring that they NEVER occur again! But that requires the need to keep our sensitivities and antennas high; and our Hearts wide open.

It is not only human life that must be protected and safeguarded from cruelty and abuse. It is animal life – indeed, it is Life across the board.

When do we as humans get that ALL life is sacred? All life is intelligent. All life is feeling. All sentient lives are members of the Family of Life – all beings are intricate vital parts of the Web of Life. All Life is a manifestation of Creation. All Life is ONE.

Today, two photos circulated on Facebook that brought tears and sadness to my eyes. The first was a picture of a tender little baby doe lying alongside the body of her just hunted-down mother. The second was of a wealthy family posing in front of a dead elephant they had just shot on safari in Africa. They were laughing and smiling behind their “trophy”.

These images are true. They are evidences of the capacity of people to treat animals with contempt and cruelty – and what is worse, having fun in the process. Both images speak to the cruelty of hunting for fun. An abomination in the extreme.

Then there are images that few of us want to see. One is a photo I recently saw of little lambs, marked on their bodies for slaughter, desperately trying to climb over a fence separating them from their mothers, who in turn are clamoring to reunite with their babies, with futility.

And there is the image of a little calf, walking live over churning blades cutting off its hooves, prior to execution. As gruesome an image as I’ve ever seen. Or the image of a pig, its side pierced and in utter agony, lying on its belly, trying vainly to stand up, and crying bitterly as it gets carried away to slaughter on a conveyor belt.

When I go to supermarket, and see the outcomes of these violations of Life, wrapped in packages in the meat section, I wonder how many of the consumers of those animals comprehend the pain and agony those animals endured to wind up on their dining room tables?

How many of those consumers understand the PAIN they are ingesting into THEIR systems? And how many of us get the relationship between that pain and the pain we as humans have the capacity to inflict on the world – towards other humans and towards animals?

And it’s not just farm animals, as cruel and tragic as are their fates. There are also the shelter animals, the wonderful unconditionally loving and intelligent dogs and cats who add so much meaning to our lives in so many homes. Millions of them – many of them healthy and adoptable – are killed each year in the so-called shelters across America. Murdered may be a better word. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. So many of these wonderful creatures’ lives can be saved, with better leadership committed to no-kill, and more creative and intense marketing communications reaching the communities in which they’re sheltered.

Yet another tragedy we inflict upon animals is the trapping of the great “killer” whales and dolphins – highly intelligent beings – brought against their wills to places like Sea World – for the entertainment of humans – and confined into small spaces that suppress their natural energies and need for freedom of movement, causing them great psychological suffering and harm. This has to stop!

There needs to be a Revolution in this country and around the world. A Revolution of the Heart, bursting out of our own awareness and consciousness, that reveals to us the preciousness of life – ALL life – human and animal. That invokes the Love that does reside within our Hearts and emanates from our Creator.

Without this sensitivity and love, our future is bleak. But with a heightened commitment to the love of Life, there is hope for humanity and the world. There is redemption."

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Source Article by Ushanda io Elima:
A Pygmy Model for Beautiful Parenting

""Love the children extravagantly, with all your heart!" - Pygmy proverb

The Efe Pygmies are "wholly non-aggressive," Jean-Pierre Hallet told me. Could that be true? Since Hallet largely grew up with the Efe in equatorial Africa, and has lived with them for much of his sixty-plus years, I figured he might know.

And since aggressive people increasingly threaten our lives, both locally and internationally, his claim seemed worth checking out. Whether or not humans are genetically violent, as some maintain, has significant relevance for we who are peace activists. The root causes of aggression, both interpersonal and international, matter greatly regarding effective strategy for prevention and elimination of human violence. And, while I cannot tolerate false hope, I was feeling a need for first-hand information that could offer genuine hope of a better world for our human family.

My fascination with the African Pygmies began in the 1960s, when I read The Forest People by Colin Turnbull, who had lived with the Mbuti Pygmies for three years. In the late '60s I attended Turnbull's lecture series at the Museum of Natural History in New York City.

In the early 1970s I heard Jean-Pierre Hallet speak about the Efe Pygmies at the University of California in Berkeley. At that time he showed his 1972 documentary film on this indigenous African tribe. Later I read Hallet's book, Pygmy Kitabu. Hallet has lived with the culturally pure Efe Pygmies from early childhood. He gave startling evidence of the trusting, cooperative, and joyful lifestyle of these forest people.

Thus I was pleased to meet with Jean-Pierre Hallet in his Malibu home. He is six feet and four inches tall, far from pygmy size, and speaks with passion. He lost his right hand while dynamiting Lake Tanganyika for fish to feed a group of starving Africans in South Mossi. Dubbed "one of the most remarkable men of the 20th century," he is the only white man to become a member of the Bwame Secret Society, and a blood brother of the Lega, Tutsi, and Nande tribes. He is also an initiated Maasai warrior.

Mr. Hallet was Belgian, but moved to Zaire's Ituri Forest, where his artist father had been living, when he was only six months old. Hallet told me that, for the most part, he grew up with the Efe Pygmies. He went barefoot, wore a loincloth, and did everything that they did. He still spends time with them every year.

The following account of Pygmy life draws upon my meeting with Hallet, as well as other firsthand reports from him and Colin Turnbull. What emerges is a picture of a culture based on honoring - to use a Native American concept - "all our relations."

Sexual Maturity and Pregnancy

The Pygmies are well aware of the connection between sex and conception, Hallet explained during our meeting, and sexual relations before marriage are accepted. If a girl becomes pregnant, she always knows who the father is, because it is customary to have only one lover at a time. Should the couple wish to marry, they do. If they choose not to, then many men will want to marry the mother-to-be, because children are most desirable.


Hallet said he has delivered more than 500 African babies, Pygmy and non-Pygmy. He described Pygmy labor as being very short, natural, and easy, even for a first-time mother. And this is in spite of the fact that Pygmy babies are, proportionally, the biggest babies in the world. For example, an 80-pound Pygmy mother typically gives birth to an eight-pound baby, about one-tenth of her body weight. This would compare to a 130-pound woman birthing a 13-pound baby.

When the mother's membranes rupture, she notifies her two midwives, who then walk with her to the river, one on either side. "At the time of the pain," Hallet said, "she will walk and sing, sing and be joyous."

Once at the river, the pregnant woman squats on a flat rock. The midwives hold her on each side, and breath deeply with her in what Hallet referred to as "a tremendous feeling of oneness." When they feel the time has come, the women hold their breath. "They pause together," said Hallet, "and then you see the baby coming out."

One of the midwives briefly holds the baby upside down, washes the upper part of the body to make sure the baby is breathing well, and then returns the child to the mother for nursing. The other midwife works her teeth down the umbilical cord until she finds the narrow part, a few inches from the infant's abdomen. "This is the place where, if a baby were dropped from the womb of a standing mother, the weight of the child would be enough to break that cord at that point," said Hallet. The midwife bites this narrow part very slowly, and then gently squeezes the cord with her fingers. There is usually very little bleeding.

To celebrate the birth of her child, Hallet noted, a mother will sing this song:

My heart is so joyous,
My heart flies in singing,
Under the trees of the forest,
The forest, our home, our mother.
In my net I have caught
A little bird,
A very little bird,
And my heart is caught
In the net with my little bird.

During the birth, the father stays away. Birth is considered to be women's business. After birth, when the mother and baby have returned to their leafy, dome hut, the father comes to them and asks permission to enter. Then the father might clap his hands and thank his wife for their very wanted child.

Newborn Care

For the first year, the baby is
never separated from the mother.

According to Hallet, there is no bonding ritual, but there is a bond - "like a fruit to its branch" - a physical attachment for the first year or so. During this year, the baby is "never separated from the mother." In Hallet's view, this constant contact is one reason why Pygmy infants rarely cry. Pygmy babies appear to feel good. "They are satisfied in all of their requirements," he stated. On the rare occasion when a baby does cry, it is only for a moment, because the baby's need is immediately taken care of. Often this means nursing, which satisfies the baby's necessity for close contact and attention, as well as for nourishment.

Hallet remarked that the baby is usually carried in front, although sometimes on the back. In either position, Pygmies feel it is essential to maintain skin-to-skin contact, with the child naked against the mother's bare skin. If clothing is needed for warmth, the mother wraps a cloth around both herself and her child, not between them. This constant skin contact continues for at least the first six months. Thereafter, the mother continues to provide plenty of touching as well as baby-led nursing.

A Pygmy baby continues to nurse for about five years, Hallet reported. If there's any milk left after the new baby is finished, the breast may go to the baby before, and then to the child before that one, in turn. The priority is always the newly born child.

Hallet said, "Sometimes you'll see little children playing, perhaps making a bow and arrow. They interrupt their play to go to their mother, reach for her breast and suckle a little bit . . . still finding the warmth of a few drops of milk."

The breasts of women with many children may be really flat, going all the way down to the waist, commented Hallet. I thought this might result from a combination of breastfeeding along with a physically active lifestyle and no bras. Although such "droopy breasts" may be unattractive from a modern point of view, to the Pygmies it is a good sign, I learned, because it indicates a woman has been feeding a lot of children. Prolonged, child-led nursing also provides a natural form of birth control and child spacing.

The Pygmies do not equate breasts with sexual stimulation, Hallet claimed, and they do not use the breast for erogenous foreplay. The breast is considered sacred, reserved for the child. I wondered if the modern obsession with breasts was influenced by the lack of prolonged nursing such as Efe children enjoy.

The father takes great interest in his baby. He plays, holds and hugs the child as much as the mother does. Men and women equally manifest love and care. In fact, fathers will sometimes hold their babies for very long periods of time. Hallet recalled, "The most beautiful time for a father is when he holds his baby for the very first time. He will hold his newborn with great . . . tenderness. And usually he will cry, because he is so touched by his baby."

Close physical contact, nursing as often as the child feels the need, emotional warmth, and loving care are among the basic requirements of very young children, according to the Pygmies. Fulfilling these needs maximizes the child's potential to develop into a naturally sociable and responsible human being who can enjoy a good life.


They do not tell their children
what to do or what not to do.

Family members sleep together. The big girls cuddle on the left side of the hut with the mother. The boys line up beside the father, on his right. The youngest child who is still breastfeeding sleeps between the father and mother. Pygmies feel that this is an intrinsic part of life, Hallet said. Since their only blankets are each other, they cuddle and fit against one another's bodies in a very natural way.

This feeling of closeness carries beyond the family hut. Hallet said that children refer to their parents' peers as "mother" or "father." Children outside the immediate family are called "brother" or "sister." As Hallet's documentary revealed, there is a great deal of affectionate touching among all of the Pygmies. Babies and small children are held and carried. Older children and adults frequently hold hands or sit with an arm around a friend, or place their head in another's lap. Anyone feeling the need for reassurance may touch someone briefly or go for a hug. Many enjoy cuddling.

Girls and boys are treated and valued equally, according to Hallet. I speculated that having early needs fulfilled by both parents encouraged trust and respect for both sexes. Marriage involves no dowry or bride-payment, but rather simple exchanges. Most areas of work are not limited solely to one gender or the other. A man will gather food if he passes something tasty and his hands are free. And all the people - men, women and children - play a part in the hunt.

Hallet never saw a Pygmy adult hit or criticize a child. Nor do they tell their children how to behave. When I asked how they control their children, Hallet answered, "They don't. The children do not need to be controlled. Whatever the adults do, the children do. The woman goes to gather wood for the fire, and the little girl follows and picks up a few pieces too."

Just the opposite, I thought, of what I experienced while growing up, when I heard, "Do as I say, not what I do." Psychological researchers, I remembered, have concluded that the primary way children learn is through imitating their caretakers.

Once he saw a toddler heading straight toward a blazing fire, and called out to alert the mother. The mother calmly replied, "Let him go." As Hallet put it, the mother knew the child would soon feel the heat and slow down. She trusted nature, including the instinctual wisdom of her child's human nature. The child might touch a glowing twig and learn about fire without serious harm to either his fingers or his budding self-confidence.

"This is probably the most striking difference between the Pygmies and our society," said Hallet. "They do not tell their children what to do or what not to do."


The pygmies do not suppress
their emotions; instead, they say,
"Tell the truth. Do not hide it - let it out."

After an easy birth and attentive childcare, what quality of life do Pygmies experience in maturity?

According to Hallet, Efe Pygmies are physically healthy. Living traditionally, they do not succumb to such modern diseases as high blood pressure, heart disease, or cancer. Death is usually due to pulmonary diseases like pneumonia, a result of the constant nearly 100 percent humidity of their forest environment. The second leading cause of death is what Hallet termed "accidents," such as being crushed by a falling tree.

For simple ailments like an infected cut, the Pygmies have natural medicines derived from various combinations of roots and plant juices. They have a cure for every normally occurring illness, according to Hallet. They either eat the substance, drink it, or make a little scratch and absorb it into the bloodstream much like an injection. Through centuries of trial and error, they know what works and what does not.

The emotional health of the Pygmies is also impressive. Hallet, constantly touched by their goodness, believes that the simplicity, harmony, and serenity that the Pygmies experience are qualities we could learn to incorporate. "They are not afraid," he said. "They are totally secure." They have a high level of respect for themselves and others.

Most significantly, Efe Pygmies are free of hatred, greed, and competitive feelings. Physical violence against others is forbidden.

Hallet's documentary reveals the role that social responsibility plays in a telling scene of conflict between an Efe wife and husband. The argument heats up with much shouting, hands on hips, and dramatic finger waving. Suddenly the husband picks up a stick. The wife disappears from the screen - but soon reappears bearing a club taller than herself. At this point, the women hold back the wife, and the men hold back the husband.

What usually happens when a husband and wife fight, says Hallet, is that they are encouraged. "If a man is about to hit his wife, the others will give him a stick and say, 'Hit her with this. You are a strong man. You can kill her!' By this time, the husband already feels a little ashamed. The others group around and call out, 'Okay! Go! Go for it!' And then he realizes how foolish he looks. They end up making a joke out of it, a sort of soap opera. Then every body claps, and they are happy."

Pygmies express all of their emotions freely. According to Hallet, if Pygmies feel like crying, they cry. If they want to scream, they scream. They yell. It is acceptable for a man to cry openly. The pygmies do not suppress their emotions; instead, they say, "Tell the truth. Do not hide it - let it out."

Turnbull referred to the bright-eyed, open look of the playful Pygmies, and was surprised by the extent of their emotional freedom: they may even fall to the ground and roll around when expressing intense sorrow, or laughter.

Even though Pygmies usually do pretty much what they feel like doing, community relationships do not suffer. As Hallet sees it, a major part of their great personal freedom comes from a mutual feeling of trust. As he spoke I thought, because the innate trust human babies are born with is not betrayed by their caregivers, that trust can continue. According to Hallet, Pygmies concentrate their attention on the betterment of their personal relationships. He said that the entire Efe society had not one criminal, not one rapist, one molester, or one case of incest.

Although a man might think of making love with a woman other than his wife, knowing how that would threaten the root of their sacred marriage for life, he would resist the temptation.

The Pygmies have no chiefs, no courts or prisons. Turnbull wrote that they did not want individual power, preferring shared decision-making.

More than anything else, what forms the basis of the healthy relationships that Pygmies enjoy is respect. For instance, respect is shown in the handling of food, which is shared with all. If food is scarce, the first to be fed are the children and then the elders - those who are the most vulnerable.

Great respect is shown for the elders. In Pygmy society, the elders are "the stars of the show." According to Hallet, they are the most important people because they have the wisdom, the honor, the beauty that deserves respect. They have worked all their lives. They have given a lot of love to other people. They naturally reap the reward of becoming truly important in the eyes of all others. The Pygmies have a saying: "Thank God if you live to grow old."

When I heard that I wondered how many of our modern elders feel as honored and grateful in old age.

Pygmies also show respect for their forest environment and resources. "Never cut the tall trees," they say in Hallet's Pygmy Kitabu. Ecology is a natural part of their religion.

According to Hallet, the Pygmies believe in one God, one Spirit, one Creator of all life. They consider no form of punishment, no hell or revenge, because they see God as being only benevolent. In The Forest People, Turnbull records the words of a song he heard his Pygmy companions sing: ". . . If darkness is, then the darkness must be good." So completely do the Pygmies experience a trustworthy world.

The Future: Danger of Extinction

The Pygmies are the living evidence
of our innate goodness.

Pygmy lives are now endangered. "It is impossible for them to survive with their traditional hunting and gathering because their forest is being destroyed at a tremendous rate," said Hallet. In fact, many experts predicted that the Efe Pygmies would be extinct by 1977. In that year, their population numbered 3,800 - not yet extinct, although a significant decline from the two or three million who were once the only inhabitants of central Africa.

"The forest, that perfect ecosystem that took millions of years to be established, is destroyed now to less than ten percent of its former glory," said Hallet.

He repeatedly stressed the view that humanity needs to help the Pygmies survive because they are also the key to our own survival. "The Pygmies are the living evidence of our innate goodness." In a world threatened by oppression, conflict, and violence, these forest people demonstrate that when we gently birth, nurture, and guide our children, without violence and other repressive controls, we human beings can live together in freedom and harmony.

Nurtured by a community that reflects the loving care adults received early in life, children develop freely in an environment of safety, warm concern, cooperation and shared pleasures. The Pygmies say, "Love the children extravagantly, with all your heart!"

Summary: A Sustained Culture Reveals Possibilities For Humanity

It is unnecessary
to teach our children to love.

The images and expectations we hold in our minds powerfully influence our children's development. The picture of "human nature" given by some modern people depicts a human "inheritance" of violent and selfish "instincts." When we believe that humanity is innately violent or greedy, we fearfully demand obedience from our children, and strive to maintain rigid controls over the emotional responses that we have been taught to fear in our own childhoods. Dominance over others' behavior, and over our own natural emotions, brings neither inner nor outer peace. Instead, viewing human nature as dangerous has helped to create perilous consequences for the human race.
The image of human nature demonstrated by the living Pygmies offers us the hope of better ways of relating, arising from a more accurate view of our original nature. The Efe Pygmy culture reassures us that we need not assume that human beings are genetically violent or greedy. Therefore we need not teach our children to suppress themselves or to blindly obey others. Pygmy society shows us that when children's needs - their life requirements - are lovingly provided for, they will not grow up harboring unmet needs that may become greed. They will not develop the rage and fear that result from early neglect and punishment, and may be destructively expressed for the rest of their lives.

Startling to our modern minds, it becomes clear that it is unnecessary to teach our children to love. Instead we can trust and support their innate tendencies toward empathy and generosity, which I too experienced while living in Africa and elsewhere. We can safely allow our children emotional freedom, while gently guiding them in appropriate, mutually respectful ways of behavioral expression.

In short, the Pygmies demonstrate that we do not have to war with our children. We do not have to teach them violence by our example when they are small. Instead we can participate with them in the graceful unfolding of their inborn integrity and empathetic kindness.

What happens in our parenting as we begin to act from this harmonious image of human nature? For one, we find ourselves reviving such ancient practices as natural homebirth, unrestricted breastfeeding, carrying our infants and maintaining close physical contact with them. Rather than punishment, we teach our children by example. In so doing, we are not simply returning to our roots. Rather, in our individual ways, we are weaving a new synthesis appropriate for our times, one that creates fresh possibilities for the whole of humanity.

From the self-respecting awareness of our inherent human goodness, a sweeter, grander version of ourselves will emerge.

Pygmy Proverbs:

"Goodness and kindness put an end to badness."

"God returns the good that one does."

"With truth one may reach God."

"A bad mother is not a mother."

"Children are people's treasures."

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland An Eyewitness speaks out


In Jerusalem Talmudic youth stare glumly at chickens sacrificed in the Babylonian ritual of kaparot

What follows is a terrific method by which human beings can be turned into psychopaths -- all in the name of a demonic god.

Source Article:
Yom Kippur "Eve" Superstitions of Pagan Judaism

Excerpt: "It is the custom on Erev Yom Kippur to ritually slaughter a white rooster during the morning ‘watch’ after Selichot, for then a thread of divine grace prevails in the world. We slaughter it to subdue supernal severities, and take out its blood to ‘sweeten’ the severities. It is called Kapparah (expiation), as was the scapegoat. Each member of the household should have a Kapparah — a rooster for each male and a hen for each female. A pregnant woman should have three fowls: a hen for herself, and a rooster and a hen for the unknown gender of the child.”

— "Order of Kapparot” in Machzor for Yom Kippur (Brooklyn: Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, 2004). (The text goes on to stipulate that the chicken must be rotated around the head nine times. Also, Kaparot is spelled alternately with one p or two; either is acceptable — M.H.)"

"The superstitions of pagan Judaism

Kaparot is not in the Bible - it originated in 9th century Babylon as part of "Jewish tradition"

"It is the custom on Erev Yom Kippur to ritually slaughter a white rooster during the morning ‘watch’ after Selichot, for then a thread of divine grace prevails in the world. We slaughter it to subdue supernal severities, and take out its blood to ‘sweeten’ the severities. It is called Kapparah (expiation), as was the scapegoat. Each member of the household should have a Kapparah — a rooster for each male and a hen for each female. A pregnant woman should have three fowls: a hen for herself, and a rooster and a hen for the unknown gender of the child.”

— "Order of Kapparot” in Machzor for Yom Kippur (Brooklyn: Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, 2004). (The text goes on to stipulate that the chicken must be rotated around the head nine times. Also, Kaparot is spelled alternately with one p or two; either is acceptable — M.H.)

Kaparot paganism as conducted in the Mea Shearim Talmudic ghetto, Jerusalem, Sept. 10, 2013:

If you think Orthodox Judaism is of the Bible, then you need to have your head examined (and your chicken coop locked)

Babylonian sorcerer shlugging kaporos, Jerusalem, Sept. 10, 2013

Research by Michael Hoffman
author of Judaism Discovered, and Judaism's Strange Gods

Also see: The Talmud Tested: A Comparison of the Religion of Judaism with the Religion of Moses

For more research data see this link:"


Source Article:
Schools, Courts, Churches, and the Cult of Saturn

When you graduate from high school you come out processionally with a black robe, which is black for Saffron, the God of the Hebrews, requiring that you wear the square mortarboard on top of your head.

The square mortarboards are, of course, used by the Freemasons for their plaster, so that is why you wear a square mortarboard when you graduate, ultimately becoming an Alumni. It all has to do with Freemasonry; it all has to do with the control of education in this country.”
-- Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power”

First you pay out your “tuition” to get into “universe”ity where they strip you of your Intuition and give you an Indoctrination.

Then you receive a “MaStars” Masonic “degree,” while wearing a Masonic mortar board cap and Cult of Saturn black robes to become an Alumni/Illumini. Graduation means to increment or retard progress.

As Jordan Maxwell says, “the true meaning of Graduation is gradual indoctrination.”


Stick a bunch of 5 year olds in a room full of 5year olds for a year, then a bunch of 6year olds with 6year olds and so on for 20 years, until you’re so indoctrinated they give you a doctorate

“The syllables are Mafor measure and Storfor Star. ‘measurer of the stars,’ namely an astrologer. Children are still given a star today for successful application to their studies. When we matriculate from a university, we are given a ‘Master’s Degree.’

This is purely sabean. Degrees are part of the cycle of the zodiac. One was given a ‘degree,’ to show that they, like the sun they were progeny of, had ascended to an exalted place. Once you had mastered the stars you were then quite literally a MASTER.”
-- Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology”

Judges and Roman Catholic priests also traditionally wear/wore black robes.

Judges have a Masonic hammer or gavel which they hit to declare the word of Law. The idea of law comes from the biblical ten stone commandments and so it is said that you “break” the law. Judges always sit on a three tier high platform representing the first three blue degrees of freemasonry.

The same tritier platform is found at Congress, and the altar in most Catholic and Protestant churches is three tiers high. That’s also why you get/give someone the “third degree” related to the third degree of Masonry where the initiate is asked a series of probing questions he must answer correctly in order to become a Master Mason.

There is usually a gate around church altars just as there are gates with swinging doors in every courtroom. The congregations at church all stand up to recognize the priest, just as all rise when the judge walks in.

Then the judge takes a “recess” because he is in “court” playing a game of “ten”nis (commandments), with lawyers who play the dialectic protagonist/antagonist game, bouncing the advantage into each other’s court. In the courtroom witnesses must place their hand on the old/new “testament” before giving their “testimony,” just as a priest’s sermon is often called testimony (also notice “mon” from “moon” in testimony and sermon).

As a witness swears in, one hand is placed on the bible while the other is held up; In church, when parishioners feel the holy spirit, often during song, they will hold one or both hands up to praise the lord.

“Then when you get further into Saturn, you begin to understand that his color is black, that he was a God of one of the many different Semitic tribes, or groups, and one of his symbols was a square. Then you get into the square black mortarboard that the university or high school students wear when they graduate.

It is a square on his head, and it is usually black. The color of Saturn, one of the ancient Hebrew Gods. This is the same black used on the robe the judge wears when he is going to throw you in jail. Because the black represents Saturn. Saturn is the old Semitic God.

That is why churches and courtrooms look the same today, because when you go into churches you sit out here with the poor folks in the chairs out here in the pews, but you cannot go up onto the lifted higher elevation, you can't go inside the gate, you can't go inside the little doors, only the priest can go inside there and officiate for you.

You stay on the outside with the poor folks. The altar is always raised at least three tiers, because in Egypt that was the way it was always done.

The altar was always raised so the people could see the representative of God dressed in black. The priest comes out on the altar dressed in black, and he is officiating for you, he is the mediator between you and God. That is the same thing that happens in the courtroom, you walk in and you are part of the poor folks sitting out here in the audience, and here is the fence, or gate, that separates you.

The attorneys can go inside the gate and they are your mouthpiece, to go talk to ‘God’ for you and see if they can get you off, and the lawyers will be the mediator between ‘God,’ or the ‘judge’ who judges you, and man. That is where all of this comes from in our society today.”
-- Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power”

Sheriff in the ancient Egyptian was a lawgiver and his badge was always a six pointed star which is another symbol of Saturn.

US Sheriffs in the wild west up to today still wear the six pointed star. It is interesting that Saturn’s symbol is the six pointed star, Saturn in the 6th planet from the sun, Saturnday is the 6th day of the week, and now NASA is receiving images of “the Saturn Hexagram” (6 sided) atmospheric formation at Saturn’s poles.

The 6th chakra of the human energy system is the 3rd eye/pineal gland (6, 3 times = 666). When your 3rd eye chakra opens you develop your 6th sense of intuition and spirituality. From a consciousness perspective, the 6th sense, your intuitions/hunches, are messengers of god, your guardian angels.

Isn’t it interesting that angels have haloes/rings around their heads and Saturn is the only planet with a halo/ring around it?

“That is why today, when you get married, you get married before God. And the symbol of that God is the ring that is put on each other's fingers. The ring of Saturn. In the marriage phrases, one also begins to see what that has to do with Saturn.

So when you get married, you get married with a ring and the symbol of that God is the ring, the ring of Saturn. You're wearing God's ring.

And the yarmulke was the round ring that you wear on your head, for Saturn your God. Even in the middle ages, in the temples, Catholic monks would shave their heads in a round circle, and the Hebrews, instead of doing that, would wear the yarmulke. But it all had to do with the round rings of Saturn.”
-- Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power”

“The ancient name of Saturn was, as mentioned, EL. It is the reason why those that were chosen by EL, were called Elites. In fact the words, Elect, Elder, Elevated, Elohim, Temple, Circle, Gospel, Apostle, Disciple, Evangelists, etc., all derive from the Cult of EL.

Angels are messengers of god. But god was EL, which is why we have the names of the Archangels bearing the ‘el,’ suffix Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, etc,.”
-- Michael Tsarion, “Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology”

“The plural term Elohim appears over 2500 times in the Old Testament but is falsely translated in most versions. This fact of plurality explains why in Genesis ‘Gods’ said, ‘Let us make man in our image.’

As stated, Elohim refers to both ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses,’ and its singular form, El, served as a prefix or suffix to names of gods, people and places, whence EmmanuEl, GabriEl, BethEl, etc. Even ‘Satan’ was one of the Elohim.”
-- Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (67)

The gods of ELohim are angELs, the messengers of god.

When witches cast a speEL, they put the “Hex” (6) on someone, and when chefs deep fry something, they “Deep 6” it. It is the ELites who run the world today. Elite comes from the “IsraElites” which came from the Egyptian worship of the Moon (Isis), the Sun, (Ra), and Saturn (Elohim), hence IsRaEl.

Jews and Muslims alike worship a huge black cube/box called Kabba at Mecca. Their god YHWH is known as the “Tetragramaton” meaning their 4 letter (4 sided?) God. The “Kabballah” of Jewish mysticism/Masonry comes from KabbaAllah or “CubeGod” around which people gather and ceremonially walk in circles.

Thus it can be said they are “circling the square.” Masons are also constantly referring to “circling the square” and “squaring the circle.

For instance, this is why a “boxing” match is fought for “rounds” in the “ring” but it is actually a 4 sided square arena with corners.

The Freemasonic G (Geometry/God) symbol within a compass and T-square symbolizes this as well. Just as people circle around their Cube-God Kabba, so the Masons use a compass/square around their “G” God/Geometry.

In Islamic tradition, the “Rock” is where Muhammad ascended to Heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel. The Dome of the “Rock” was built in the 600 AD era and was won back by the Israelites on 06/07/67 after the “6 day war.” The Dome’s outer walls measure 60 (6x10) feet wide and 36 (6x6) feet high.

The Knights Templar claimed the Dome of the Rock was the site of the Temple of Solomon and set up their “Templum Domini” adjacent to it during the 12th century.

“Saturn is an important key to understanding the long heritage this conspiracy has back to antiquity. The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or City of Saturn. The Roman Catholic church retains much of the Saturn worship in its ritual. Saturn also relates to Lucifer. In various occult dictionaries Saturn is associated with evil. Saturn was important to the religion of Mithra, and also the Druids.” -- Fritz Springmeier, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”

Rome was known to the “Romans” as Saturnia, not Rome, and Saturn was one of their gods.

Black is both Saturn’s color and Satan’s color. The black holy bible tells us Satan is 666. Saturn is the 6th planet, its symbol is a 6pointed star, it supposedly has hexagon weather formations, and Saturnday the 6th day, is Ozzy Osbourne’s “Black Sabbath.”

Also highlighting this theme, the Rolling “Stones” sang Paint it Black, Paint it Blue, Blue Turns to Grey, Black Angel, XXX and Sympathy for the Devil.

A bruise is black and blue; bruise like the He“brews” whose longstanding secret societies are orchestrating this blue/black agenda. The 6th chakra, the pineal gland, the 3rd eye (all the same thing) is usually represented with the color blue, but they seem intent on Painting it Black.

The Stones’ lyrics go,

“I see a red door and I want it painted black, no colors anymore I want them to turn black. No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue … I want them to turn black.”

When you’re hit you get a black eye (supposedly, though the bruise is usually other colors), but the real “black eye” is your 3rd eye; The chakra which should be colored blue, but they have changed to black. This most important organ has in recent centuries shrunk in size from about the size of a quarter, to the size of a pea.

The Black Eyed Peas ironically sing a song called Third Eye with lyrics like,

“I got three eyes, one look from the left side, the other from the right side, got one eye on the inside, and I can see you outside, plottin’ to come in.”

Also in the same song,

“If Bush is Pinocchio, who the hell is Gepetto? Beware of Gepetto. I could point out their behavior to keep y’immune from the poisonous flavor, but once you’re caught I can’t save ya, they’ll manipulate your mind so you enjoy danger.”

The band Third Eye Blind has a song called Eye Conqueror.


You absolutely cannot make this stuff up. And despite the media's attempt to minimize how often this happens, the truth is -- there has been a 119% increase in "revision" circumcisions over the past five years. Either the medical people are screwing up royally, or they are deliberately mutilating baby boy's penises (which they do every single day in the U.S.) in order to make more money from second and third procedures.

It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about this poor baby ending up in the hands of these sadists again for "reconstructive surgery." Especially because the psychopaths operate on infants without anesthesia.

The medical system is evil. Please protect your children. Avoid hospitals whenever possible.{"10201039668649951":593078597425986}&action_type_map={"10201039668649951":"og.recommends"}&action_ref_map={"10201039668649951":""}&autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9504739

"MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) -

It doesn't happen often, but when a doctor botches a child's circumcision, it's heart-breaking.

Maggie Rhodes is dealing with that heartbreak right now, after a catastrophic mistake on the operating table.

Removal of the foreskin from a child's penis is rooted in concerns about health, hygiene and religion. But some question the necessity of the procedure.

Rhodes is sorry she ever took her young son to get circumcised.

"After I went home and I discovered that my son's penis was not there, I immediately froze, like, oh my God," Rhodes recalls.

The mother said she couldn't believe what happened when she took her three-month-old son Ashton to Christ Community Health Center on Broad Avenue for a circumcision in August. She says doctors told her the procedure would take about 20 minutes.

But after a couple hours, Ashton was still in surgery.

"It took them about three hours to do the circumcision and so my baby screamed the whole three hours, like the whole process," Rhodes said. "Then even when she gave him back to us, he was still screaming."

Rhodes said the doctor performing the surgery obviously botched the procedure. But when it was over, she says they simply returned her screaming son to her, never telling her about the devastating mistake that had happened in the operating room.

"I should have been notified that something went wrong in this room with your baby," she said. "I wasn't notified. They gave me back my baby like nothing was wrong. They said, 'here go your son.' Yeah, something went wrong in that room."

It's something Rhodes said she didn't find out about until she went home with a still screaming son, and a diaper filled with blood.

She said her curious sister finally discovered Ashton's mutilated penis.

"When my sister pulled the cloth back, it was covered in blood and it was no penis there," Rhodes said.

All that was left was a partial penis and his tiny testicles. Rhodes said Ashton urinates through a hole in his penis. She says she can't imagine what she'll say to her son, when he's old enough to understand what happened to him.

"Like, 'Momma like, how could this happen to me? How could this happen to me?,'" she said. "How could you explain that to your child that you don't have a penis that they have to reconstruct one or you probably have might not never be able to have kids? That don't sit well with me at all."

Rhodes has hired an attorney and is pursuing a medical malpractice suit against Christ Community Health Centers.

As for little Ashton, a reconstructive surgery planned for October has been rescheduled for early next year.

FOX13 News contacted Christ Community Health Centers for a comment. We're told the CEO is aware of our request, but so far has not returned our repeated calls."


This is very hard to watch. And there can be no doubt that the Japanese people are being used a guinea pigs.

"Suppressed U.S. Military Film on the Radiation Effects of the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (atomic bombing on Aug. 9, 1945) filmed by an Army Air Force squad in 1946...This Film Was Kept From the Public For Nearly 40 years...Expect the Same From the Fukushima ELE and the 100's of Other Nuclear Plants Leaking Today..."

Suppressed U.S. Military Video of Radiation Effects on Japan

Friday, November 15, 2013


Source Article:
Fukushima Radiation Turns Into Alaska’s Tragedy

"We know we are being lied to about Fukushima. Even amateurs with little academic training in reading equipment know that the levels of radiation hitting Alaska are in excess of those experienced in the cold war era of the 1960s. The radiation in the North Pacific due to above ground nuclear testing were regarded as fairly high. The levels being experienced now is higher than that, at least as measured by local residents.

In July of 2013, the Representatives in the Japanese Diet learned that the amount of radiation from the Fukushima was 20 times the amount of radiation of Hiroshima every day. The situation in Japan has become worse rather than better, and that is having an impact on radiation levels in Alaska. Japan has asked for help from anyone in the world, and so far, there are no takers.

fukushima out of control NOVEMBER 2013

Just before the Tsunami and earthquake in 2011, spent fuel rods were placed 6 stories high in one of the buildings. The building those fuel rods are in is now in a building that is “listing” or leaning like the tower of Pisa. A typhoon and an earthquake this past week has made the situation critical. If the building collapses, the situation will become grave, not just for Japan, but for most of the Pacific Rim and North America.

Fukushima is collapsing - the worst is coming...

The mainstream media has been a deadly silent on Fukushima and its impact on the west coast. Part of that silence is from a lack of official data. Monitoring of radiation by our government of our own lands appears to be nonexistent.

While Alaska is part of the United States, the only agencies that seems to recognize this is the Internal Revenue Service, the National Park Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA does a fabulous job policing the emissions of a drop of water from the sluice boxes of gold miners in places like Chicken, Alaska. They do a wonderful job ensuring that no one can burn wood or coal to heat their homes on cold winter nights because of elevated PM2 levels but you can burn all the diesel and cook all the meth your heart desires as far as the EPA is concerned. Monitor radiation? Fat chance.

The EPA stopped monitoring the radiation a while back. They would rather get their jollies from harassing locals over burning a stick of wood trying to stay warm than monitor radiation levels. Monitoring radiation levels is far beneath their dignity and offers no hope of amusement for them.

John Kelley, a professor emeritus at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, told CNBC that he’s not sure contamination has reach dangerous levels for humans but says without better data, who will know?

“The data they will need is not only past data but current data, and if no one is sampling anything then we won’t really know it, will we? The general concern was, is the food supply safe? And I don’t think anyone can really answer that definitively.”

The issue is critical in Alaska because so many people live off the land for their sustenance. Since nobody is measuring, nobody know for certain if the food is safe, indeed if anything is safe. The federal government seems far more interested in what time what kid left what bus stop, and the voting records of parents but doesn’t seem to care about the radiation levels to which the child and parent is being subjected to daily.

At the beginning of the Fukushima crisis, Alaska state officials discovered there wasn’t any sort of radiation measuring equipment or supplies to handle such a crisis. The state learned that Federal officials during the Bush era moved radiation detection equipment to the lower 48. Since Alaska had no nuclear power plant or nuclear weapons, there seemed little need for the equipment. Air samples are periodically mailed to the EPA lab in Alabama for evaluation, but somehow got lost the mail during the first weeks of the Fukushima crisis.

When Fukushima happened, there was no way to measure anything in the state.

At the end of March of 2011 the environmental agency established radiation testing centers in key locations in response to citizens asking about the impact of Fukushima. The EPA set up a monitoring station in Dutch Harbor, Alaska roughly 2,700 miles away from Fukushima. It attempted to set up one in Nome, but the equipment arrived damaged and unusable. Anchorage Daily News reported two weeks after the disaster began,

Dutch Harbor also reported the highest levels of cesium-137, more than three times any other reporting station in the United States and twice the level of the next highest station, in Guam. Dutch Harbor’s reading on quickly decaying but dangerous tellurium-132, though tiny, was more than 100 times higher than any place else that reported.

The state kept assuring everyone that all was well, everywhere else appeared fine. Then the story went away as far as the media was concerned. Ridicule was aimed at anyone who asked. The radiation website for Alaska seemed to eventually disappear. Locals began to monitor things on their own out of frustration.
Evidence of problems continue to be obvious, yet it is presented with strange excuses. There have been disastrous years of low fish runs that have no explanation. It is only in editorials where the obvious is posited and quickly ridiculed until recently. As the editors of the Juneau paper finally wrote,

We are concerned our Alaska salmon are being slowly tainted with nuclear waste. We are worried about the impact this waste could have on our resources, and especially the people who consume them…

We urge scientists in Alaska to be proactive about conducting research and monitoring our salmon species. And we urge them to be vocal about their findings.

Fat chance of that happening. The Food and Drug Administration only recently put a warning out on eating sea food from Fukushima, and appears to have done nothing to monitor food elsewhere. The state of Alaska would rather promote salmon than worry about a few locals biting the dust. As early as October of 2011, reports of elevated thyroid cancer of Alaska’s children were squashed from the news by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. They did what they could to hide reports from Freedom of Information Act requests.

The NRC Knew Possibility of Elevated Thyroid Dose in Midway Island and Alaska By March 22nd

There are issues now with killer whales who seem to have greatly diminished in number with “no known cause.” Seals with hair loss and lesions from no known origin. Star fish through the west coast appear to have a strange disease all along the Pacific coast that cause them to disintegrate. Yet the denial continues by Republican and Democrats alike.

West Coast sea stars mysteriously dying off

And while the EPA continues to monitor the smoke stack of every home in Alaska for PM2.5 down to a city block, there seems to be only volunteer amateurs monitoring radiation with their own equipment in the interior of Alaska. The federal government has held multiple hearings on PM2.5, but none on the impact of radiation from Fukushima. There is no official source measuring radiation, and it is all through voluntary efforts. If levels rise, it is up to volunteers to notify friends, and be ridiculed by others. Further, since Alaska is far from any medical help for radiation poisoning, citizens are on their own to take precautions and stockpile their own iodine or other resources. Radiation levels are at or have exceeded the levels experienced in the North Pacific during the era of nuclear testing in the 1960s. Those high radiation levels spurred many of the testing treaties in later years.

Perhaps someone who is somebody can get the EPA to actually do the job they are supposed to do and monitor."


Can there really be any doubt that when you strap a newborn infant down to a board so that his arms and legs cannot move, and then shove something into his mouth so that his screams cannot be heard, and then you systematically crush, tear, and slice off the most sensitive part of his penis -- WITHOUT ANESTHESIA!!!! -- that this is RITUAL SEXUAL TORTURE AND GENITAL MUTILATION and will have long-term psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences for the boy and for those that try to get to close to him?

Let's call a spade a spade people! This is satanic-based torture and trauma-based mind-control. IT IS EVIL!

Source Article by Richard L. Matteoli
Circumcision, Serial Killing, Criminal Behavior and American Medical Violence

Excerpt: "...In Norway, the only country that records the circumcision status of rapists, 2% of the population are circumcised and commit more than 80% of their rapes. And, since 1991 almost all wars involved one circumcised country with some conflicts between both factions being circumcised. This includes all USA conflicts since Vietnam.

No other statistical records are kept regarding the individual and social percentile circumcision status of serial killers or rapists. Yet, over 50% of rapes in Sweden are perpetrated by the minority of men who belong to circumcising cultures. Circumcision status may factor highly in the USA’s highest of all other country’s incarceration rate to population...."

"The first killer I studied had put bandages over the wounds of the people he stabbed once they were dead. Other killers have done the same thing. Robert Ressler, FBI.[1]

Clockwise from top left: Phillip Markoff, Mickey Featherstone, Julissa Brisman; and the U.S. agency failing to advise the public of the real consequences of circumcision.

(MONTEREY, CA) - Circumcision is a Mock Death ritual,[2] a game of play killing in a sacrificing ritual. Once the tissue is taken, the concept of death is finalized and bandages placed. Criminally and medically circumcision’s ritual is a Genital Dismemberment.

As early as 1945 the connection of circumcision induced homicidal and suicidal rages was established in a child as young as 6 years old.[3] This article also connects PTSD, then called Combat Neurosis, to such early surgeries and may be a reason the USA and U.S. Military personnel are highly susceptible.

Degrees and intensity vary with age and higher when young. Pre-verbal trauma is not easily accessed by regular memory and much resides in the unconscious. Verbal conscious memory increases the awareness of betrayal. Traumatic frustration occurs and remains with both verbal and Pre-verbal. In essence, circumcision related violent behavior is expressed from being a Sacrifice Returned.

Genitally-focused circumcision Assault and Battery is a form of Culture-Bound and Culture-Specific Syndromes in a Shared Psychotic Disorder. Violence between individuals and societies are common to the point of pathognomonic.

America’s circumcision is an adopted habit of socialized violence through Cultural Imperialism. The result is Cycles of Violence and Betrayal.[4] These cycles reside in a sense of Betrayal resulting in a Transference of Aggression onto other persons in other acts of Betrayal. Besides the individual, the Transference of Aggression is expressed socially between one group and nation against another. Transference is a deliberate choice and the substitute object is the genitals.

Transference is the deliberate displacement of one’s unresolved conflicts, dependencies, and aggressions onto a substitute object.


Original FBI’s Criminal Profilers who led the Behavioral Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia know circumcision is a factor in some serial killings and partly responsible for America’s generalized asocial violence.

It has been inferred Robert Ressler, in an off the record comment when interviewed by Mothering Magazine’s web-editor, related the fact that the FBI realizes circumcision is a factor in violence. He explained they do not mentioned this because they would be considered raving lunatics and lose their jobs. Robert Ressler coined the term Serial Killer.

This attitude pervades throughout Law Enforcement from the U.S, Department of Justice down to local Sheriff Departments and Child Protective Services. Many have no clue, the same as the parents who are Conned into the ritual. The Con is the criminal Approach used to lure victims.

In Norway, the only country that records the circumcision status of rapists, 2% of the population are circumcised and commit more than 80% of their rapes. And, since 1991 almost all wars involved one circumcised country with some conflicts between both factions being circumcised. This includes all USA conflicts since Vietnam.

No other statistical records are kept regarding the individual and social percentile circumcision status of serial killers or rapists. Yet, over 50% of rapes in Sweden are perpetrated by the minority of men who belong to circumcising cultures. Circumcision status may factor highly in the USA’s highest of all other country’s incarceration rate to population.

Mickey Featherstone

Mickey Featherstone was born in the Irish district of New York City. He enlisted the Army at 17 making the ranks of the Green Berets. He never saw combat because he was considered to be too small, meek, mild and non-aggressive.

Mickey Featherstone under arrest in '77. Photo:

When passed out drunk in Vietnam he was circumcised by two Medics as a joke. The Army considered it No Big Deal and nothing happened. His sister said his eyes had become scary when he returned.

He drank heavily. One time a group from outside the Irish district was escorted out of the bar he was at twice by the police. He went home. When told they returned again he got a rifle and shot one in the side not killing him. Featherstone pleaded guilty and received probation. He became a gangster.

In 1971 he was confronted by another gangster and shot him dead. At this trial the psychiatrists who testified agreed he was a paranoid schizophrenic due to his Vietnam trauma and found not-guilty due to insanity. He was incarcerated in Attica until 1975 for not returning from a week-end furlough from his Psychiatric facility.

When released he became a mob hit man and was never convicted in any trial. He was eventually arrested for passing a counterfeit $100 dollar bill and pleaded guilty. He received a six year term and Judge Lawrence Pierce told him: “Mr. Featherstone, the war in Vietnam is over.” But Featherstone was still circumcised.

Eventually Mickey Featherstone was found guilty of a murder he did not commit. Figuring he was set up by the mob he worked for he turned informant and went into Witness Protection.

Featherstone’s Signature in some of his killings was Dismemberment. He with his partners would cut them apart in a bath tub and dispose the remains. This was somewhat common in their gang warfare.

Mickey Featherstone’s legacy of crime is attributable to his circumcision as an asocial Sacrificed Returned.

Brisman Craigslist Murder

Phillip Markoff was born 1986. His biological father is Jewish and mother Catholic. He was circumcised. His parents divorced and mother remarried. She and her husband occasionally attended Catholic Mass especially after the children grew.

Phillip Markoff

If Phillip attended Catholic Catechism classes or other forms of religious instruction he would have learned the Christian Testament’s verses regarding circumcision. If he questioned, the Catholic nuns would more likely than not responded with simply: Because God was. Children are not taught by the American Catholic clergy any more that circumcision is a sacrifice at birth. Instead they only emphasize the Crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus to Christians is the Last Sacrifice. But this is not lost to many males.

Markoff was a good student and a second year Sophomore in medical school. First Freshman year medical students take Gross Anatomy where they dissect preserved human bodies. What did he see? What did he learn? What did he discuss? What did he keep to himself?

As with almost all, Markoff used Transference of Aggression on women. He started using Craig’s List to meet victims. At first he committed a violent robbery. But the name of his second victim that he killed, Julissa Brisman, was the stressor that drove him over the edge with loss of control. His third victim survived. Violence usually never decreases further indicating circumcision was the Stressor. Was circumcision mentioned or discussed before he killed her?

Julissa Brisman

The circumcision connection was immediately made. The Jewish community was quick to respond. Their analysis was though his father was Jewish and his mother was not Jewish, Markoff was not Jewish. This is because to be Jewish the mother must be Jewish. Thus they felt culturally exonerated and self-glorification maintained in their Munchausen behavior. But Markoff was still circumcised.[5]

Finally after 3 previous attempts Markoff committed suicide in his jail cell and never went to trial. Psychologists debate why. Some say it was the ultimate expression of selfishness in Narcissism and not about his x-fiancé whose pictures were all over the wall. And, in his blood he wrote her name as well as her affectionate nickname.

Not one psychologist equates this as embarrassment equivalent to why many women do not report their rape. Somewhere he came to see himself as a deformed man. He could not handle it anymore with what his future would surely have been.

Philip Markoff’s spree Craig’s List crimes are attributable to his circumcision as an asocial Sacrifice Returned.

American Medicine

Circumcision is a social crime. The Signature of the crime is called the Ritual. Socially the Specialized Agent is the person who carries out the Ritual.[6] It does matter if the Ritual Agent is a witch doctor, mohel or physician. Psychological conditions determine what drives their knives.

The 2012 AAP Policy Statement is a criminally based lie which partly resides from Delusional Disorder. Much involves Narcissism and a Malignant Hero Syndrome common in pathologic health care providers. As with Team Member serial killers some may be the Dominant Personalities while others are Submissive Personalities willing to follow to belong.

This American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) circumcision policy is carefully crafted with active components of Public Relations, Propaganda and Persuasion through the Power of Words with Logical Fallacies. The inactive component is a screaming Misdirection as a contrived improper Differential Diagnosis through omissions of facts that would make their assumptive balderdash the opposite.

American Medicine has been blessed no retaliation has occurred upon them because of this Cycles of Abuse and Betrayal. Serial killers do not usually attack the object of their resentment. The frustration of circumcision is evident. There is a web site Circumcision Karma that may appear disturbing to some. It has short biographies of many circumcised serial killers and conjectures about other individuals.[7]

There are historic instances where circumcision is the cause of social violence. It occurs when men take over the social role of protecting its children’s socialized genitals. These are short and extremely violent. It is best to cease this criminal ritual altogether because present winds are foreboding.

What begins as a fantasy ends as part of a homicidal ritual. Robert Ressler.[8]

Circumcision: Medicine Practicing Below the Usual and Customary Standards of Care in Ritual

Circumcision as Attenuated Homicides

Socialization of Violence and Abuse in Child Abuse and Child Molestation: Open letter to AAP about Circumcision

Other previous Social Mandated Reports can be accessed from:

Dracula’s Circumcision

All articles are social Mandated Reports to the social body regarding socialized and acculturated abuse.

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[6] Bell, Catherine, Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice, Oxford University Press, 1992.

[7] Circumcision Karma:

[8] Ressler, Robert, I Have Lived in the Monster, St. Martins, 1997."


Source Article by Paul Fassa:
Microwave Cooking Worse than What's Known - It Causes Chronic Disease and Cancer

"It's not EMF emissions that are the problem. The better ovens are supposedly well shielded. It's not the fact that nutritional value is lowered. Almost all cooking reduces some nutrients and vital enzymes that are needed to get nutrients into your cells. Instead, it's been scientifically determined that microwave cooked or heated foods and liquids create damaging substances that adversely affect consumers' DNA and are carcinogenic.

The Germans were developing microwave cooking apparatus toward the end of WW II to increase troop mobility. Both the Americans and Russians grabbed their work and their papers after the war. The Americans simply decided to allow industry to grab the goods, but the Russians decided to determine if there were any health hazards involved.

And they found them. Soon they banned microwave ovens in the USSR. When the iron curtain went down, so did that ban. After all, microwave ovens need to be sold. And whatever research showed microwave cooking hazards had to be hidden from public view.

The Buried Research

An American scientist named William P. Kopp discovered the Russian research some time after their ban on microwave ovens was lifted and the USSR had shrunk back to just Russia, which was no longer communist.

He has attempted to publish those findings on a large scale. But he has been so marginalized and maligned as a fringe kook that microwave oven fans continue denouncing him today. This is nothing new. It's what industries do to researchers who discover what will reduce their revenue. A summary of the Russian studies that Kopp had attempted to circulate widely is available here.

A more recent study was conducted independently in Switzerland around 1991-2 by Hans Hertel and Bernard H. Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute for Biochemistry. Hans was a food processing industry scientist who was fired for expressing his concerns over denaturing food.

With the cooperation of Blanc and access to his laboratory equipment, Hans organized a small group of macrobiotic dieters to stay in a small hotel and participate in his study on microwaved foods under strict rules and supervision to exclude all other variable factors. Hans also participated as a subject.

The findings that demonstrated harm from consuming foods from microwaving were published in a small journal in 1992. But the Swiss Association of Dealers for Electroapparatuses for Households and Industry, known as FEA, struck swiftly. They forced the President of the Court of Seftigen, Kanton Bern, to issue a 'gag order' against Hertel and Blanc.

The threatened penalties for violating the gag order were so harsh, Blanc withdrew his study approval and recanted. But Hertel gave them the finger and fought on. He sued the Swiss government and the FEA.

But it took almost six years for the gag order to be removed. In 1998, the European Court of Human Rights lifted the gag order and fined the Swiss government 40,000 francs to be awarded Hans Hertel. You can look over a summary of his study under the subtopic “Hans Hertel” from this article.

Applied Heat Cooking versus Microwave Cooking

Normally cooked food is heated from the outside in. This is the normal function of thermal dynamics: heat transfering to cold. Although raw food advocates will rightfully point out that cooking destroys nutrients, especially enzymes, normal cooking doesn't create nearly as much damage as microwave cooking.

You may know that microwave radiation heats from the inside out. How is this accomplished? Hertel explains, "Technically produced microwaves are based on the principle of alternating current. Atoms, molecules and cells hit by this hard electromagnetic radiation are forced to reverse polarity 1 to 100 billion times a second."

"There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts.

(...) This is how microwave cooking heat is generated, friction from this violence in water molecules [of food]. Structures of molecules are torn apart, molecules are forcefully deformed (called structural isomerism) and thus become impaired in quality." (Emphasis added)

Although the sun also emits microwaves, it's the AC current propelling microwave ovens that create an extremely rapid polar shift of the subjected water molecules. Hertel explained that the sun's microwaves are based on a pulsating direct current. This type of microwave radiation doesn't shear molecules because there is no rapid oscillation of polarity.

Besides these thermal modifications, there is direct damage to cell walls and genes from microwaves. Gene altering technology, which includes the biotech food industry, alters genes by weakening them with microwaves.

Hertel explained further, "... the cells are actually broken, thereby neutralizing the electrical potentials, the very life of the cells, between the outer and inner sides of the cell membranes."

Unnatural and unclassified compounds are created by microwave energy's penetration into organic matter. They are called radiolytic compounds. Many argue that these are created from normal cooking as well. However, Hertel's research has indicated far more radiolytic compounds are created by microwave cooking.

Hertel concludes that the food damaged from microwaving modifies the cellular activity in the human consumers of that food. One's cells are forced by the damaged cells and radiolytic compounds to adapt into an emergency mode of energy production.

The human cells are forced from normal cellular oxidation into the anaerobic energy production of glucose fermentation. This is a cancerous condition. Anaerobic glucose fermentation is how cancer cells survive and thrive when their oxygen respiration is inhibited by internal conditions that create low pH or acidity.

And since it's the water in food that is put under molecular agitation to create heat, you're not safe microwave heating up water for tea or coffee. Even USA doctors have warned against warming up baby formulas or extracted breast milk in microwave ovens.

This a no-brainer: Exchanging cancerous conditions for convenience doesn't make sense."