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Abortion is human sacrifice. It is a satanic-based ritual being enacted day after day after day by billions of women across the globe -- in exchange for a few minutes of fleeting physical gratification. It it really worth it?

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One-third all NY babies aborted but Gov. Cuomo pushes for more

"WASHINGTON, March 11, 2013 ― Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York has double the national per capita abortion rate and fewer abortion restrictions than almost every other state. Rumored as a possible Democratic 2016 presidential candidate, Cuomo thinks he learned something from President Obama: the abortion train leads to the White House.

As usual for pro-abortion politicians, promoting the deaths of the most innocent in our society is sold as “health care” and as empowering – the preborn child being irrelevant, of course. And so it is with the Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act: Its tenth point is the Reproductive Health Act, bill S438.

Cuomo says his goal is to reduce the number of abortions in New York and ensure women’s safety, but the RHA will likely increase the abortion rate and put women at higher risk. In New York City, 41 percent of all pregnancies end in abortion.

The politically correct, stated purpose of S438 is to “just” update “New York’s abortion and contraception laws to correct constitutional defects and ensure that abortion is treated as a health matter” and prohibit the state from “discriminating” against the exercise of “reproductive rights.”

The New York State Catholic Conference disagrees: “[The bill] is unnecessary, extreme and dangerous. The abortion expansion bill is uncompromising in its terms and extremely sweeping in scope.”

To start with, the proposed legislative changes are expected to green-light abortions past 24 weeks – potentially through a woman’s due date – even though polls consistently show most Americans oppose second-and third-trimester abortions, especially when the baby is viable, or able to live outside the womb.

Put into plain English, Cuomo means to proactively codify abortion-on-demand in New York, including partial birth abortion, under the premise that a mother might be emotionally threatened by letting the child live.

New York State Right to Life Committee says, “S.438 is meant to ensure that the radical abortion industry in New York can continue to thrive without reservation or common-sense protections for anyone other than abortionists.”

NYSRLC notes that the bill will allow non-physicians to perform abortions; removes criminal penalties even from unlawful abortions; prevents an unborn child who is the intended victim of a crime from being recognized as a victim; and prevents any limits on New York’s Medicaid policy of paying for abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy.

“The proposed Reproductive Health Act is a worst nightmare bill in New York, and in America,” says Chris Slattery, president of EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers in New York City. “If the State of New York and pro-life leaders nationwide do not organize against this bill, it will be a disaster. It will make NY State the new Late Term Abortion Capital.”

Alan Mehldau at Northern Westchester & Putnam Center for Life in Katonah, NY, agrees. His group has prepared at least two videos that they plan to air around the state opposing the bill.

The bill is filled with double-talk, making a feeble attempt at respectability.

For instance, “Section 6 of the bill amends the definition of ‘homicide’ to delete references to ‘unborn child’ and abortion.”

It later says: “The bill’s elimination of the Penal Law provisions pertaining to abortion does not mean that there are no sanctions available to punish an act, such as assault, which is committed against a pregnant woman without consent and results in termination of a pregnancy or renders a viable fetus non-viable. Depending on the circumstances, such injuries would constitute “physical injury” or “serious physical injury” to the woman, as those terms are defined by Penal Law.”

In essence, an unborn child cannot be a victim; therefore, killing of the child cannot be criminal but, “depending on circumstances,” may count as assault on the woman. Apparently, in New York mothers should not consider the killing of their unborn child a crime.

What if the woman suffers no physical injury but loses the child? Is that like a tree falling in the forest that no one hears? Again, for New York mothers, the answer would apparently be “Yes.”

It is not just the life of the baby that loses protection; the life of the woman also becomes secondary to abortion. The bill’s Summary of Provisions states: “Section 8 and 9 of the bill amend the first and second degree manslaughter statutes to delete the sections relating to causing a death of a female during the performance of an abortion.”
The RHA also precludes expanded informed consent laws or any other protective legislation such as requiring the notification of a parent when a minor girl undergoes an abortion.

Young girls in particular can pay a high price for a choice that is most often not theirs: Pro-abortion advocates Political Research Associates report that 64 percent of all abortions involve coercion; 54 percent of women were unsure of their decision, and yet 67 percent received no counseling beforehand, while 84 percent of those who received some counseling received inadequate counseling beforehand.

Family Planning Advocates of New York State, a Planned Parenthood group, loves the bill: “The Reproductive Health Act is a common sense measure that represents New Yorkers’ values when it comes to a woman’s decisions about her health care.”

This abortion push is not about common sense, nor does it make women safer nor protect human rights. Such claims are beyond the realm of any values that are rational or even sane.

But, of course, this has nothing to do with reason or women’s health or rights. This bill has everything to do with a governor’s political disdain for most women as little more than ignorant, abortion-hungry voters.

And, perhaps, a cynical track that Cuomo thinks could lead to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."


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Herpes Strikes Two More Infants After Ritual Circumcision

Any parent that allows circumcision to happen to their infant son is mentally ill. Those that allow rabbis to suck the blood off of their baby's mutilated penis are patently insane. The rabbi(s) involved in this serial sexual abuse of children need to go to jail for the genital torture and mutilation of infants is a heinous crime, made worse by the satanic practice of sucking the blood off the mutilated penis. These rabbi(s) are possessed by demons. And the poor children, who are completely innocent and born without religion, have their parents religious beliefs carved into their bodies and suffer solely because they are born to insane parents who allow wicked child abusers, otherwise called mohels, to torture their children and siphon their children's life force.

This is absolutely sickening and, when combined with the Jewish history of human sacrifice and the genocide of the Palestine people, gives Judaism an extremely bad name.

April 5, 2013
Two infants in the last three months in New York City's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community have been infected with herpes following a ritual circumcision, according to the health department. The boys were not identified.

In the most controversial part of this version of the Jewish ritual, known as metzitzah b'peh, the practitioner, or mohel, places his mouth around the baby's penis to suck the blood to "cleanse" the wound.

One of the two infected babies developed a fever and lesion on its scrotum seven days after the circumcision, and tests for HSV-1 were positive, according to the health department.

Last year, the New York City Board of Health voted to require parents to sign a written consent that warns them of the risks of this practice. None of the parents of the two boys who were recently infected signed the form, according Jay Varma, deputy commissioner for disease control at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Varma said it was "too early to tell" if the babies will suffer long-term health consequences from the infection.

Since 2000, there have been 13 cases of herpes associated with the ritual, including two deaths and two other babies with brain damage.

Neonatal herpes infections can cause death or disability among infants, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"First, these are serious infections in newborns and second, there is no safe way an individual can perform oral suction on an open wound," said Dr. William Schaffner, chair of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University. "Third, these terrible infections are completely preventable. They should not occur in the 21st century with our scientific knowledge."

Some rabbis told last year that they opposed on religious grounds the law requiring parents to sign a waiver, insisting it has been performed "tens of thousands of times a year" worldwide. They say safeguarding the life of a child is one of the religion's highest principles.

"This is the government forcing a rabbi practicing a religious ritual to tell his congregants it could hurt their child," Rabbi David Niederman, executive director of the Hasidic United Jewish Organization of Williamsburg, told "If, God forbid, there was a danger, we would be the first to stop the practice."

In January, a federal judge ruled against the group's legal maneuver to block the city policy.

"As enacted, the regulation does no more than ensure that parents can make an informed decision whether to grant or deny such consent," Judge Nami Reice Buchwald said at the time, according to the New York Daily News.

Some estimate that 70 percent of the general population is infected with the Type 1 herpes I (HSV-1), which can be transmitted from the mouth to the child, causing painful ulcers. It is different from Type 2 or genital herpes (HSV-2), which is a sexually transmitted disease and can cause deadly infections of the brain when a newborn passes through an infected birth canal.

"A herpes infection in a newborn baby has the risk of leading to severe illness and death," said Varma. "The reason is that the baby doesn't have the same fully developed immune system as an adult. Instead of staying in the genital area, it extends throughout different organs in the body."

The health department had issued alerts about the two latest cases -- on in January and one in March -- to urge all medical providers and laboratory staff to inquire about "direct oral suction" during a circumcision when evaluating newborn males for sepsis and to consider herpes.

The more than 5,000-year-old religious practice of circumcision is performed during a Jewish religious ceremony known as the bris, which is observed by Jews of all denominations around the world.

The modern Jewish community uses a sterile aspiration device or pipette to clean the wound in a circumcision. About two-thirds of boys born in New York City's Hasidic communities are circumcised in the oral suction manner, according to Rabbi David Zwiebel, executive vice president of Agudath Israel of America.

In 2003 and 2004, three babies, including a set of twins, were infected with Type 1 herpes; the cases were linked to circumcision, and one boy died. Another died in 2010. In the last decade, 13 babies in the city have contracted the virus, and two have had brain damage, according to health officials. All were circumcised by the metzitzah b'peh method.

"Social health policy is art of the possible and [New York City's] Bloomberg administration and the department of health worked with the [ultra-Orthodox] community to develop a policy that it hoped was both acceptable and effective," said infectious disease expert Schaffner. "That was the hope."

"It's clear the implementation of policy is not completely effective and that it resulted in serious, but preventable infections," he said. "Perhaps the policy needs to be revisited."

Varma said changing traditional practices in New York's ultra-Orthodox community will take time.

"We developed this law ... to balance the right of people to practice religion with the requirements of a health agency to protect everybody, especially the most vulnerable.

"We require their cooperation and it's a challenge," said Varma.

The health department could take no action against the rabbi who performed the circumcision because the parents would not reveal his identity."

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Parents’ Arguing in Front of Baby Alters Infant Brain Development

"Parenting can sometimes make you want to scream, but a new study finds that arguing in front of your baby might sensitize the infant's brain to stress. Researchers at the University of Oregon found that babies react to angry, argumentative tones of voice, even while they are asleep.

Babies' brains have high plasticity, which allows them to quickly learn how to respond to the environments and people around them. Because infants are so responsive, however, severe stresses like abuse and mistreatment can significantly hamper babies' brain development.

Graduate student Alice Graham, along with advisors Phil Fisher and Jennifer Pfeifer, decided to investigate how more moderate stressors affect babies' brain development.

With the help of fMRI brain imaging, they decided to explore the association between babies' brain functions and a common source of stress in young children's lives- the sounds of parental arguments.

Few studies have used neuroimaging to examine infant responses to angry voices in particular brain areas. A 2005 study found that infants' brains devote more attention to angry voices than happy or neutral tones, and a 2010 study suggested that babies are attuned to a voice's emotional state by seven months. Previous research suggested that parental conflict can decrease infants' sleep quality and negatively impact children's emotional well-being.

At their regular bedtimes, twenty infants ranging from six to 12 months old were brought into an fMRI lab. The researchers presented the babies with nonsense sentences spoken by a male adult voice in a range of emotional tones- very angry, somewhat upset, neutral, and happy.

The results showed that, "even during sleep, infants showed distinct patterns of brain activity depending on the emotional tone of voice we presented," said Graham in a press release.

The babies' parents had completed questionnaires about the level of conflict in their homes, and the brain imaging results indicated that infants from high conflict homes showed stronger reactivity to the very angry tone of voice in brain areas including the hypothalamus, cingulate cortex, caudate, and thalamus, which are associated with stress and emotional regulation.

Early life experiences can strongly influence a person's response to events later in life. Animal research has proved that brain areas like the hypothalamus and cingulate cortex influence the impact of early stresses on development, and this study indicates that similar mechanisms are at play in human brains.

The researchers take their results as proof that babies are sensitive to the sounds of parental arguments, though follow-up studies would be necessary to judge the long-term impact of high-conflict homes on babies' brain development.
Parents of infants take note- your baby may not understand what you're saying, but your tone of voice during arguments is all too clear.

The study will be published in the next edition of the journal Psychological Science."

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‘That’s not a baby. That’s an abortion!’: clinic workers describe babies born alive

"April 22, 2013 ( - When a Planned Parenthood representative testified against a Florida bill that deals with babies born alive during botched abortions, pro-choice activists claimed that this scenario never happens. However, live births due to botched abortions have been occurring ever since abortion was made legal. A number of clinic workers, doctors, and former abortionists have broken the silence and talked about these children who were denied medical care after being born alive.

Clinic Workers Describe Babies Born Alive

Pro-choice author Linda Bird Francke interviewed women who had had abortions and clinic workers for her book The Ambivalence of Abortion. She quotes one nurse recounting the following story:

We had one saline [type of abortion] born alive. I raced to the nursery with it and put it in an incubator. I called the pediatrician to come right down, and he refused. He said, “That’s not a baby. That’s an abortion. (1)

Francke does not reveal the ultimate fate of the child, but it is unlikely that he or she could’ve survived without medical care due to the injuries that would have been inflicted by the saline solution. A saline abortion is performed by injecting a caustic saline solution into a woman’s uterus, where it poisons the amniotic fluid that the baby breathes and kills the child over the course of several hours. The woman then goes through labor to give birth to a dead baby. This method of abortion was abandoned in the 1990s because it caused so many live births and because it was dangerous to women. It was replaced by dilation and evacuation, a brutal procedure where the baby is torn apart with forceps and extracted piece by piece.

A somewhat similar procedure that is still performed today consists of injecting the poison digoxin into the heart of the baby, or, in some cases, into the amniotic fluid. This kills the baby. Digoxin abortions are usually done in the late second and third trimesters. This technique sometimes produces live births as well.

Another clinic worker, identified as Teresa Etienne, was quoted by pro-choice author Magda Denes:

The only time I thought about abortion in terms of religion was when I saw fetuses and one was born alive. I saw one of them, in fact, I even felt the heart beat. I touched it. It looked like a baby, but it was very tiny. It was real cute. Very quiet. In fact, it was starting to die. The heart beat was getting very low. It was going to Bellevue Hospital and the guy was saying “Oh, I don’t see why we have to take it over there, because it’s going to die anyway. Why go through all the trouble?” (2)

One case where a baby was born in an abortion clinic and then killed by direct action of the abortionist came to light when clinic workers revealed what happened. According to Lime 5, a book by pro-life author Mark Crutcher:

According to five abortion clinic employees, Texas abortionist John Roe 109 [pseudonym] was performing an abortion when a 1 foot long infant girl with light brown hair was born. They testified that the baby curled up in Roe’s hand and attempted to breathe as Roe held the placenta over her face. He then dropped her into a bucket of water, and several employees testified that bubbles rose to the surface. They went on to say that Roe then “dropped the fetus into a plastic bag….The bag was tied and placed at the end of the operating room… [The] sides of the bag pulsated as though someone were breathing into it. Then the bag stopped moving.” One witness said he was holding the bag in which Roe placed the infant, and later put the bag in the freezer where aborted fetuses were stored. (3)

Abortionists Describe Their Experiences

In the article “Pro-Choice 1990: Skeletons in the Closet,” former abortionist Dr. David Brewer described participating in his first late-term abortion. The abortion was done by hysterotomy, a type of abortion where the baby is cut from the womb in a procedure similar to a Cesarean section.

I remember seeing the baby move underneath the sack of membranes, as the cesarean incision was made, before the doctor broke the water. The thought came to me, “My God, that’s a person” Then he broke the water. And when he broke the water, it was like I had a pain in my heart, just like when I saw that first suction abortion. And then he delivered the baby, and I couldn’t touch it… I wasn’t much of an assistant. I just stood there, and the reality of what was going on finally began to seep into my calloused brain and heart. They took that little baby that was making little sounds and moving and kicking, and set it on that table in a cold, stainless steel bowl. Every time I would look over while we were repairing the incision in the uterus and finishing the Caesarean, I would see that little person moving in that bowl. And it kicked and moved less and less, of course, as time went on. I can remember going over and looking at the baby when we were done with the surgery and the baby was still alive. You could see the chest was moving and the heart was beating, and the baby would try to take a little breath, and it really hurt inside, and it began to educate me as to what abortion really was. (4)

Brewer would later go on to perform many abortions before eventually quitting and becoming a pro-life speaker. Read his story here.

Later in his career, David Brewer witnessed another baby born alive after a saline abortion:

But one night, a lady delivered and I was called to come and see her because she was uncontrollable. I went in the room and she was going to pieces. She was having a nervous breakdown, screaming and thrashing. The nurses were upset because they couldn’t get any work done and all the other patients were upset because this lady was screaming and I walked in, and here was her little saline abortion baby. It had been born and it was kicking and moving for a little while before it finally died of those terrible burns. Because the salt solution gets into the lungs and burns the lungs too.

Former abortionist Dr. Paul Jarrett told the following story:

Since hypertonic saline was so toxic if it was injected into the uterine wall instead of the amniotic sac; there was a constant search for the ideal drug. Prostaglandin has now become the drug of choice, but one of the early experiments was with hypertonic urea. The major disadvantage in using it, was the problem of live births. I remember using it on a patient that the psychiatric residents brought to us from their clinic from an institutionalized patient who really was crazy. I’ll never forget delivering her nearly two pound baby, and hearing her screams, “My baby’s alive, my baby’s alive.” It lived several days.

Read Dr. Jarrett’s entire testimony here.

Other Doctors Witness Horrors

A doctor who cares for premature babies described experiences he had while still a resident. He assisted a doctor in performing hysterectomy/TAB – a procedure where a pregnant uterus is removed as a type of sterilization and abortion in one.

I already had assisted on two other hysterectomies, one for endometrial cancer and the other for a benign tumor. I had been taught during the first two cases to “always open the uterus and examine the contents” before sending the specimen to pathology. So, after the professor remove the uterus, I asked him if he wanted me to open it, eager to show him that I already knew standard procedure. He replied,

“No, because the fetus might be alive and then we would be faced with an ethical dilemma.” (5)

A short time later, the doctor witnessed a baby born alive after abortion with his own eyes:

A couple of weeks later, now on the obstetrical service, I retrieved a bag of IV fluid that the resident physician had requested. The IV fluids were to administer prostaglandin, a drug that induces the uterus to contract and expel. The patient made little eye contact with us. A few hours later, I saw the aborted fetus moving its legs and gasping in a bedpan, which was then covered with a drape. (5)

He then describes a partial-birth abortion unsuccessfully performed on a baby with hydrocephalus. First he talks about finding out how the abortion would be performed:

The resident described how he was going to deliver the body of the baby and then, while the head was entrapped, insert a trochar (a long metal instrument with a sharp point) through the base of the skull. During the final portion of this procedure, he indicated that he would move a suction catheter back and forth across the brainstem to ensure that the baby would be born dead. Several of the pediatric residents kept saying, “you’re kidding” and, “you’re making this up” in disbelief… (5)

The doctor later sees the aftermath of the partial birth abortion:

Later, that afternoon, the obstetrical resident performed the procedure, but unfortunately the infant was born with a heart beating and some weak gasping respirations, so the baby was brought to NICU: He was a slightly premature infant, who weighed about 4 pounds or 5 pounds. His head was collapsed on itself. The bed was a mess from blood and drainage. I did my exam (no other anomalies were noted)…. then pronounced the baby dead about an hour later. (5)

Dr. Ron Paul, former Republican candidate, told the following story in a campaign commercial:

I happened to have walked into an operating room where they were doing an abortion on a late pregnancy. They lifted out a small baby that was able to cry and breathe and they put it in a bucket and put it in the corner of the room and pretended it wasn’t there. I walked down the hallway and a baby was born early — slightly bigger than the baby they put in the bucket and they wanted to save this baby. So they might have had 10 doctors in there doing everything conceivable [to save that baby's life].

Who are we to decide that we pick and throw one away and pick up and struggle to save the other ones[?] … Unless we resolve this and understand that life is precious and we must protect life, we can’t protect liberty.

These incidents are only the tip of the iceberg. It is unknown how many babies have been born alive over the years and quietly killed or left to die without anyone revealing what happened to them.

1. Linda Bird Francke The Ambivalence of Abortion (New York: Laurel, 1982) p 53
2. Magda Denes, PhD In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital (New York: Basic Books, 1976) 39
3. Mark Crutcher “Lime 5: Exploited by Choice” (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics Incorporated, 1996)
4. David Kuperlain and Mark Masters ‘Pro-Choice 1990: Skeletons in the Closet” New Dimensions October 1990
5. Hanes Swingle “A Doctor’s Grisly Experience With Abortion” the Washington Times, July 23, 2003 page a 18"


By Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.

Current research indicates that youth all across America are increasingly at risk for a variety of social disorders including drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, severe depression, suicidal behavior, violent behavior, criminal behavior, and more. In addition to the serious psychological and behavioral issues just mentioned, young people are also at risk for reproductive challenges such as prepubescent menstrual cycles, premature sexual activity, unwanted teen pregnancy, single or repeated abortions, single parenthood, and/or giving birth to an unwanted child.

A growing body of research in the field or pre- and perinatal psychology is now suggesting that this current cultural crisis may have its roots in unresolved trauma that our young may have experienced while in the womb, during birth, or during the immediate post-natal period of their lives. Western society has paid very little attention to the importance of the birth experience and the first nine months in the womb, and we have seriously underestimated the impact of pre- and perinatal trauma on the psyches of our young. As a result, our youth are suffering tremendously and are having difficulty leading joyful, healthy lives.

Much to our misfortune, there is not a single school (that I am aware of) in the whole of the United States or elsewhere that has taken on the responsibility of teaching young adults about the principles of conscious procreation and parenting. Although “sex education” has made its way into high school classrooms, truly meaningful discussions about the spiritual implications of haphazard sexual behavior, and/or about the importance of conceiving babies consciously, gestating them in loving and trauma-free wombs, birthing them gently, and parenting them consciously, are sadly absent.

As a result, millions (perhaps billions) of children are being conceived haphazardly and then gestated in wombs filled with fear, shame, and resentment. This difficult beginning (if it doesn’t end in abortion) is often followed by a birth experience that is filled with trauma and toxicity.

According to a study done by William Emerson (expert in pre- and perinatal psychology and pioneer in the field of birth trauma healing), 95% of American hospital births are considered traumatic, with 50% of these being rated as moderately traumatic, and 45% being rated as severely traumatic. Early trauma has been shown to affect the development of the fetal and infant brain, nervous system, neuro-chemistry, organs, physiology, psychology, and consciousness. Early traumatic memories leave imprints that are stored somatically and, although these memories may not be available to the conscious mind, they nevertheless influence all aspects of health and personality.

Traumatic imprints create psychological and behavioral patterns that tend to repeat themselves throughout life. For example, fetuses that are gestated in wombs where mother and father are not in a loving relationship may carry an imprint of dysfunctional relating that can manifest and seek resolution during adolescence and adulthood. The imprint can effectively cause a maturing adult to repetitively enter into unfulfilling and/or abusive relationships as he or she recreates the conditions of his/her early wounding in an attempt to achieve a different outcome. Unless human beings become conscious of the primal wounding that is generating their behavior (which is often inter-generational), and unless they find ways to come to resolution, the patterns are likely to recapitulate and get passed on to the next generation.

Early traumatic womb experiences can include, but are not limited to:

- being in a womb where one is not wanted and/or where thoughts of abortion are contemplated

- being in a womb where the mother is experiencing deep emotional pain or chronic depression (the fetus is swimming in the hormonal/neurochemical make-up of its mother)

- being the product of a loveless sexual experience

- being in a womb that is filled with stress hormones due to the stress that parents (especially our mother’s) are under

- being exposed to toxic substances such as alcohol, nicotine, and illegal and prescription drugs while in the womb, at birth, or during the first two years of life

- being exposed to domestic violence or violence of any kind before, during, or after birth

- being abandoned by one or both parents

All of the above experiences (and this is a very small sampling) can, and most often do, result in the underdevelopment of the human brain and the over-adrenalization of the nervous system. Biological deficiencies and traumatic compensations tend to compound over time and can lead to an adolescent and/or adult that has difficulty generating healthy behavior, satisfying relationships, and a joyful life.

It is for this reason that it is imperative to offer an educational youth program that will raise awareness of the social conditions that are perpetuating this dis-ease and offer tools that will help our youth put an end to the lineage of abuse, maltreatment, and dysfunction.

The program described below is geared toward youth and young adults between the ages of 13 and 30. It is designed to help change the way young people think about relationships, sexuality, pregnancy, birth, and parenting. It is also designed to provide youth with tools and knowledge that will help them heal their past and create a better future.

The curriculum outlined below encourages young people to understand the social implications of irresponsible sexual activity, thereby encouraging them to be in absolute integrity with their sexual behavior. Each class will stress the importance of being truly ready to bring forth life before becoming sexually active and, once this readiness is established, to seek a stable, committed, loving relationship (and home) before conceiving a child.

The curriculum is further designed to educate youth about the types of trauma that can occur during conception, prenatal life, at birth, and during the first two years of life. This information has a variety of benefits including:

- helping youth become conscious of any trauma they, themselves, may have experienced in their own early life, thereby starting the process of conscious resolution;

- providing them with tools they can use to heal their own damaging imprints;

- helping youth understand the implications of irresponsible sexual behavior and haphazard conception;

- providing them with a moral incentive to make sure the important pieces are in place BEFORE they become sexually active and/or become pregnant and have a child.

Emphasis will be placed on their capacity to make responsible choices, encouraging them to maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment at all times and trusting that, if they do choose to become pregnant after this program, they will have enough information to create the best possible circumstances for themselves and their babies.

The program consists of a 20-week intensive lecture, film, and experiential series that will utilize a combination of classroom-like discussions, auditory and visual aids, and on-going focus-group interactions, as outlined below.


Jeanice Barcelo is a former adjunct college professor with a master’s degree in sociology and a minor in women’s studies. She has taught numerous classes on several college campuses with her expertise being in the area of gender issues, human sexuality, pre- and perinatal psychology, and conscious birth and parenting.

Jeanice is a trained doula and an independent childbirth educator specializing in the healing and prevention of prenatal and birth trauma. She is an international speaker, a TV and radio show host, and the creator of the Birth of a New Earth curriculum.

Jeanice is a also a certified Jin Shin instructor and practitioner with nine years of experience using subtle energy medicine for the resolution of primal shock and trauma. Jeanice has studied in-depth the impact that early trauma has on the human mind/body system, and, in particular, the ways in which prenatal and birth trauma effect the development of the fetal nervous system and brain. Through her own personal life experience, in combination with several years of intense training with Dr. Stephanie Mines (, Jeanice has come to a deep understanding of how early overwhelming experiences can influence one’s health and personality throughout life and can cause a variety of disorders later in life including, but not limited to, repetitive relationship problems, chronic health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, uncontrollable violence and criminal behavior, chemical imbalances in the brain, fertility issues, severe depression, and an inability to lead a joyful, healthy life.

Jeanice offers birth trauma healing and counseling, doula support, educational seminars and teacher trainings, as well as workshops and programs designed especially for men. She can be reached via email at


The course you are about to review is designed to examine cultural practices and beliefs in the areas of sexuality, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. By utilizing cross-cultural anthropological data as a method of comparison, the following curriculum critically analyzes western habits and customs with respect to the conception, gestation, birth, and parenting of children — and the impact this is having on individuals, families, society, and the human species as a whole.

Through a combination of lecture, film, and focus-group interactions, the curriculum explores the things that can be done to heal the past and create a better future – one that will support the preservation of love in families forever and completely transform the quality of western civilization.

Part I – A Cross-Cultural Look at Human Sexuality

Weeks 1 & 2 – A sociological and anthropological overview of the social construction of “masculinity” and “femininity” and how cultural definitions, norms, and expectations influence human relationships and sexual behavior.

Week 3 – An examination of the media and pornography and the impact they are having on our understanding of human sexuality.

Week 4 – A review of some of the most pertinent religious beliefs that Americans hold about gender, sexuality and childbirth, how this compares with indigenous cultures around the world, and how this is influencing the way we are conceiving, gestating and birthing our children.

Part II – A In-Depth Look at Pregnancy and Childbirth

This part of the course will offer in-depth information about the importance of prenatal and birth experiences, and how they affect our lives and our civilization. We will look closely at hospital birthing practices and how technological interventions are influencing the primal process of gestation and birth. We will examine how the relationship between mother and father can affect baby’s brain development as well as its relational abilities later in life. We will learn about the importance of the mother-infant bond and how this bond begins to build in the earliest stages of gestation and can create a lifetime of healthy relating or its opposite. We will discuss, in-depth, the types of trauma that can occur during the various stages of gestation and at birth and how these traumas affect our later lives. We will also look closely at ways to prevent prenatal and birth trauma, and examine tools we can use to reorganize our own neurology and brain chemistry to repattern our own unhealthy imprints.

Weeks 5 & 6 – The importance of the preconception environment and how to prepare oneself for conscious conception.

Week 7 – An overview of the important role of the father during the childbearing year.

Weeks 8 & 9 – An overview of life in the womb and how our experiences during the first nine months of life can affect our health and personality throughout life.

Week 10 – An examination of the significance of mother’s emotions during gestation and at birth and how they impact the neurology, brain chemistry, physiology and psychology of the fetus. Included here will be a discussion about parental love and how mother’s relationship with father plays a very important role in our brain development, our personality, and our capacity to develop healthy love relationships later in life.

Weeks 11-14 – An examination of modern birthing practices and the impact of technological interventions during gestation and childbirth (including review of several pertinent films including Pregnant in America and The Business of Being Born).

Week 15 – An overview of the significance of the mother/infant bond and the impact on the parent/child relationship and the psychological health of mother and child if this bond is interfered with.

Week 16 – Viewing of the film “Birth As We Know It.”

Weeks 17 & 18 – How to heal our past trauma with Jin Shin and prepare for conscious procreation.

Part III – Conscious Parenting

Week 19 – Attachment parenting – the importance of holding the baby, sleeping with the baby, and making sure the baby and the mother are properly nurtured and cared-for. Also, an in-depth look at vaccinations.

Week 20 – Discussion about the physical and emotional benefits of breast-feeding, and info about lactation support and/or postpartum doula support.

For more information about the curriculum or to participate in the Birth of a New Earth Teacher Training and become certified to teach the curriculum, please visit: or write to

Jeanice Barcelo, M.A., is a birth activist, whistleblower, and independent childbirth educator specializing in the prevention and healing of birth trauma. She is an international speaker, TV and radio show host, and founder of the forthcoming “Birth of a New Earth Preparatory School for Conscious Procreation.” Jeanice has been an independent childbirth educator for the past 9 years, offering educational seminars and teacher trainings, as well as workshops and educational programs designed especially for men. She can be reached through her website at or by emailing


Attention parents, parents-to-be, youth workers, childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, childbirth professionals, and those interested in personal healing and development

The next Birth of a New Earth Teacher Training begins Tuesday, July 23, 2013. Unlike any other training that has come before, this revolutionary new program offers life-changing, consciousness-altering, information that lays the groundwork for the healing of our species and the birth of a new humanity.

The training is the first of it’s kind to emerge anywhere on planet Earth. It provides an in-depth exploration of the entire primal period — including the preconception environment, the conception imprint, the womb and birth experience, and the post-birth environment — and offers quality information regarding the benefits of engaging in preparatory work PRIOR TO THE CONCEPTION OF CHILDREN.

During the training, we will dive deep into the shadow side of human sexuality and childbirth (as it is being expressed in western societies) and discuss its impact on our children, our families, our society, and our species. We will also explore the necessary components to creating an ecstatic, love-filled birth and discuss the way in which this is a fundamental component to the fulfillment of human love and the preservation of love within families.

Photo Credit - Midwife Carol Gautschi

In addition to the above, the training also provides participants with a forum for personal healing and development. Participants will have an opportunity to explore their own unconscious prenatal and birth memories and will be introduced to a self-care tool (Jin Shin) that can help them repattern any negative imprints.

I heartfully invite you to join in this amazing journey and I ask that, if you are unsure about whether the training is right for you, that you please consider some of the benefits you will receive by joining us. During the training:

- we will explore the topic of human sexuality in a way that has never before been discussed in any classroom, educational setting, or treatise on human sexuality

- we will discuss, at-length, the steps necessary for the creation of an ecstatic birth — starting with a proper preconception environment and moving through the phases of conception, gestation, and birth

- you will receive in-depth information about prenatal and birth trauma and how early experiences impact our adult relationships, our personality, our physical bodies, our nervous-system, our consciousness, and our overall well-being

- you will be introduced to one of the most powerful tools for the healing and prevention of early trauma (Jin Shin) – a tool that is based in self-care, and can be shared with friends, family, and future students and/or clients

- you will deepen your awareness of your own early wounds and your capacity to consciously transform them

- you will become more powerful educators, service providers, and birth professionals

- you will receive cutting-edge information which has not been discussed anywhere before — information necessary to uphold an ecstatic birthing field and support the transformation necessary within yourself, your students and/or your clients to create it

- you will learn how to teach the Birth of a New Earth curriculum — a curriculum that will empower and transform you, and that will enable you to assist people worldwide with information that can truly change the face of humanity and the future of our planet.

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I invite you to look into your hearts to determine whether you would like to be on the front-lines of shifting consciousness on our planet. If the answer is yes, then please contact me by e-mailing

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your willingness to be a part of this life-changing opportunity.

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Cost for the training is $1497

The “Birth of a New Earth” curriculum and teacher training were created by Jeanice Barcelo, M.A and are being brought forth as an antidote to the current trauma-based paradigm of unconscious conception and technological birth. They have been inspired by Jeanice’s own personal experiences with childbirth, and years of professional study and training regarding the impact of prenatal and birth experiences on the human spirit/body/mind system.

The curriculum and teacher training have also been strongly influenced by Jeanice’s reading of the Anastasia books ( and her deep desire to effectuate global transformation by transforming the cultural dysfunction around human sexuality, pregnancy and childbirth.

The Birth of a New Earth Curriculum is designed to educate future parents about the importance of conscious procreation and to provide them with the information and tools they need to conceive their babies consciously, gestate them in trauma-free wombs, birth them in gentle, loving environments, and parent them in the most conscious and loving way. The Curriculum will have its strongest impact by reaching future parents BEFORE they conceive their babies.

To view the full curriculum, please follow this link:

Jeanice Barcelo, M.A., is a birth doula and independent childbirth educator, specializing in the prevention and healing of birth trauma. She is an international speaker, TV and radio show host, and founder of the forthcoming “Birth of a New Earth Preparatory School for Conscious Procreation.” Jeanice has been an independent childbirth educator for the past 7 years, offering educational seminars and teacher trainings, as well as workshops and educational programs designed especially for men.

Or e-mail for more information:


Source Article
Gosnell medical assistant admits cutting the spines of 10 babies born alive

"PHILADELPHIA, March 19, 2013 ( – The capital murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell continued today, with one of his former medical assistants taking the stand to describe how she helped kill at least 10 babies who were born alive by slitting their spinal cords.

Gosnell is charged with murder in the case of seven babies who were allegedly born alive before the abortionist killed them by severing their spines – his preferred method of “aborting” late-term babies, according to his former staff.
Adrienne Moton

Staff have testified that “hundreds” of newborn babies were killed in this fashion at Gosnell’s Philadelphia clinic, which was dubbed a “House of Horrors” after investigators raided the facility in February 2010.

He is also facing one additional count of third degree murder for the death of Karnamaya Mongar, 41, who sought an abortion at his clinic and was given a lethal overdose of medication.

Former medical assistant Adrienne Moton, who herself pleaded guilty to third degree murder charges in October last year, reportedly sobbed her way through her testimony in court today.

She recounted how she took a photograph with her cellphone of one baby she admitted killing, called “Baby A.” That photo was displayed on a large screen in the courtroom. (That photo can be seen on page 102 of the grand jury report.)

Moton said that the baby, which she estimated to be 30 weeks gestation, was pink, and that she thought that he could have survived.

The mother of “Baby A” also testified, telling the courtroom about the painful three-day abortion she underwent at Gosnell’s clinic when she was 17 years-old.

“I never felt pain like that, ever,” the woman said, according to the Associated Press. “I couldn’t talk to anybody and tell anybody.”

According to the grand jury report that was released in July 2011, Gosnell charged $2,500 for the “abortion,” after discovering that the baby was further along than he originally thought.

The grand jury report includes the account of another of Gosnell’s employees, Kareema Cross, describing the moment of Baby A’s birth:

After the baby was expelled, Cross noticed that he was breathing, though not for long. After about 10 to 20 seconds, while the mother was asleep, “the doctor just slit the neck,” said Cross. Gosnell put the boy’s body in a shoebox. Cross described the baby as so big that his feet and arms hung out over the sides of the container. Cross said that she saw the baby move after his neck was cut, and after the doctor placed it in the shoebox. Gosnell told her, “it’s the baby’s reflexes. It’s not really moving.”

A neonatologist who testified on behalf of the grand jury said that Gosnell’s explanation for the baby’s movements was false, and that in all likelihood Gosnell failed immediately to kill the baby, and that his “few moments of life were spent in excruciating pain.”

The neonatologist also estimated the baby’s age as around 32 weeks gestation.

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Moton also testified in court that Gosnell joked about the size of Baby A, saying that he thought the baby was big enough to get up and walk to the bus stop.

The mother of Baby A was subsequently admitted to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a severe infection and blood clots that had travelled to her lungs. According to her aunt, she nearly died, and took months to recover.

Investigators say that she was but one of numerous Gosnell’s clients who were injured during “abortions.”

Moton also recounted how in another case she slit the neck of a baby, known as Baby D, that was born alive in a toilet. That baby was estimated at 24.5 weeks gestation, the threshold for viability.

Moton, like many of those who assisted Gosnell at his facility, had no medical training. She was paid around $10 an hour, under the table, to perform tasks normally reserved for highly trained professionals.

She herself underwent two abortions at the hands of Gosnell.

Gosnell’s lawyer is arguing that the prosecution can’t prove that any of the seven babies he stands accused of murdering were born alive. He told the courtroom yesterday that the prosecution of his client is a racist-inspired “lynching.”

Prosecutor Joanne Pescatore said in her opening statements yesterday that under the law, if a baby is born alive, “you can’t kill it.”

"The baby is alive, you're a doctor, you have to do the minimum," she said. "If it moves, breathes, has a pulsating umbilical cord, you can't kill it. That's murder."

Pro-life activists have highlighted the irony that if Gosnell has been skilled enough to kill the babies before they were born, he would not now be facing murder charges."

Grand Jury Report with Photos here:


Abortion is nothing less than human sacrifice. It is a satanic-based ritual during which the mother offers up her unborn children in exchange for a few minutes of fleeting physical gratification. It happens hundreds of thousands of times per year.

The spiritual consequences of what we are doing is ENORMOUS!!! Isn't it time we acknowledged this?

Source Article:
Gosnell Trial Witness: Baby Abortion Survivor Was 'Swimming' in Toilet 'Trying to Get Out'

"( – On the last day of testimony before the prosecution rests in the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, a former worker at Gosnell's clinic testified that she saw one late-term baby who survived an abortion "swimming" in a toilet and "trying to get out."

Kareema Cross, a “medical assistant” who worked at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society clinic for four-and-a-half years, testified in a Philadelphia court today, telling of the horrors of babies who survived abortions only to have their necks snipped with scissors.

“Did you ever see those babies move?” asked Prosecutor Joanne Pescatore.

“Yes, once in the toilet,” said Cross.

The baby “was like swimming,” she said. “Basically, trying to get out.”

Adrienne Moton, an employee at the clinic, then took the baby and snipped the back of its neck while the mother was still in the room.

Cross told the jury that when Shayquana Abrams came into the clinic in July 2008 she was pregnant, “and she was big.”

“That was the largest baby I ever saw,” Cross said.

When the baby was born alive, Abrams was sleeping. Cross said Dr. Gosnell took the baby boy, which she described as 12 to 18 inches long, and put him inside a plastic container the size of a shoebox.

“The baby was still breathing,” she said. “He didn’t cut the neck right there.”

The baby was too big for the plastic container, with his arms and legs hanging over the sides.

“The Doctor cut the back of the baby’s neck but didn’t do suction—normally Dr. Gosnell would do suction … to suck the brains out,” Cross said.

“I called people over to come see it [the baby] and we took pictures,” she said.

Baby Boy A, allegedly killed after being born alive and then having his spinal cord cut at the abortion office of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. (AP)

The baby boy had curled himself into the fetal position and laid on his side in the box. An image of the baby taken by Cross was shown to the court, showing him laying lifeless on his side. (the photo of the infant, Baby A, is included in the Grand Jury Report and is posted in this article.)

“It was supposed to go upstairs in the freezer, but it was still there the next day because the janitor complained,” Cross added.

She said Dr. Gosnell told her “the baby is big enough that it could walk to the store or the bus stop.”

Eventually the baby boy went in the freezer, Cross said.

Abrams was 17 when she went to the Women’s Medical Society for a late-term abortion on July, 12, 2008. Earlier in the trial, Abrams testified that she was 29 weeks (slightly more than 7 months) pregnant and that the abortion sent her to the hospital for two weeks with complications, including a blood clot in her heart. Abortions after 24 weeks are illegal in Pennsylvania.

Cross also testified that she witnessed Steven Massof, an unlicensed medical school graduate who worked at the clinic, snip babies necks (spinal cords) 25 to 30 times.

Cross said she saw babies that were still breathing after botched abortions at least 10 times. Dr. Gosnell would cut the back of their necks with scissors, she said.

“He just said they’re not breathing,” Cross said.

The abortion clinic, Women's Medical Society, operated by Dr. Kermit Gosnell at 3801-05 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, Penn. (Grand Jury Report)

“Linda’s baby,” as described by the prosecution, was also still alive following an abortion, moving its arm back and forth. Cross said the baby was breathing for 10 to 20 minutes before its neck was cut with scissors.

On another occasion, Cross said she heard a “soft whine,” or whimper coming from a baby in another room.

Cross took photographs of the clinic in 2008 out of concern. The photographs, shown in the courtroom, depicted over 50 jars filled with baby’s feet stored at the clinic, which Gosnell said he was keeping for “DNA purposes.”

More photos showed bloody equipment, and Gosnell’s cat sleeping on a chair at the clinic. The cat would roam freely, even in the procedure rooms, and go to the bathroom on the first and second floor, Cross said.

The trial of Gosnell, 72, in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas is currently in its fifth week. He is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder (seven babies), one count of third-degree murder of a mother, as well as infanticide, conspiracy, abortion at 24 or more weeks, abuse of a corpse, theft, corruption of minors, solicitation and other related offenses."

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Source Article:
Hooking kids on sex: PP starts “saturation process” in kindergarten

Hooking Kids on Sex II

Bold emphasis added....
"WASHINGTON, March 26, 2013 ― While the White House says sequestration has eliminated funds for children touring the White House, President Obama has no problem spending $350 million federal tax dollars for sexual indoctrination programs starting in kindergarten for those same children.

This is not your grandmother’s sex education about how things work and what can go “wrong.” In fact, the exact opposite is the essence of the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP): Obamacare funnels $75 million annually into PREP, which must be used exclusively for Planned Parenthood-style “comprehensive” sex ed programs where no type of sex is wrong and the only sexual behavior PP considers “unsafe” is becoming pregnant.

More than one-fourth of the funds ‒ $20 million ‒ has been awarded to a coalition of six Planned Parenthood affiliates, operating under the name Northwest Coalition for Adolescent Health, to implement HHS’s TOP program across Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska at over 50 sites. In Oregon schools, Planned Parenthood is paying children cash incentives to participate.

PP is funded with our tax dollars to market sex to our children in our schools under the guise of sex education, anti-bullying, diversity, and tolerance. Once sexualized, those children then become PP sex customers for contraceptives, STD testing, and abortion.

“A glance at the teacher outline for Lesson 1A, the introductory lesson (page 12 of the linked PowerPoint presentation), shows exactly how abstinence plays out in the sex-encouraging scheme at Planned Parenthood. ‘Abstinence,’ it says, ‘means choosing not to do any sexual activity that carries a risk for pregnancy or STD/HIV,’” says Rita Diller, national director for “In other words, abstinence has nothing do with abstaining from sex acts. So long as the student avoids STDs and pregnancy, and is comfortable with what he or she is doing, it’s an anything goes.”

Last year Diller’s parent organization, American Life League, released a video titled “Hooking Kids on Sex,” graphically detailing just what Planned Parenthood sex education is. It went viral and was viewed almost one-quarter million times in the first week before a PP activist got YouTube to suspend it. ALL came back with Hooking Kids on Sex (II). Even those who thought they knew Planned Parenthood were shocked.

The video’s moderator, Michael Hichborn, argues that PP follows the same business model as a drug dealer: Young children are encouraged to masturbate and explore their bodies with mirrors to introduce them to sexuality. Hichborn says of the graphic pictures used to “educate” pre-pubescent children, “If a dirty old man showed these things to a ten year old in a park, he would be arrested. But when Planned Parenthood shows them to kids in a classroom, it gets government money.”

Back in 2000 at Tufts University, a state-funed sex education workshop targeting 14-21 year olds caused a scandal dubbed Fistgate. A Massachusetts state official who spoke to teens at the conference said:
“Fisting (forcing one’s entire hand into another person’s rectum or vagina) often gets a bad rap … [It’s] an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with … [and] to put you into an exploratory mode.”

This bizarre and dangerous sexual act was presented to children as young as 12-14 as run-of-the-mill normal sex. When PP participated the next year, in 2001, recording devices of any kind were banned and the media was not allowed in to any of the workshops.

Kevin Jennings, cofounder and executive director of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a sponsor of the conference, wrote it off as a glitch but also criticized those who filmed the precedings as proof. Jennings was later appointed by President Obama as America’s “safe” schools czar: assistant deputy secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools inside the Department of Education.

Jennings told attendees at a GLSEN conference over a decade ago that he looked forward to the day when promoting homosexuality in schools will be seen in a positive light. GLSEN activist and kindergarten teacher Jaki Williams has said that during kindergarten children are “developing their superego,” and “that’s when the saturation process needs to begin.”

So if you ever wonder why more and more young people accept homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage as ho-hum, look no further.

Thanks to Obamacare, both Jennings and Williams are getting their wish."

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Saturday, April 20, 2013


“…[Aleister Crowley] had so many masonic degrees that you could fill up five pages of a book with them. This guy was probably the most highly honored mason in the world. And he was also the most dangerous man of the 20th century. And he began doing rituals to bring forth this crowned and conquering child. And he began to start what he called “the cult of the fascinating child.” And in doing this, he uncovered – without knowing it – the royal secret of masonry…

The secret that Crowley uncovered – probably through demonic intervention – is the secret that immortality is conveyed through tantric sex magic. And the kind of sex magic that we’re talking about here, unfortunately, is the sexual violation of a little child. Crowley taught that the way you can live forever was by vampirizing little children sexually. And he personally bragged of having slaughtered 150 male children in one year. This is why he was called the wickedest man in the world.”

Ritual Masonic Child Abuse