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Please do not eat foods or use products with palm oil. Refuse to have murder on your hands.

Via Dr. Steve Best blog

"Daily Mail UK
Richard Shears. March 29, 2012

Hundreds of orangutans are believed to have died in fires deliberately lit by palm oil companies.

Conservationists say the rare Sumatran orangutan could be wiped out within weeks.

‘It is no longer several years away, but just a few months or even weeks before this iconic creature disappears,’ said Briton Ian Singleton, of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.

Shocking: Hundreds of orangutans are believed to have died in fires deliberately lit by palm oil companies inTripa forest on the coast of Aceh province in northern Indonesia

The apes, which live in the Tripa forest on the coast of Aceh province in northern Indonesia, have had to flee the flames as fires wipe out their habitat – and palm oil companies have been blamed for starting the blazes.

The companies have already been accused of offering a bounty for the heads of orang-utans in Borneo after blaming the animals for destroying their young palm trees – but conservationists say the animals have had to encroach on the plantations because their own habitats have been destroyed.

The Daily Mail revealed the bounty hunt earlier this year with a sad photo of a mother trying to protect her baby as Indonesian palm oil workers moved in for the kill.

Fortunately on that occasion wildlife officials were on hand to rescue the pair and move them to a safe area.

Sad: The apes have had to flee the flames as fires wipe out their habitat and palm oil companies have been blamed for starting the blazes

Now the new threat to the Sumatran orangutan has erupted in the officially protected Tripa forest, which is hemmed in by palm oil plantations.

Land clearing fires have been started inside the forest, resulting in the animals fleeing – but hundreds are feared to have died in the flames because Indonesians in the employ of the palm oil companies have been accused of driving them back into the flames.

Dr Singleton, originally from Hull, said the remaining orangutans will die either in the fires or of gradual starvation and malnutrition as their food resources disappear.

He added: ‘We are currently watching a global tragedy.’"

Apocalypse Right Fucking Now: Hundreds of Orangutans Killed in North Indonesian Forest Fires Set By Palm Oil Firms

More on palm oil from Dr. Steve Best:

"This is just a couple of (no doubt) many helpful links for vegans and others who want palm out completely out of their food choices; please feel free to send me more links and suggestions to collect as a useful resource:

Products Containing Palm Oil

Palm Oil-Free Products


The Scourge of Palm Oil: Pillage, Plunder, and Murder


I want my planet back!!! I am unbelievably tired of living in a reality where evil appears to have the upper hand -- even to the extent that these demons are spraying us with poison on a daily basis.


And oh by the way -- to all of you who refuse to acknowledge what is going on and instead look the other way -- IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT MAKE EVIL POSSIBLE!!!


This is a picture of Terry Yeakey, first officer on the scene of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Terry clawed 4 people out of the rubble with his bare hands. He was murdered a year later for what he saw that he wasn't supposed to see.

He had called his wife and told her that...

"It's not what they're saying, it didn't happen the way they are saying!" He was crying. He was killed on the way to his storage facility to keep what evidence he had safe. He was on the phone with a friend when they were following him. His last words were, "I've got the Feds on me, I've got to shake them."

You can read more about this story here:

Who Killed Terry Yeakey?

Jim Keith and OKBomb on Channel Zero (1996)

Thanks to John Oetkin and Sophia DeSpaceKimono for these links.

by Pat Shannan
(Edited for Size)

Terry Yeakey was a giant of a man with a heart as big as the rest of him. I wish I had known him. He was a crusader for truth. Whenever his name is mentioned, I think of the news photo of him sprinting down NW 5th Street toward the Murrah Building on another of the many rescue missions he performed that ugly day. In his blue uniform, he tends to remind us of a NFL linebacker about to put the sack on an unfortunate quarterback, but this is quickly overridden by the grave concern on the face of a policeman in a panic to save lives.

After numerous private investigators produced irrefutable evidence of multiple explosions, unexploded bombs being hauled away after the fact, and the complete and total incapability of an Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) bomb to cause the cause the kind of devastation seen in downtown Oklahoma City, a giant government cover-up became obvious.

Only a couple of hours into the rescue, Sgt. Terrence Yeakey became painfully aware of something disturbing. Did he somehow figure out that the building had been blown from the inside and that the news reports were baloney? Did he overhear a strange conversation from some of the many ATF agents who were on the scene sooner than they should have been? Whatever it was, Terry was upset. He called his wife that morning crying - the big ol' Teddy Bear of a guy was crying - and saying repeatedly, "It's not true. It's not what they are saying. It didn't happen that way." Terry Yeakey may have been the first to discover the sham.

He ran back and forth into that concrete mess of bricks and mortar all day long and continued beyond exhaustion, far into the night. He scraped and crawled and dug until his fingers bled and then kept digging some more. In a cadre of heroes that day, Terry's performance was outstanding. On May 11th, the following year he was scheduled to receive the Medal of Valor from the Oklahoma City Police Department. He never got it. He was murdered on May 8, 1996, in the country - two and a half miles west of the El Reno Penitentiary.

The official report said "Suicide," and anyone who believes an ANFO bomb destroyed Murrah and the other surrounding buildings will believe this.

According to the report, Terry slashed himself eleven times on both forearms before cutting his own throat twice near the jugular vein. Then, apparently seeking even a more private place to die, he crawled another mile of rough terrain away from his car and climbed a fence, before shooting himself in the head with a small caliber revolver. What appeared to be rope burns on his neck, handcuff bruises to his wrists, and muddy grass imbedded in his slash wounds strongly indicated that he had some help in traversing this final distance.......

......see the link for the full story as FB is making it hard to tell it........

Webmaster's note: All the autopsy evidence shows that Yeakey's wounds were consistent with a torture-execution. The fatal shot was fired from a pistol with a silencer, held in contact with Yeakey's skull, leaving a barrel imprint and very little powder residue. No pistol was found at the scene until the FBI arrived, over an hour after the body was found. Handcuff marks were on both wrists according to the funeral home director. By the time the body arrived at the funeral home, the wrist lacerations had been sewn up and mud and grass was inside--showing that Yeakey was dragged through the mud as he attempted to fight off his attackers."

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From Bring Birth Home Blog

Noels Unassisted Home Birth Story

"I had bloody show on Friday, and contractions in the morning.

After running some errands and shipping my boys off for a pre-planned out of town trip, my contractions stopped. I slept well that night, and they picked up again on Saturday. I laid around the house all day, watching Ugly Betty (great noncommittal TV programming!), snacking, baking, and blowing up my birth tub. I liked being alone, just me and my baby. I wrote her a letter, telling her about all the good things, cloth diapers, a birth tub, nursing, big brothers, etc when she decided to come and be born. I was ready.

Around 8pm, I felt my contractions picking up in timing and somewhat in strength, but it wasn’t anything to get excited about. I timed them for about two hours, and they were 3 to 5 minutes apart. I could walk through them and stand, I mostly stood and laid down when I felt I needed to.

I posted my times to my personal journal and my birth partner took a look, gave me a call. I told her I felt OK through it all. I retreated to my bedroom where I labored from about 1030 until 1145. I rocked back and forth on my feet, knowing that gravity is my friend! They were intense contractions, but I didn’t want to call my birth partner and have her waiting around for me.

Around 11:45 I realized that I said out loud ‘I can’t do this! Why did I sign up for this?!’ and of course the fbomb quite loudly after some pretty powerful contractions. I called my birth partner and said please come, and she hopped in the car straight away and drove up.

Two or three contractions after that, I was almost worried.

The contractions were very powerful and strong, I had to comfort myself and remind myself to stay grounded, keep my verbalization low. I hit a high pitch cry and almost shed tears, but reminded myself again that I could do this. I didn’t watch the clock because I didn’t want to know how much time had passed.

I was working through a pretty tough contraction when I felt my water break. I realized that I was tensing my buttocks, I finally relaxed my muscles, It was an actual POP. Really loud, and fluid gushed down my legs. I was REALLY happy. I knew things would get a little better after that. The water breaking made me drop to my knees. I cupped my vagina, and knew her head was right there. There was tons of pressure. I relaxed my bottom, and felt her head slide right down. I braced my perineum, her head expanded the opening slowly, I breathed in and out slowly and made sure that I was slow and careful.

Her head totally crowned and birth itself, I felt her little ears, and her face. She was posterior! No wonder I was having so much back labor. I felt for the cord, it was around her neck once, but very loose.

With the next contraction, my body pushed her body out and onto the floor.

I unwound the cord, she gave out a big shout!
Like ‘hey mom you said I was going to be born in a tub! What the hell?!’ ;)

I gave her the once over, and rejoiced in the fact I wasn’t in labor any more! I scooped her up and held her close to my body, she gurgled and grunted and yelled some more. She was completely pink! Not blue, or purple at all. She smelled wonderful, like birth.

I sat down on the floor, wiped off my hand, and gave my birth partner a call, she was IN THE DRIVEWAY!

My birth partner called me back a second later, and said that I had locked all the doors! I had to get up off the floor and unlock the back door to let her in. We settled in the living room on some chux pads, I birthed the placenta, it was LOVELY. My daughter latched on to nurse for a bit. She’s got quite the latch! A born nurser. I had my birth partner hold my dear new daughter while I had a quick shower. I did not bleed much in the shower, a great sign.

My birth partner put us in bed and I weighed and measured my girl.

My birth partner then made me a placenta smoothie. Ladies, seriously, if you have had PPD or might be prone to it, or hell, even if you’re not, I highly suggest making a placenta smoothie after birth. I could NOT taste it at all. All I tasted was strawberries and yogurt. Please please, if you can spare yourself the evils that is PPD, please eat your placenta! Its especially easy when you’re not watching someone prepare it!

My birth partner, spoon fed me the smoothie and we laughed and talked. She cleaned up the futon and mopped the hallway where I had dripped some blood when opening the door. My birth partner had me take some cramping tincture that tasted like ground up grasshoppers. Seriously, it was worse than eating placenta raw I’m sure! lol But it does the trick.

My after pains were quite strong, especially when my daughter was nursing. Did I mention she’s a pro? :)

My birth partner then turned off the lights in my room locked the door and left! I can’t wait to see her later today.

My daughter and I slept til about 7am, I changed her beautiful meconium diaper, it was thick and glossy. She nursed some more. I called a few east coast friends, and started sending pictures to cel phones of west coast friends. I feel amazing right now. No emotional distress, its actually been really interesting waking up alone with her, changing her diapers, walking around the house. I’m not sore. I’m starving though, so I hope someone shows up soon with some grub! I could eat a horse.

My mom and my boys are on their way back from their trip.

My mom told them there is a huge surprise for them when they get home. :)

I haven’t named her yet, I’ve tried to have a couple conversations with her, but she keeps falling asleep. I guess a name can wait for now.

I knew that I was planning a UC with a friend here to encourage me, I didn’t plan on her not being here at all, but it worked out for the best. I wasn’t scared. I kept my head about me, removing the cord, making sure she was breathing, laying her on her side to spit out any yuckies.

It was such a different space when I was all alone. I was the one encouraging myself to continue, to stay focused. My body and my baby worked as the perfect team and we had a perfect birth. No one shouting, to push, no one making suggestions. It was all me and her. I cannot wait until she is old enough to hear the story of her birth and be empowered. To know that she was apart of something so magical and special that most women take for granted.

I have a DAUGHTER! A freaking daughter oh my god. She so cute. I can’t wait to put her in a dress."


From the Unnecesarean Blog

"Description of your birth experience:

Confident and Motivated

How did you feel after the birth (first month)?
Joyful, sore, healed

What did you learn from this birth?
That there is nothing wrong with my body, and in fact, it is AMAZING!

Any words of wisdom to impart?
Don’t listen to doctors when they tell you that your baby will not fit through your pelvis…

Stacy’s Birth Story:
Good morning, and a glorious morning it is! I don’t even know where to begin… so i think a quick overview of my history is needed. Not only have I had 5 csections, but I have labored with my first 3, the first for 52 hours, my second for 70 hours (60 hours at home and almost 12 hours of pushing, pushed baby to a +2) and another HBA2C attempt that ended in a transfer and another csection. I had my 4th section only 11 months after the 3rd. My fifth was only 17 months ago.

My birthing history is an obstetric nightmare. But my faith and my creator laugh in the face of adversity. Haven Uri Soledad Hammond has his own destiny, that was not to be controlled by any man, or woman, including me. When I first discovered I was pregnant with the 6th time, after 5 perfect pregnancies and babies, but very unsettling births, I told my husband it was time. I knew I needed and was being called to have this baby at home, with just my husband and I. He was thrilled to hear I had made this decision, and we proceeded in our very serious preparations, that included a last trimester move away from family and other distractions, and out of the town of my last 4 csections. I cannot even begin to include so many details that make our story a miracle, and show God’s miraculous healing, but someday, maybe someday soon, I shall write that book. But to get more quickly to the birth story, and the gift at hand, I begin Saturday evening. About 11:30 pm I was having a bit of an emotional breakdown. I hadn’t gone into labor, was pretty much at my 41+ week (which is a normal gestation period for me, feeling huge and scared about my decision. I contemplated in my head about just going in and getting surgery. We decided to watch a movie (Bella) which was a wonderful movie. I felt very relaxed after that and felt my self slowly slip into labor as I drifted off to sleep. I woke and peed and labored all night with contractions I thought to be about 8-10 min apart. I woke the next day with strong contractions coming every 3-4 minutes. All day I labored in love and had a wonderful time. They were all VERY nice strong productive contractions (which I attribute my RRL.nettle.alfalfa.dandelion root tea every day all day). I was a little discouraged and tried to lay down around 3 pm to take a nap and was able to sleep as the contractions had moved to 20-30 minutes apart. I was now wondering if somehow I wasn’t in “real labor” eve though I had been losing TONS of show, and pooing all night and day. I got up and the contractions now 10-15 minutes apart. About 7pm I passed a clot of tissue/flesh looking stuff. I could tell it was not placenta, and really didn’t know what it was. It was small, but strange and came with some more blood than the show I was used to. I talked to my husband about it but didn’t really think to do much. But I was very upset about how slow my contractions were. I laid down about 8pm and slept again with contractions 30-40 minutes apart, but still VERY strong. I woke at 11:30 really emotional and talking about going to the hospital and getting cut open. I think I was more in labor land than I realized and was being very irrational. My husband was so wonderful and reassuring and told me to rest and get sleep and we would reassess in the morning.

Well about 15 minutes later the contractions were back to 5 minutes apart and now stronger than ever. I got into the shower, tried to relax but was forced to my knees with each contraction. I labored here for about a half and hour and then went to try and “lay down” again. Obviously I was in denial, because there was no fricking way I was laying down. I of course was now in transition and stayed here for about an hour and half. Contractions double and triple peaking, 1 minute apart tops, sometimes just seconds, so unbelievably strong. My legs began to cramp up, I was chugging water between the 2 second rests and sweating profusely. In my more conscious mind at the time, I told myself, there is no way out of this. The baby comes out or I die. At some point, after literally feeling myself dilate (as I had been a 4cm at 11:30 when my husband checked me) I was able to push. I pushed in what me and my husband have called a 20 minute pushing contraction. There was no break. Literally.

My water broke on the floor, and 15 minutes later, after 5 csections and a misshapen pelvis from hell, out come Haven Uri Soledad Hammond, 10#5oz, 22 1/2 inches long with a near 15 inch head, which did not cone in the very least. There was no molding, yet he came. I have a superficial tear on my labia, not even worthy of a stitch. He came out pink, breathing and sleeping. I rubbed his back and he woke looking around. He has a head full of dark hair, finally favoring mama after 4 toe head bald blondies. My heart’s desire and the Will of God reined down on us March 30, 2009 at 2am. I will have more later, but I am very much in awe.

Continuation of Birth Story:
(this is an email I wrote to a friend and didn’t want to retype it, so I am simply copying and pasting here)…

Transfer info…

So about 5 hours post birth, I was aware I had lost to much blood. I had done many a thing to correct it, but was very dizzy, and knew I needed to go. My husband and I and the baby were transferred after calling our friend to come and stay with the other kids. This was not ideal at the time, but I was elated at having achieved the most important part, as well as almost 5 hours of time with all the kids awake and sharing with the baby and weighing him etc.

I came home from the hospital last night, and am happy to be home. I am actually grateful for the transfer as it so reminded me of all the reasons I so desired to be home, and yet I received good care through most of it. I was also given the opportunity to deal with the medical world as well as CPS and although not pleasant at first turned to an apology from the Hospital Administrator (in person) and a visit from the CPS head admin (in person) assuring us that there was no investigation and as much of an apology as she could professionally muster. The doctor decided that I didn’t need the procedure (which I had already prayed about and decided I wasn’t getting), because she said I wasn’t bleeding anymore and everything seemed in order. She checked my “tear” which turned out to be a surface laceration running from beside my clitoris down just a little into the vagina, she said she could do a stitch or two, but I will let it heal on its own. anyway, so right before Forrest and i are going to check out, maybe an hour or so, this nurse (who was a God send by the way and was praising us for all our decisions and stood up for us on numerous occasions came in off duty on her way to some meeting). She told us that when the doctor had done the ultrasound in conjunction with trying to manually express the clots that what they saw was one small clot forming up top (which looked to be healing where the placenta would be, and another clot forming right around the left side of my scar). Of course the doctor never said anything about this. She said she assumes the clot they saw on the ultrasound was indeed a small clot that had formed after a small portion of my scar opened up and after the baby was born was able to close off. which of course is why the doctor did not want to attempt to “remove” it anymore, as it was keeping me from bleeding out.

Forrest and I feel this is what happened, as during labor we passed (about 7pm on Sunday) a piece of flesh tissue looking stuff and continued to bleed more than I thought normal. In addition, right after I passed that piece,my labor came to a near stand still for almost 4 hours, until it kicked into full force and he was here in less than 3 more hours including pushing. I think my body knew to get him out, and it did an awesome job of doing that. And was able to begin healing that spot. I think it continued to bleed until it could clot up better. There was also an obviously thinner “dip” in my scar on the left side that never closed all the way after my last surgery. Anyway, I tell you this because I feel it is not something to fear but something to proclaim about the power and intuition of the body. Something that reiterates my new found belief in UC, especially in UBAC as a wonderful option for women. This birth has already brought me so much healing, I cannot even process it all right now. I know it will continue to bring me a life’s worth of healing, and has already touched and affected so many people. I hope that Haven (which means safe place) Uri (which means light) Soledad (solitude) Hammond (meaning hamlet/home) From a safe place to the light and solitude of home, will be an inspiration to other birthing women."

Stacy's Story-- 10 Lbs., 5 Oz.-- Unassisted Birth After Five Cesareans



The baby below is a victim of depleted uranium. Those who control the U.S. government are certifiable sociopaths and they are 100% responsible for this atrocity and for the poisoning of millions of civilians and even American soldiers. Forgive me for my anger, but I pray the people behind this get their due.


This picture is of a baby that was born on October 11th, 2011 in Fallujah city, he is the 13 th malformed baby among 12 others born in the last 5 days !
There has been a dramatic increase in birth defects , infant mortality, mental retardation, and cancers of all sorts in Fallujah since 2004. The birth defects are truly horrifying. Experts blame chemical weapons used by the U.S. during the 2004 sieges, such as white phosphorous and depleted uranium."

Watch the video of this baby:

Depleted Uranium: Destroying Kids, Civilians and Our Soldiers:

Depleted Uranium: A War Crime Within a War Crime:

Depleted Uranium (DU) aftermath: Gulf War Syndrome not only killed, maimed, and made soldiers sick, they brought it home. In a study of 251 Gulf War veterans' families in Mississippi, 67 percent of their children were born without eyes, ears or a brain, had fused fingers, blood infections, respiratory problems or thyroid and other organ malformations.


Gulf War Syndrome: Depleted Uranium

Workers exposed to Depleted Uranium without knowledge:

The following comment is from the group: Children of Gulf Veterans
Hey, new to the group. Our oldest daughter has several heart defects, excema, and migraines. What health issues is everyone else seeing? ~Laura Keneven Bosworth

Very graphic pictures of Iraqi children, as well as some US soldiers' children, deeply impacted by DU (depleted uranium):

Beyond Treason. Our American Soldiers, expendable war casualty 04:

Beyond Treason | Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines |Full Video

DU – You Don’t Have To Inhale Or Ingest It For It To Make You Sick:

*Note: After the NDAA kicks in and dissidents will be put away... after the government controls the Internet... these atrocities will no longer be exposed. Take advantage of now, and disseminate this information far and wide!


This is pure evil. Do people have any idea of the impact this will have on the mother-infant bond and on the health of the family? When will people realize that hospitals are routinely involved in evil activity and the infliction of dangerous, toxic, mean-spirited protocols on women and children!!!

Hospitals are dangerous and evil places. They should be avoided whenever possible.

From The Healthy Home Economist Blog

"I am having a great deal of trouble typing this post. I am so upset and outraged over what was done to Jodi Ferris and her baby at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania shortly after she gave birth that I am having difficulty staying composed enough to write a coherent story.

If you recall, this is the same area of the state where officials allowed a serial child molester like Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State assistant football coach, to go free for decades and continue to abuse children unfortunate enough to come across his lecherous path while a mother who gives birth in a government hospital has her baby taken away for questioning whether vaccination with Hep B is truly necessary.

Does something seem very very wrong with this picture?

Jodi and Scott Ferris’ Story

Jodi had hoped to have a homebirth. After going into labor early and given the distance to the nearest hospital, Jodi and her husband Scott were advised by their midwife to call an ambulance and get to the hospital.

Jodi and Scott’s baby girl was born in the ambulance in the parking lot of Hershey Medical Center. Attending personnel at the government run facility took charge of “Annie” and Jodi very quickly.

Jodi was unable to see and hold Annie after the birth and hospital personnel were totally unresponsive when she continued to inquire about her newborn. Jodi was also given an injection of oxytocin without first being told what it was. Hospital personnel only inquired whether she was allergic after the injection was given.

Jodi’s persistent inquires about Annie continued to go unheeded. She was simply told that “she is in good hands and you’ll be able to see her soon”.

Finally, a doctor told Jodi that Annie had scored a 9 out of 10 on the APGAR test given to newborns which was very good considering that an 8 or above indicates a healthy child.

A short time later, a different doctor told Jodi that Annie was very sick and would need to stay in the hospital. This doctor also arrogantly indicated his dislike for midwives with the comment “too many people think they know what they’re doing”.

About an hour after being told Annie was very sick, Annie was finally brought to Jodi. She was told Annie was doing well and would be able to go home shortly.
Baby Detained at Hospital For No Medical Reason

A few hours later, the story changed yet again as another hospital staffer told Jodi and Scott that Annie would have to remain in the hospital for 48-72 hours for observation.

When they inquired why, they were told that the “law” required Annie to stay for at least 48 hours.

There is no such law in Pennsylvania, by the way.

After consulting with risk management about why Annie had to stay at the hospital, it was admitted that even though Annie was fine and there was no reason she couldn’t go home, she was being held prisoner at the hospital for 48-72 hours not for any health reasons but out of concern that if anything went wrong after Annie was discharged that the hospital might get sued.

Hospital risk management ultimately relented and said a 24 hour waiting period was sufficient and that Jodi and Scott could stay with their baby overnight.
A Parent’s Worse Nightmare Begins

Later that day, a social worker came to Jodi and Scott’s room and announced that she was going to conduct an investigation of them.

The social worker also claimed that it was “against the law” to show Jodi the allegations before she was questioned.

When Jodi resisted and said that she was not comfortable answering questions when she didn’t even know what was going on, the social worker threatened to call police and take custody of her baby.

It soon became apparent that the problem was Jodi and Scott’s apparent refusal to consent to medical treatments for Annie. The social worker claimed that she had refused the Vitamin K shot for Annie. Jodi said that no one had even asked her about the shot and that Annie had already been given the shot based on a conversation she overhead from hospital personnel.

The social worker was unable to provide a single example of necessary medical treatment that Jodi and Scott had refused.

Scott had to leave shortly after that as their older children were staying with friends and he had to go attend to them.
Hep B Vaccine Questioned

After Scott left, hospital staff demanded that Annie be given the Hepatitis B vaccine. Jodi said that would be fine if she and Annie were tested to see if they actually had Hep B first.

The social worker pressed Jodi to consent to the shot immediately even though no testing for Hep B could be done that day. Jodi asked if she could wait until Scott got back before a decision was made.

Once again, the social worker threatened to call police and take custody of Annie if Jodi did not make an immediate decision about the Hep B vaccine. She also pressed for Jodi to sign a “safety plan” so she could conclude her investigation.

Jodi said that she wanted her husband and an attorney present before she signed such a document as she felt that she was in no physical state to read and sign it at that time.
Annie Taken Into Police Custody

When the social worker could not pressure Jodi to sign the document, she went and called police.

With no court order, police took custody of Annie claiming she was ill which was completely false.

With Annie now in her custody, the social worker approved the Hep B vaccine for Annie, completely overruling the desires and wishes of her parents to have their baby tested for Hep B first before the vaccine was administered.

Then, the hospital kicked Jodi out of the hospital where she was told she could return every 3 hours to nurse Annie.

Scott rushed back to meet Jodi at the hospital entrance as she was being escorted out and with nowhere to go, they spent the night in the parking lot of the hospital, sleeping in the car while their baby was in the hands of police and social services inside the hospital.
Annie Finally Returned to Parents

No doubt exhausted and emotionally distraught, Jodi and Scott attended a shelter care hearing with a judicial officer the following morning.

After hearing the evidence, the officer immediately returned custody of Annie to her parents.
Parent Rights Being Eroded

The moral of this story is that government and hospital workers will lie about the health of your child and quickly violate your Constitutional Rights in order to to force medical treatment upon your children without your consent.

Jodi and Scott Ferris have bravely decided to take their case to court in order to put an end to this madness so no other parents ever have to endure the ordeal they suffered at Hershey Medical Center after the birth of Annie.

If this case moves you as it has me, please consider donating to the Homeschool Freedom Fund which will assist the Homeschool Legal Defense Association with the funds necessary to support Jodi and Scott’s case in court.

No social worker should be able to play God with someone else’s baby and get off on her own power making up “rules” and “laws” as she goes for her own convenience and personal satisfaction.

There is no doubt that this social worker’s intentions were entirely personal; she was aiming to teach these homeschooling, homebirthing parents a lesson they would never forget.

It’s high time a court of law draws a line in the sand once and for all to establish that parents and not the government have the ultimate right to determine both medical and educational decisions for their children.

There is no such thing as “your government family” as Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is so creepily fond of saying.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


Mother Who Questions Vax at Hospital Has Newborn Taken Away


"Video of a wheelchair-bound toddler being patted down by a TSA agent went viral over the past few days and caused a public outcry, with many asking whether or not such techniques are appropriate for use on children.

In the video, the three-year-old’s father, Matt Dubiel, can be heard asking the trembling child, “It’s a little weird, huh? Are you nervous? Don’t be nervous. It’s okay.”

Dubiel and his wife, three children and in-laws were en route to Disney two years ago when the enhanced pat-down took place. Dubiel said he wanted to tape it to let the agent know someone was watching and documenting just in case."

Terrorist Toddler? Video of 3-Year-Old’s TSA Pat-Down Goes Viral


Finally! A judge that is willing to put this filthy, child-stealing, pornography supplying agency in its place.


Hmmmm - two questions immediately come to mind. (1) Will this transplant enable Dick Cheney to develop a capacity for kindness and human love; and (2) What are the implications - from a karmic perspective - for the soul who once owned the heart but who's heart has now become intertwined with the staggering amounts of evil that Dick Cheney has been involved in?
"The progressive web is abuzz with jokes about former Vice President Dick Cheney’s heart transplant surgery on Saturday. Jezebel referred to the old heart as a “blackened lump of coal” and speculated that maybe his new heart will enable him to feel empathy. A satirical article in the Borowitz Report proclaims, “Cheney Receives Heart Transplant; Bush Still On Waiting List For Brain.”

Joking aside, it is a serious subject. Cheney has been suffering from numerous heart problems for years – he’s had five heart attacks since age 37, with the most recent occurring in 2010, when he had to have a Left Ventricular Assist Device installed to help keep his damaged heart beating. He’s had a pacemaker since 2001 to help combat irregular heart rhythms.

Like 3,100 other Americans, Cheney did have a lengthy wait for a donor – he’s been hanging on for almost two years in the hopes of getting a new heart. The transplant isn’t without controversy: at age 71, he’s over the age generally recommended for such a risky surgery.

The cutoff given by many doctors and the Mayo Clinic is 55. While it’s never easy to deny a live-saving transplant to someone who needs it, there is a shortage of healthy donor organs available, and younger patients are more likely to survive the surgery and benefit from the new organs long-term.

Studies have show that heart transplant recipients over age 65 have more severe functional limitations after the surgery. They have difficulty returning to their normal lives. After age 65, it becomes less likely that the recipient will survive the next five years.

On the other hand, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute dismisses the idea that there should be an age cutoff for heart transplants, even while acknowledging the increased likelihood of complications. Fox News is, predictably, challenging all criticism that Cheney’s age or condition might make him a poor candidate for the procedure.

Personally, I find it difficult to judge whether or not someone “should” receive a desperately-needed transplant. Did Cheney’s wealth and influence allow him an opportunity other 70-year-olds with heart failure might not have? Undoubtedly. But is it appropriate to say that someone with an obvious need for a transplant should not have received one, just because I dislike him on a personal and political level?

I don’t think it is. And I think it’s important to remember that, even though Cheney’s foreign policy positions helped get us into a war and have been used to justify torture, he’s also a vocal advocate for marriage equality. I don’t think jokes about the transplant suggesting he’s the embodiment of evil are accurate.

But I’m interested in your opinions, too: what does the Care2 community make of the news that Dick Cheney has had a “change of heart?”"

Dick Cheney Receives Heart Transplant


Oops! I'm sure it was just an oversight! NOT!!! You don't suppose they're using this money to fund the poisoning of our planet through chemtrails do you?

NAH! That would be a conspiracy theory.


Obama's controllers are a danger to our entire planet. All of life would be better off if they were gone for good.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"(NaturalNews) Hepatitis-B is a viral attack on the liver that is transmitted through sex, shared hypodermic needles, and iatrogenic (medical) exposure. It's a bodily fluid transmitted virus that often occurs among those engaging in "risky behavior."

The Hep-B vaccination (HBV) is administered at or near birth and again between three and six months of age. It's the beginning of a lengthy runway of hazardous pediatric vaccinations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

If vaccines worked safely, it would be prudent to screen expectant women for hepatitis-B to exclude unnecessary Hep-B vaccinations for newborns. Maybe it could make sense for a newborn whose mother tested positive for hepatitis-B.

But Hep-B vaccinations don't work and are very dangerous

There are examples of acute hepatitis-B among those who had been vaccinated. Those examples were from "high risk" adults, young and promiscuous, and some who were exposed to hepatitis-B in clinics and hospitals (iatrogenic exposure).

The announced removal of mercury adjuvants is a public relations distraction. Mercury based thimerosal has been replaced with aluminum hydroxide, which also creates serious adverse neurological effects.

Ironically, there is evidence of almost immediate liver damage from HBV shots. Several animal studies with low dose Hep-B vaccines have been published since the 1990s.

A recent study discovered gene mutations that led to liver cell death. This study noted that vaccine manufacturers don't test for gene mutations in their safety tests. All the studies were reported in peer reviewed journals.

How does all this affect helpless infants undergoing the CDC's rigorous vaccination schedule beginning at or near birth with the Hep-B vaccination?

Renowned neurosurgeon and author Dr. Russell Blaylock puts it this way: "Because the child's brain is undergoing a period of rapid growth from the third trimester of pregnancy until age 2 years, his or her brain is at considerable risk from this insane policy" [infant vaccinations].

The statistical evidence of rapidly rising autism and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is overwhelming. Yet only five percent of adverse events get reported to the adverse event reporting system (AERS), making it easier for the CDC to claim low risk to benefit vaccine ratios.

Even so, adverse effects and deaths from HBV vaccines greatly outnumbers the hepatitis-B infections and deaths among children between 10 and 14 years of age, considered the earliest age span for hepatitis-B from "high risk behavior."

One would get a realistic adverse event statistic by multiplying what is reported by almost ten. Most affected adversely don't know about AERS. Others don't want to bother with the level of effort required, while some doctors prefer to deny giving a shot that destroyed a child's life.

The CDC has steadily increased the vaccination schedule since the late-1970s, inserting the HBV shot in the 1990s. Autism has skyrocketed by almost 90 percent in three decades. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has also jumped dramatically within the USA, which is leading industrialized nations in that category.

Nevertheless, mainstream medicine constantly promotes vaccine safety and efficacy for HBV shots and all others. They continually dismiss those statistics as not scientific evidence for causality; while freely using epidemiology statistics, often manipulated, for their purposes.

Don't fall for their spin. Spare your child's future, and yours, the agony of constant suffering and medical care from adverse vaccine injury damage, if your baby survives at all. If a pregnant woman doesn't have hepatitis-B, the HBV shouldn't even be considered.

Vaccinations are risky at any age. Before two years, when HBV vaccinations are scheduled, negative health results are probable later if not sooner.

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom. You can visit his blog at"

Hep-B shots for infants are crimes against newborns


"Not In Our Name: A Declaration of Concerned Protestant and Catholic Clergy, with a Ten Point Program to Bring the Church to Justice and Protect the Innocent

We are a group of Protestant and Catholic clergy who are compelled by our faith and conscience to speak out and act against the continuing reign of corruption, lies and criminality that predominates in the so-called Christian Church today.

This is a cry to all people of faith to awaken to the evil in which we are immersed.

The Church has betrayed Christ and humanity by committing unpardonable evil against countless children and “non-believers”, denying its victims justice, and absolving itself of any accountability for its crimes. The Pope himself is implicated in protecting known child rapists in his church, and presides over a system of massive, institutionalized child abuse and trafficking.

The Church is also responsible for a long history of brutality, theft, genocide and destruction committed over centuries on non-Christians and the innocent. This slaughter began over fifteen centuries ago, at the founding of the Church of Rome, and continues today.

The killing of millions of women and dissident Christians under Inquisitions, the Crusading ethic of Indulgence – which promised spiritual cleansing to anyone who killed Jews, Muslims and other “enemies of the faith” – and the eventual genocide of untold millions of indigenous people around the world with Christian blessing: all of this arose from the Church’s belief that it has the power to kill and conquer in the name of the same Christ who said, "Put away your swords".

The Vatican is responsible for the greatest slaughter of humanity in history because of two papal bulls (Romanus Pontifex, 1455, and Inter Catera, 1493) – proclaimed and still operative under so-called Canon Law – that sanctioned and encouraged the destruction and enslavement of all non-Christian peoples: the majority of humanity. The vast wealth of the Vatican today rests upon the stolen and unreturned lands of many of those nations.

Is it surprising, then, that for just as long, the Church has sanctioned the torture, rape and even murder of innocent children in its orphanages, sweatshops, and “residential schools” around the world?

Are we surprised that such a violent and wealthy organization places its own material survival ahead of justice for the innocents it has wronged, or for the world’s starving millions? Or, that under the canon law known as Crimen Solicitationas, every Catholic priest is expected to hide the evidence of the rape of children and allow this abomination to go unpunished, or face expulsion from the Church?

We are aware that Protestant churches as well are guilty of these crimes. The Anglican Church of England, the United Church of Canada, and Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Baptist and other churches in America and around the world also caused the torture and death of children in their schools and orphanages. These churches continue to aid and abet child rapists, and shelter such criminals in their ranks. The example may be set by Catholic Rome, but it is actively copied by others.

These facts are irrefutable, and yet Christians continue to give their attendance, money and allegiance to the church corporations with such blood on their hands and lies on their lips.

We have all, by commission and omission, given our support to the anti-Christ in our midst and allowed ourselves to be used to commit the worst of all sins: violence against the sacred holy spirit of God and the innocent.

All of these desecrations against God and humanity have been done in our name. They must be undone. And yet before we can cleanse ourselves of this enormous wrong and apostasy, we must recognize that the true body of Christ could not have committed such evil - only a false Church could.

Since Christ is manifest in every man and woman, the kingdom of heaven being within us, then churches which claim to "represent" Christ and yet violate and harm with impunity human beings, and children, are a lie and a violation of God's law and human dignity.

We therefore name the Church and its denominations responsible for such wrong as apostate, anti-Christ and servants of the world rather than of God; and we declare ourselves spiritually and actively absolved from our allegiance to such a lie, and to these church organizations.

In faith, we seek instead to re-establish a genuine Christianity not tied to these crimes and to a history of genocide and institutionalized child abuse.

The present, false Church is the offspring of the murderous legacy of Christendom, which is an empire of conquest and violence arising from the adulterous union of church and state under the later Roman emperors. Yet Christendom still operates today through wealthy, state-protected church organizations which are a law unto themselves: legal corporations in league with the state, answerable neither to God nor to their own congregations of believers.

Christendom is a heresy and a denial of the supremacy of Christ and his sacrifice. For we owe our allegiance to God, not to church bodies deriving their power and legitimacy from government and financial institutions, and worldly wealth. For the kingdom of Christ is not of this world.

For this reason, to cleanse ourselves of this enormous sin and crime, and to help reinvent and re-establish a genuine Christian faith rooted in true discipleship to the non-violent poor one Jesus Christ, we are issuing the following Ten Point Program.

We believe that these measures are required for the church to be brought under public control so that it no longer operates as a secret, criminal body preying on the innocent. There can be no "apology" or healing of the crimes of Christendom without the enacting of these concrete measures to make justice a reality for the living and the dead. (note: We are referring to all churches responsible for these crimes, Protestant and Catholic, when we use the term "The Church")

1. The Church must issue full reparations to all of its victims according to their wishes and needs. The Church must pay for all of the costs incurred by their damage to these victims, including all medical, counseling and retraining costs, and all loss of income caused by their disability or grief and suffering.

2. The Church must return all land and property taken from its victims, and restore and return all of the wealth generated by their exploitation of their victims to them, including the wealth gained through forced, unpaid or low paid labor.

3. The Church must surrender for a proper burial, unconditionally and at its own expense, the remains of all those who died in their institutions or under their care.

4. The Church must surrender to secular authorities without conditions all the evidence, and all the perpetrators and their accessories, connected to such deaths and to any other crimes against children and others under church care. The Church must participate unconditionally in any legal or human rights inquiries into their crimes and freely disclose their records to such investigations.

5. Those responsible for crimes against children and others in church facilities, including the Pope, must be arrested and tried in civil or international courts of law, and cannot be shielded from prosecution by any form of immunity or by so-called “canon law”.

6. All clergy and church employees must be licensed and monitored as public servants, and be legally compelled to swear a public, binding oath to protect the rights and sanctity of children, and disclose any harm done to them, if need be against the orders of the Church itself.

7. All tax exemptions, immunities, legal safeguards and special privileges enjoyed by the Church must be abolished.

8. Diplomatic recognition of the Vatican and its status as a so-called “state” must be annulled.

9. All special concordats and financial agreements with the Vatican must be annulled, and all public funds and taxes given to the Vatican and all other churches must be returned to the people in the form of a direct, public redistribution of that wealth to the poor.

10. The wealth and property of all church bodies larger than a single congregation must be nationalized and placed under public ownership, so that the Church may function as a servant of the community and especially of the poor.

We, the founding clergy of the Protestant and Roman Catholic faiths united in our group Not in Our Name, do solemnly pledge ourselves to this program and allegiance, and call upon all Christians and clergy to do the same.

Henceforth, and until this Program is enacted and the Church is disestablished as a corporate, self-governing, criminal body, we will conduct ourselves and our pastoral duties separate from and in opposition to corporate Christendom and its existing churches.

We call upon all true believers to reclaim their spiritual sovereignty and help us re-establish the true church of Jesus Christ, by disassociating themselves from corporate Christendom and its false churches, and the Vatican. Begin this new Reformation now by not giving money and tithings to the Catholic and Protestant churches responsible for crimes against the innocent and God.

We ask and pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, our one and ultimate authority.

We are twenty four clergy in Canada, the United States, Ireland, England, Australia and Italy, who are affiliated with Not in Our Name.

Duly signed and ratified this Fifteenth Day of March, 2012

(Names to follow)

Please share this with clergy and laity and sign it. You can reach us through Rev. Caoimhin Ui Niall at

And see: and"

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Shirley and Jenny reunited after 22 years. Incredibly beautiful story. Made me cry. ♥ ♥ ♥


Two women, both in their 70's, who live a raw food lifestyle and have no physical ailments whatsoever. Look at these youthful faces and bodies and KNOW that you have been lied to about the human "need" to eat meat.


"Most meat eaters may be unaware that more than 70% of all beef and chicken in the United States, Canada and other countries is being treated with poisonous carbon monoxide gas. It can make seriously decayed meat look fresh for weeks. The meat industry continues to allow this toxic gas injection into many of the meat products people consume on a daily basis. The question is, how many people have become ill by this chemically altered meat that is being sold to families all over the world?

Carbon monoxide (often referred to as CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, one measly oxygen molecule away from the carbon dioxide we all exhale. But that one molecule makes a big difference in that it does very, very bad things to the human body at very, very low concentrations.

CO is toxic because it sticks to hemoglobin, a molecule in blood that usually carries oxygen, even better than oxygen can. When people are exposed to higher levels of CO, the gas takes the place of oxygen in the bloodstream and wreaks havoc. Milder exposures mean headaches, confusion, and tiredness. Higher exposures mean unconsciousness and death, and even those who survive CO poisoning can suffer serious long-term neurological consequences.

The Canadian Meat Packers Council recommends that the internal meat temperatures not go above 39 degrees Celsius or 4 degrees Fahrenheit. That has also been defined by other international meat regulators as the optimum storage temperature of meat. Even small increases of one or two degrees can cause a huge increase in bacterial growth. For example, an increase in the temperature of -1.5 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius would cut the shelf life of meat in half.

However, keeping meat at these temperatures is very challenging for grocery retailers. The actual surface temperature of displayed fresh meat is often much higher than the thermometer of the display case due to UV radiation from the display case lighting which penetrates the meat packaging and heats the surface just as the sun can cause a sunburn on a cold winter day. Various studies have found that the internal temperature of meat from display cases does exceed 50 degrees Celsius which is more than 10 degrees higher than recommended temperatures.

The meat consequently decomposes very quickly, so the meat industry heavily invested in modified atmospheric packaging which utilizes carbon monoxide gas to extend the shelf life and resist spoilage.

In a carbon monoxide system, with low oxygen, the carbon monoxide will react with the myoglobin and give the meat a bright red colour. The low oxygen mixture artificially limits the growth of spoilage organisms that are commonly caused by increased levels of heat in display cases.

So although carbon monoxide is a gas that can be fatal when inhaled in large quantities, the meat industry insists that it is not harmful to human health when ingested via atmospheric packaging.

This is not true of course since C. perfringens bacteria, the third-most-common cause of food-borne illness, has been proven to grow on what is considered fresh meat right out of the supermarket that is well within the expiry dates on the labels. Marissa Cattoi a lab tech who analyzes meat samples for a health and safety agency says the bacteria are commonly found on fresh grocery meat. "We commonly test for C.perfringens bacteria and about half of the fresh meat products that come in are positive despite them being within the expiry period. 100% of the these cases come from packagers who adopted atmospheric packaging methods such as the use of carbon monoxide gas," she stated.

The United States, Canada, Australia, the U.K and many European countries currently utilize atmospheric packaging practices to prevent meat from spoiling."

Decayed Meat Treated With Carbon Monoxide To Make It Look Fresh At The Grocery


From To Be Free Blog

"The Pacific Marine Mammal Center released two seal pups at Laguna Beach after they were rescued and rehabbed. Excited to get back to the ocean the couple kissed on the beach before hitting the waves."


Mind-Altering Psych Drugs for a 7-Year-Old
Dec. 2, 2011

Not long ago, 7-year-old Brooke was on a medical regimen that might seem extreme, even for an adult: The 43-pound girl was prescribed multiple mind-altering psychotropic drugs.

Dealt a tough hand early in life — her birth mother had a history of drug dealing and prostitution — Brooke was prone to extreme tantrums and wild behavior. Her foster mother, Lisa Ward, says a Florida foster care agency instructed her to take the girl to a mental health clinic. The clinic prescribed anti-psychotic medication, often used to treat schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.

"Within a few weeks, probably two, they decided that it wasn't working. They needed to do something else," Ward recalled. "At this point, she's getting worse, she's not getting any better."

Brooke was given 10 different prescriptions in four months, with the clinic frequently increasing her doses.

As a foster mother, Ward felt she had no choice. She worried that the state would take Brooke away if she didn't give the girl the medication.

"We were told to put our faith in the system and that's what we did," Ward said. "They kept saying she needs more medication."

Foster children are medicated with psychotropic drugs up to 13 times more than other kids. Michael Piraino, the chief executive of the National CASA Association, a foster children's advocacy group, said that, as a population, foster children tend to be more troubled than their peers.

"If you've been hurt the way these kids are, you or I would feel the same way," he said.

But Piraino said helping the children is not about always trying "to change their brain chemistry."

"When a doctor tells me that the drug is working, I would ask, 'Who's it working for? Is it working for the kid? Is it working for the caretaker? Is it working for the system? It only matters to me whether it's working for the kid," he said. "Frankly, we want the doctors and nurses who are prescribing these medicines to look at their behavior and think -- and ask this question: 'Are we doing something wrong here?' And to the extent that we are, individually or collectively, let's change that."


From Byzantine Flowers Blog
"Cilantro is featured in dishes cooked everywhere from Spain to Mexico, the Middle East to the South America. The fresh leafs are often sprinkled over the tops of dishes, and the root is used in Thailand to give that distinctly powerful flavor to local dishes. You may already know that cilantro is one of the main ingredients in the salsa at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Cilantro, also known as coriander, has a distinct aroma due to its concentrated essential oils. This captivating aroma may have been responsible for humans around the world intuitively incorporating cilantro into their diets for health reasons that modern science is just beginning to understand.

The History of Organic Cilantro

While it’s difficult to prove where exactly this powerful herb may have originated, experts suggest that this valuable plant hails from the Near East or southern Europe due to the fact that these regions contain large amounts of the herb growing in the wild.³ Archeologists have also found remnants of cilantro cultivation in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians, including that of the famous King Tutankhamen.¹

Cilantro was also cultivated in ancient Greece; the leaves being used for foods, and the robust essential oil being used for perfume-making. The Romans then introduced the herb to what is now modern day England during medieval times, where it was used to mask the smells of rotten meat. From Europe, the British brought cilantro to the North American colonies in 1670, and it has been a popular staple in the Americas ever since.²

The Health Benefits of Cilantro

This herb isn’t just a commonly-used leaf and seed ingredient found in many tasty and exotic recipes, it’s also a powerful natural cleansing agent. Cilantro has been effectively used to help remove heavy metals and other toxic agents from the body.

The chemical compounds in cilantro actually bind to the heavy metals, loosening them from the tissues, blood and organs. Cilantro’s chemical compounds then aid to transport these harmful substances out of the body through elimination.

There is also a large amount of literature suggesting that cilantro could be one of nature’s best chelation agents, particularly for individuals who have been exposed to heightened levels of mercury. Mercury excess is a common problem that may be the result of metallic teeth fillings or over-consumption of predatory fish. Many people suffering from excess mercury report that the feeling of disorientation resulting from the poisoning can be greatly reduced through consuming large and regular amounts of cilantro over an extended period.

Also, the rich qualities of cilantro oil have a powerfully positive effect on our inner digestive tract. The oils aid our digestive system in its production of digestive enzymes, acids and juices. The oil also helps to stimulate digestion through peristaltic motion.

The known benefits of cilantro are extensive, and researchers are discovering more every day. Currently, there are several well-known, well-documented benefits of organic cilantro, including:

List of Cilantro Benefits:

Powerful anti-inflammatory capacities that may help symptoms of arthritis
Protective agents against bacterial infection from Salmonella in food products
Acts to increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind), and reduces LDL cholesterol (the bad kind)
Relief for stomach gas, prevention of flatulence and an overall digestive aid
Wards off urinary tract infections
Helps reduce feelings of nausea
Eases hormonal mood swings associated with menstruation
Has been shown to reduce menstrual cramping.
Adds fiber to the digestive tract
A source of iron, magnesium, and is helpful in fighting anemia
Gives relief for diarrhea, especially if caused by microbial or fungal infections
Helps promote healthy liver function.
Reduces minor swelling
Strong general antioxidant properties
Disinfects and helps detoxify the body
Stimulates the endocrine glands
Helps with insulin secretion and lowers blood sugar
Acts as a natural anti-septic and anti-fungal agent for skin disorders like fungal infections and eczema
Contains immune-boosting properties
Acts as an expectorant
Helps ease conjunctivitis, as well as eye-aging, macular degeneration, and other stressors on the eyes.

James A. Duke, Ph.D., a former botanist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and author of The CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs, states that cilantro has been shown to settle the stomach. He recommends drinking a cup of the tea made from a handful of the leaves, when experiencing any form of stomach discomfort.4

Natural Compounds in Organic Cilantro

Cineole and linoleic acid are two primary components of organic cilantro that contain anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic properties. These two components also help purge extra water present in the body due to swelling. Cilantro also contains oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Each of these elements are effective in lowering high cholesterol in the blood, as well as the internal walls of the veins and arteries.

Borneol and Linalool, other components of cilantro, work to cleanse the liver and reduce diarrhea. As well as Cineole, Limonene, Alpha-pinene & beta-phelandrene. Each of which contains anti-bacterial properties. The Citronelol component is a well-known natural antiseptic, helping to reduce bad-breath, heal mouth-wounds and prevent oral ulcers. It also contains high amounts of vitamin-A, and important minerals like phosphorus.

The best known chemical found in cilantro is a substance called Dodecenal. In a recent study led by Isao Kubo, Ph.D at the University of Berkeley, laboratory tests have shown that this component of cilantro is two times as potent as the commonly-used allopathic antibiotic medicine, gentamicin. This is the same antibiotic used to kill Salmonella, a potentially deadly food-born disease. Researchers believe that cilantro is the only natural antibacterial agent that is more effective than gentamicin. These same researchers are even looking into using organic cilantro oil as a way to eradicate the ever-growing problem of allopathic antibiotic resistance.5

The Cultivation of Organic Cilantro

Cilantro, or Coriandrum sativum, is from the Apiaceae family, and is an annual herb. Organic Cilantro is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and with a clean water source. This soft plant normally grows to about 50 centimeters tall. The fresh, raw leaves and seeds are used medicinally and as a cooking herb, although the entire plant, including the root, is edible. It is easy to grow cilantro in an indoor herb garden, or in a pot or herb garden outside. To best grow cilantro, plant it in an area that will receive full sun. The soil should be kept well-drained but constantly moist.

Side Effects or Contraindications of Organic Cilantro

While many sources state that cilantro has little to no adverse side effects, there are some sources that warn that cilantro leaf should not be used during pregnancy, as it may lead to an increase chance of miscarriage in mothers, or may reduce chances of conception in women trying to become pregnant. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, please consult with your health care provider before consuming cilantro in any form.


John Chadwick, The Mycenaean World (Cambridge: University Press, 1976), p. 119

Fragiska, M. (2005). Wild and Cultivated Vegetables, Herbs and Spices in Greek Antiquity. Environmental Archaeology 10 (1): 73-82

Daniel Zohary and Maria Hopf, Domestication of plants in the Old World, third edition (Oxford: University Press, 2000), p. 206

Changes in Volatile Compounds of ?-Irradiated Fresh Cilantro Leaves during Cold Storage. Xuetong Fan* and Kimberly J. B. Sokorai. Eastern Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania 19038

Antibacterial Activity of Coriander Volatile Compounds against Salmonella choleraesuis. Isao Kubo, et. al. Journal of Agric. Food Chem., 2002, 50 (26), pp 7622-7626. Published 2002 American Chemical Society


Cilantro Health Benefits


"Root Canals: Are you putting a bullet in your mouth?

Of all the dental procedures and dental materials utilized throughout the field of dentistry there is none more destructive to human health than root canals.

“It’s like putting a bullet in your mouth, and then just waiting for the day it might kill you.”
~ A Dental Consultant after years of observing the ravages of root canal ‘treatment’

Let’s first draw the picture – in living color – for you to look at closely before you choose to do a root canal(s) in your mouth.

This routine procedure involves the following technique every time the endodontist or general dentist gets busy in your mouth making canals in your teeth, some of which may be stubs at that point.

First the dentist removes all the dental pulp from the tooth. “The dental pulp is the part in the center of a tooth made up of living connective tissue and cells called odontoblasts.” This vital pulp, which is necessary for a living tooth to remain living, is full of blood vessels and nerve tissue. When this blood supply and network of nerves is extracted, the tooth is essentially devitalized, aka killed. The tooth is then completely unable to perform all the normal activities which are required for optimal tooth health.

So, the first question any rational person would ask themselves is: “Why would I want a dead tooth in my mouth … for the rest of my life?”

Good question!
Answer: You don’t want a dead tooth in your mouth for the rest of your life.

Please show us — The Health Coach — another instance in your body where a dead organ, tissue, limb, digit, etc. is purposefully kept in or attached to your body by the Medical Practitioner. Show us just one example.

Our experience has been that wherever an organ dies, the doctor removes it pronto. Whenever a limb becomes gangrenous, the surgeon amputates post haste. If your eye were to “die” due to some traumatic injury which became infected, the ophthalmologist would completely remove the eye leaving an empty socket cleaned out of all infected tissue, yes?

Why then does an endodontist go out of his way to keep your white shiny tooth in place even though he has just killed it?! The only reason he is able to get away with this extremely dangerous procedure is because of our ignorance often coupled with vanity, together with his/her ‘compelling’ sales pitch as to why you don’t want to lose the tooth (that’s another very long story for another dental coaching session).

Let’s revisit the dead tooth that sits in your mouth after the root canal is completed. Because it still appears white does that mean it is okay. If it turned black and oozed pus, what would you do with it? Wouldn’t you take it out? Well, here’s what’s REALLY going on with that tooth.

The human body was designed to rid itself of all dead and infected cells, tissues, organs, etc. Teeth are no different and it’s why we see so many toothless people around the world where there is not adequate preventive dental care and maintenance-oriented oral health. The body gets rid of the tooth that’s “gone bad”… one way or another.

You see, the tooth dentin* is full of thousands of microscopic dentin tubules which are critical to maintaining healthy teeth. Once the root canal is performed these tubules become home to all sorts of pathogenic bacteria and accumulated toxins which can no longer be removed because the tooth’s vascular system has been removed (and the tooth’s natural self-healing system has been totally incapacitated). All the normal activities that are carried out within this matrix, “which radiate outward through the dentin from the pulp to the exterior cementum or enamel border“, cease to take place. It’s important to understand that “these tubules contain fluid and cellular structures. As a result, dentin has a degree of permeability which can increase the sensation of pain and the rate of tooth decay.“

*“Dentin is bone-like matrix characterized by multiple closely packed dentinal tubules that traverse its entire thickness and contain the cytoplasmic extensions of odontoblasts that once formed the dentine and maintain it.” (Per Wikipedia)

That’s enough anatomy for the time being; the upshot is that your dead, root-canaled tooth has now become a haven for all sorts of nasty pathogenic microorganisms which sit there for the lifetime of the body doing more damage than you’ll ever know. Much of the havoc actually starts around the roots of the root-canaled tooth. This is where the body sets up it first line of defense against a tooth that has died and is on the way to becoming necrotic.

What are Focal Infections?

They are called focal infections and they are found around the roots, especially the tips of every root-canaled tooth. These infections are almost always subclinical in nature which means the dentist or doctor doesn’t pick up any symptoms upon physical examination. Those who observe their bodies closely and are intuitive rarely miss the telltale signs that something has gone awry in their mouth.

Incidentally, many abscesses in the mouth are directly the result of infections that occur around the roots of root-canaled teeth. These often start out as a very small swelling, but they can easily evolve into painful inflammations requiring the use of antibiotics and the immediate extraction of the tooth. The swelling, pain and inflammation is simply the body’s response to the dead tooth. The older the root canal, the greater the likelihood that a full-blown infection will require urgent, if not emergent, care.

This unfortunate state of affairs is not the most serious aspect of root canals, however. The real caveat surrounding this extraordinarily harmful procedure are the FOCAL INFECTIONS which inevitably result in teeth which exhibit no symptoms, have no pain, and seem perfectly ‘healthy’.

Just what is a focal infection? Here you go from The Free Dictionary (by Farlex):

focal infection
A bacterial infection localized in a specific part of the body, such as the tonsils, that may spread to another part of the body.
the site or origin of an infectious process. Endodontically treated teeth have frequently been accused of being the source of septicemias….

This is where root canals really rear their ugly heads. However, it takes a very perceptive individual to recognize that ugly head for what it is before it takes an awesome toll on their health, even to the point of death.

What we have seen with root canals with over 25 years of close observation is that each individual possesses his/her own signature points, weaknesses if you will, which are targeted by these focal infections. In one person it may be their heart, another their thyroid, yet another it may be their brain or kidneys which are targeted. No matter what the target organ(s)/tissues(s), the particular organ or tissue or bodily location becomes the recipient (focus) of the infection that began in the mouth (most often a root-canaled tooth).

What ultimately can occur if this condition is allowed to proceed undiagnosed or unattended ranges anywhere from a heart attack or worse, cardiac arrest, to a brain attack or stroke. When the cerebrovascular accident is less severe it may only take the form of a TIA (transient ischemic attack) or mini-stroke. Nevertheless, you hopefully get the picture of how serious these focal infections can be.

After reviewing the thorough and painstaking work of Dr. Weston A. Price, it has become clear that many a heart attack which has killed its victim actually started in the tooth socket cavitation, the root-canaled tooth or the infected crowned tooth which went unnoticed or untreated for two or three or four decades. By removing the infected teeth of an individual who died of cardiovascular disease and implanting them under the skin of a rabbit, Dr. Price documented that the rabbit then succumbed to the same type of heart disease as the original human victim.

Dr. George Meinig to the rescue

The Health Coach who is the author of this Root Canal coaching session was fortunate to study under Dr. George Meinig, DDS, FACD. With Dr. Meinig as our mentor for over ten years we were able to fully apprehend the catastrophic consequences to the health of those countries where root canals are performed in the greatest numbers. Clearly the incidence of the Alphabet Soup Diseases, Multi-Infection Syndromes and New Millennium Maladies have skyrocketed in those areas where root canals are prevalent. Dr. Meinig’s book Root Canal Cover-Up nicely details all the reasons why you ought to re-consider the dentist advice of root canal ‘therapy’.

There is no question that autoimmune disorders have become a predominant theme in the aforementioned groupings of syndromes, diseases and infections. Here’s why:
When the human body is subjected — day after day, month after month, year after year — to relentless, raging focal infections, completely under the radar, they take a HUGE toll on the individual’s immune system. So huge, as a matter of fact, that the immune system goes into a fritz. Call it auto-immune dysregulation, autoimmune disorder, autoimmune disease, or autoimmune syndrome; you know when you have it, because your quality of life is absolutely miserable.

So important is this connection to dental procedures/materials that we reflexively recommend all clients who have autoimmune type symptoms to check out their mouth very carefully. If they refuse to address those areas of obvious need, we can no longer guide them on the healing journeys so profound and fundamental is the origination of disease in the mouth.

The Health Coach has also had the good fortune of consulting with Dr George Meinig’s top two students and experts on the ongoing health disaster known as root canal treatment. Both Dr. Christopher Hussar, DDS, DO of Reno, NE and Dr. Robert Kulasc, DDS of Mt Kisco, NY have made great contributions to this field of study and have written and spoken extensively on the scientific basis of the inherent risks associated with root canal treatment, as well as actual case studies which graphically illustrate the dangers to human health.

Some of the other unintended consequences of root canal treatment include periodontitis, bacteraemia and infective endocarditis. Each of these medical conditions have been documented through biomedical research published at the National Library of Medicine to have a causal relationship with root-canaled teeth, as seen at the hyperlinked abstracts. Feel free to make copies of these PubMed research papers and bring them to your dentist/endodontist for his review and serious contemplation.


In closing let us say that of all the medical and dental operations which are regularly performed on the unsuspecting public, the root canal procedure is the most misrepresented, potentially injurious and underestimated in its repercussions to systemic health. No matter which tooth has been compromised beyond repair, we universally recommend that the tooth be extracted and the tooth socket be thoroughly cleaned out as per the protocols offered by Dr. Meinig in Root Canal Cover-Up.

In the final analysis it has been determined that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD ROOT CANAL. They are all infected and only differ by the degree and outward signs of infection. Therefore, there can only be one solution which we will take up in our next dental coaching session: Root Canals: What is the best and only alternative?

With every good wish,
The Health Coach

Caveat to all Parents: Systemic health risks are the REAL concern with root canals, so everyone is well advised to be extra special careful not to subject our delicate and sensitive children to such a pernicious procedure as root canal treatment at such a tender age.

The Coach’s Personal Testimony:

Back in the mid ’90s, I consulted with an oral surgeon in South Florida about the best way to address a number of cavitation sites. An old root canal site was particularly challenging. We decided to re-open the site and completely clean it out. What we found was an inordinate amount of black, dead, necrotic bone where the roots of the tooth used to be. What happened?

When a tooth is root canaled, it dies and becomes very brittle lacking the resilience and flexibility of a living tooth. With year after year of continued chewing, the stresses can easily cause the delicate roots to crack. When this occurs the filling material – gutta-percha and all – seep into the jawbone forever compromising it based on the toxicity load of the mix of filling ingredients.
Therefore, in this case, the surgeon was compelled to saw out little chunks of black, dead, necrotic bone and put them on the silver tray for my consideration.
You can imagine that the post-surgical therapies and treatments were then much more creative and time-consuming than the surgery itself. Needless to say, it’s the last root canal ever performed on this body.

Warning to all who read this:
Many laboratory studies have been conducted on teeth and cavitation sites where root-canaled teeth once sat and the results have been alarminig. There are strains of anaerobic bacteria which proliferate in these sites that have not been found anywhere else on earth. Not only that, but these same anaerobic bacteria have been found to produce toxins that are as detrimental to the human body as any that have ever been found in vivo. These same toxins have likewise never been found in any other environment on the planet – either living or inanimate – and are considered poisonous by toxicologists who have studied them.

Correlation between the teeth and their respective meridians:
As you may already know, each tooth sits on a meridian the correlation of which can be very revealing about the linkage between longstanding health complaints and imbalanced tooth sites (cavitation sites are notorious for reflexing to the respective body part). We found this Tooth Meridian Chart at Oasis Advanced Wellness to be particularly helpful. This just might be the only tool available for some of us to track down some of our more intractable ailments. All it takes is focus, intuition and self-observation.

Dr. George Meinig, a true American Health Hero:

Dr. George Meinig was a founding member of the American Association of Endodontics, the organization of dental specialists who perform root canal treatment. Therefore, you can imagine how profoundly and dramatically his life changed when he happened upon the conclusive research conducted by Dr. Weston Price. From that day forward, Dr. Meinig never offered traditional root canal treatment again.

In fact he spent the rest of his dental career treating the many patients to whom he had originally given root canals. He also spent much of his professional and personal time offering counsel and consultation to the many seriously ill individuals whose immune systems had been gravely affected by this procedure. He gave of himself tirelessly up until the day he died at 93 years old.

He was ostracized by his peer professionals, marginalized by the dental establishment and belittled by those who never even reviewed the hard science undergirding his rock solid refutation of root canal safety. Through it all, he remained stalwart in his crusade and unintimidated by anyone who attempted to undermine the evidence which he accumulated. In spite of any obstacles thrown before him or ridicule heaped upon him, he remained unusually cheerful, gracious and generous to the max.

Truly, he was a HERO of Global Health and Wellness.

Advice to those whose dentists are clueless:

Here again The Health Coach has two experiences to share which are quite instructive.

I. After having x-rays taken of my root-canaled tooth I asked the dentist what the shiny, narrow reflection was on the x-ray. The dentist replied casually and without hesitation: “Oh, that’s a broken piece of the instrument that the previous dentist used to pack in the filling material in the root of the tooth.”

I replied, “So is that standard operating procedure to leave the broken instrument in the tooth?!”

“Yes it is”, he responded. “After all, it just becomes part of the filling material.”

“Maybe we should just throw in the kitchen sink while we’re at it.” <——I didn't really say this but wanted to.

II. A second experience brought me to another dentist (I've been fired by many of them over the years) where we again were reviewing my full mouth x-rays. I asked him what the obvious discoloration the size of a quarter around my root-canaled tooth was. He said it was nothing and not to worry. I persisted and asked again what he thought it might be. I left his office without an answer. A few days later my wife and I received a letter in the mail in which he terminated our dental relationship. A few days later I had the same x-rays reviewed by an oral surgeon who confirmed my fears that the discoloration was an obvious sign of long-term infection surrounding the entire root-canaled tooth. He recommended immediate surgery before it abscessed.

Root Canal Cover-Up by Dr. George Meinig, DDS
The Weston A. Price Foundation"

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