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A revolution in childbirth is now taking place and tomorrow, Sept. 1st, One World Birth launches its new free video website. Get informed!!!

One World Birth Launch Film

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This is a powerful 3-part documentary (44 minutes total) that shares the stories of three women who gave birth to their babies at home with no medical person present. Very powerful stories:

Extraordinary People - Outlaw Births [part 1]

Extraordinary People - Outlaw Births [part 2]

Extraordinary People - Outlaw Births [part 3]


This just in! In the words of a male obstetrics nurse:
"Today my OB clinical instructor said that if the PT refuses to be pitted then they call the doc and get it OKed against her will. Wow, I am really getting educated!"

Wow is right!!! Did we hear that correctly? If a "patient" refuses to receive pitocin -- which we know causes a breakdown in human love and bonding, increases the pain and intensity of labor, causes fetal distress, and much more -- if a woman refuses this intervention, the medical staff will deliberately override her wishes and give it to her anyway!!!

And here's more from the same male nurse:

"OK, you all need to understand the doula is the enemy and the hospital staff will find any reason to kick them out."

"Secondly, if the woman's health is in danger and the nurse has doctor's authorization, anything can be overridden, so as to do no harm - or the woman has to leave the hospital in her present condition."

"The hospital decides when you should have the baby, as soon as you have signed the papers, and the woman must realease all control essentially."

Still think hospital birth is the safest option?

Think again.

PS - The mother in this picture is walking around with her "umbilical cord to the hospital." (Thanks to Robbie Floyd Davis for coining this phrase). This mother is actually experiencing a form of cognitive dissonance wherein her mind is telling her that the hospital -- and not her -- is responsible for giving birth and that her IV birth partner will somehow benefit her and her baby. Instinctually, she knows these are lies, yet here she is allowing it to happen to her and her baby.

From Phillip Equality Brown - August 31, 2011
"Next clinical I will where my recorder in my pocket so I can give you proof! 8-) I guess I can be the granola undercover! lol."


Many birth injuries are iatrogenically caused by medical "professionals" who insist on managing birth rather than allowing it to happen.

Newborn Birth Injuries: The Untold Story

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The globalists/satanists who are responsible for GMOs, vaccines, chemtrails HAARP, nuclear power, etc., are also responsible, through their brilliant efforts at "geo-engineering," for creating the varied "natural disasters" we are seeing this year. They like to tell us what they are gonna do ahead of time. Check out the blatant satanic symbolism in this clip, which interestingly refers to HURRICANE IRENE!

Wearwolves, the joy of being burned by red hot pokers, people walking around looking as if they are the living-dead, coffins, children walking in cemeteries, and even a tombstone with the name "Pinder Schloss." Incredible satanic symbolism.

And for those who don't know this, Pindar is the man that most practicing satanists are terrified of due to his incredible capacity to inflict sexual torture on his victims.

Sexual torture and the mutilation of genitals is something practicing satanists are quite fond of.

By the way, infant circumcision is a primary expression of satanic-based ritual torture. More on that in another entry.

Hurricane Irene was in a Movie- They warn us before they do it

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1. Vaccines are completely ineffective at fighting disease and, in fact, are undermining the human immune system and making humans more susceptible to illness and neurological dysfunction

Herd Immunity: Flawed Science and Mass Vaccination Failures

Also see:
"In 1987, Pub Med Central reported another public school measles outbreak among a 98% MMR vaccinated population. This happened in another high school, this one in Massachusetts early in 1984. Another population with over 90% vaccinated again... University of Helsinki Department of Public Health reported an "explosive outbreak" of measles in a rural community during 1989. Most of the infected had been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. Those vaccinated who became infected anyway also managed to spread the measles to their siblings..."

"So far it is hardly possible to gain insight into the extent of the immunization catastrophe of 1955 in the United States. It may be considered certain that the officially ascertained 200 cases (of polio) which were caused directly or indirectly by the (polio) vaccination constitute minimum figures... It can hardly be estimated how many of the 1359 (polio) cases among vaccinated persons must be regarded as failures of the vaccine and how many of them were infected by the vaccine. A careful study of the epidemiologic course of polio in the United States yields indications of grave significance. In numerous states of the U.S.A., typical early epidemics developed with the immunizations in the spring of 1955... The vaccination incidents of the year 1955 cannot be exclusively traced back to the failure of one manufacturing firm." Dr. Herbert Ratner, Child and Family, 1980, vol. 19, no. 4, "Story of the Salk Vaccine (Part 2)."

"...there was a very large mumps outbreak among teens and preteens, during early 2010 in the New York/New Jersey area. Almost 80% of them had their MMRs..."

What they won't admit about measles outbreaks: Most children who catch measles were already vaccinated

- In Germany, compulsory mass vaccination against diphtheria commenced in 1940 and by 1945 diphtheria cases were up from 40,000 to 250,000.

- In the UK between 1970 and 1990, over 200,000 cases of whooping cough occurred in fully vaccinated children.

- In the 1970's a tuberculosis vaccine trial in India involving 260,000 people revealed that more cases of TB occurred in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

- In 1979, Sweden abandoned the whooping cough vaccine due to its ineffectiveness. Out of 5,140 cases in 1978, it was found that 84% had been vaccinated three times!

- In the USA, the cost of a single DPT shot had risen from 11 cents in 1982 to $11.40 in 1987. The manufacturers of the vaccine were putting aside $8 per shot to cover legal costs and damages they were paying out to parents of brain damaged children and children who died after vaccination.

- In the New England Journal of Medicine July 1994 issue a study found that over 80% of children under 5 years of age who had contracted whooping cough had been fully vaccinated.
Historical facts exposing the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines

"Q: Are some vaccines more dangerous than others?

A: Yes. The DPT shot, for example. The MMR. But some lots of a vaccine are more dangerous than other lots of the same vaccine. As far as I’m concerned, all vaccines are dangerous.

Q: Why?

A: Several reasons. They involve the human immune system in a process that tends to compromise immunity. They can actually cause the disease they are supposed to prevent. They can cause other diseases than the ones they are supposed to prevent.

Q: Why are we quoted statistics which seem to prove that vaccines have been tremendously successful at wiping out diseases?

A: Why? To give the illusion that these vaccines are useful. If a vaccine suppresses visible symptoms of a disease like measles, everyone assumes that the vaccine is a success. But, under the surface, the vaccine can harm the immune system itself. And if it causes other diseases — say, meningitis — that fact is masked, because no one believes that the vaccine can do that. The connection is overlooked.

Q: It is said that the smallpox vaccine wiped out smallpox in England.

A: Yes. But when you study the available statistics, you get another picture.

Q: Which is?

A: There were cities in England where people who were not vaccinated did not get smallpox. There were places where people who were vaccinated experienced smallpox epidemics. And smallpox was already on the decline before the vaccine was introduced.

Q: So you’re saying that we have been treated to a false history.

A: Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. This is a history that has been cooked up to convince people that vaccines are invariably safe and effective."
Jon Rappaport interviews an ex-vaccine worker

2. Vaccines contain extremely toxic ingredients that are poisonous to human health.

Here is a partial list of vaccine ingredients. Which of these do you think would benefit you or your child's health?

Foreign DNA
Polysorbate 20 / 80
Monkey kidney
Pig blood
Aborted fetal tissue
Chicken embryo
Bovine fetal serum
Live viruses
and the list goes on.

Vaccine Ingredients

3. Vaccines contain DNA from other species including monkeys, pigs, cows, and chickens, and they also contain DNA from dead human beings. When "alien" DNA is injected into the human bloodstream, it disrupts, undermines, and alters the neurological and genetic integrity of that human being.
..."Documented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis [brain damage] following vaccination [emphasis added]. Therefore, autism is the result of genetic defects and/or inflammation of the brain...

Ratajczak reports that about the same time vaccine makers took most thimerosal out of most vaccines (with the exception of flu shots which still widely contain thimerosal), they began making some vaccines using human tissue. Ratajczak says human tissue is currently used in 23 vaccines. She discusses the increase in autism incidences corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR vaccine, and suggests the two could be linked. Ratajczak also says an additional increased spike in autism occurred in 1995 when chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue.

Why could human DNA potentially cause brain damage? The way Ratajczak explained it to me: "Because it's human DNA and recipients are humans, there's homologous recombinaltion tiniker. That DNA is incorporated into the host DNA. Now it's changed, altered self and body kills it. Where is this most expressed? The neurons of the brain. Now you have body killing the brain cells and it's an ongoing inflammation. It doesn't stop, it continues through the life of that individual."


Effects of Aborted Fetal Tissue – Human DNA in Vaccines
Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review

"Q: Now, you worked in labs. Where purity was an issue.

A: The public believes that these labs, these manufacturing facilities are the cleanest places in the world. That is not true. Contamination occurs all the time. You get all sorts of debris introduced into vaccines.

Q: For example, the SV40 monkey virus slips into the polio vaccine.

A: Well yes, that happened. But that’s not what I mean. The SV40 got into the polio vaccine because the vaccine was made by using monkey kidneys. But I’m talking about something else. The actual lab conditions. The mistakes. The careless errors. SV40, which was later found in cancer tumors — that was what I would call a structural problem. It was an accepted part of the manufacturing process. If you use monkey kidneys, you open the door to germs which you don’t know are in those kidneys.

Q: Okay, but let’s ignore that distinction between different types of contaminants for a moment. What contaminants did you find in your many years of work with vaccines?

A: All right. I’ll give you some of what I came across, and I’ll also give you what colleagues of mine found. Here’s a partial list. In the Rimavex measles vaccine, we found various chicken viruses. In polio vaccine, we found acanthamoeba, which is a so-called “brain-eating” amoeba. Simian cytomegalovirus in polio vaccine. Simian foamy virus in the rotavirus vaccine. Bird-cancer viruses in the MMR vaccine. Various micro-organisms in the anthrax vaccine. I’ve found potentially dangerous enzyme inhibitors in several vaccines. Duck, dog, and rabbit viruses in the rubella vaccine. Avian leucosis virus in the flu vaccine. Pestivirus in the MMR vaccine.

Q: Let me get this straight. These are all contaminants which don’t belong in the vaccines.

A: That’s right. And if you try to calculate what damage these contaminants can cause, well, we don’t really know, because no testing has been done, or very little testing. It’s a game of roulette. You take your chances. Also, most people don’t know that some polio vaccines, adenovirus vaccines, rubella and hep A and measles vaccines have been made with aborted human fetal tissue. I have found what I believed were bacterial fragments and poliovirus in these vaccines from time to time — which may have come from that fetal tissue. When you look for contaminants in vaccines, you can come up with material that IS puzzling. You know it shouldn’t be there, but you don’t know exactly what you’ve got. I have found what I believed was a very small “fragment” of human hair and also human mucus. I have found what can only be called “foreign protein,” which could mean almost anything. It could mean protein from viruses.

Q: Alarm bells are ringing all over the place.

A: How do you think I felt? Remember, this material is going into the bloodstream without passing through some of the ordinary immune defenses."

Ex-Vaccine Developer Reveals Lies of the Vaccine Industry

4. Vaccines Also Contain Genetically Modified DNA

We already know that genetically modified foods are causing deformities in human placentas and umbilical cords.

GMO Foods and the Damage to Human Babies, Placentas, and Umbilical Cords

We also know that genetically modified foods are causing miscarriages, infertility, birth defects, and severe illness in human and animals.

Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

Researcher: Roundup or Roundup-Ready Crops May Be Causing Animal Miscarriages and Infertility

Roundup Causing Male Infertility

Roundup: Birth Defects Caused By World's Top-Selling Weedkiller, Scientists Say>

What most people do not know is that Monsanto, the leading manufacturer of genetically modified seeds and foods, is owned by Pfizer, one of the leading manufacturers of vaccines, and that U.S. President Obama just appointed the Vice President of Monsanto as chief advisor to the commission at the FDA.

Are you beginning to see the insidious workings of this diabolical cartel?

Monsanto and the US Government - A Match Made in Hell

"Two major changes happened in the 1990s in the US, making American children born since then extremely vulnerable: One, the FDA permitted, with no safety review, the introduction of genetically modified (GMO) foods – including soy and corn, which both go into infant formulas and most processed foods. Two, we upped the vaccine schedule dramatically for infants and children. Both have shown potential to injure the human immune system, brain, gut or other organs‘ development and function, from birth onward. We’re just beginning to understand how detrimental this is for triggering asthma, allergies, inflammation, seizure disorders, autism, or gut/brain injuries that may mean poor outcomes like Crohn’s disease, eosinophilic esophagitis, learning disabilities and conduct disorders – all of which have risen dramatically in children since 1990.

Synergistic effects of GMO foods in pregnancy, in utero, in infancy – plus all the vaccines now recommended – are entirely unknown. For example: The gene inserted into GMO soy makes soy produce its own insecticide. It was found in gut bacteria of human volunteers eating GMO soy – meaning, the gene transcribed to the bacteria in the gut, and “taught” the volunteers’ gut bacteria to make insecticide. I believe this may be why some children with autism and GI problems are so treatment resistant, when it comes to correcting their bowel microflora. Do they have genes operating in there that make antibiotics and probiotics less effective? Nobody knows."

Judy Converse on GMO and Vaccine Damage and How to Fix It

If GMO foods can wreak this much havoc in humans and other life forms, can you imagine what genetically modified organisms will do when injected straight into the human bloodstream?
"Why have the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries chosen to experiment with the first ever, large scale application of a new, unproven, genetically modified, inter-species gene mixing vaccine technology on the female youth of an entire generation?

Under the ruse of attempting to eradicate cervical cancer, Merck is actually engaged in the first large scale, real world deployment and testing of genetically modified DNA, genetically engineered proteins and genetics produced by the combining of genetic material from more than one origin or species in a vaccine...

The long term results of introducing into the human body genetically engineered, recombinant human, insect and animal DNA, along with human and animal strains of papillomavirus are unknown, untested and unproven, particularly when used as a vaccine, which effectively bypasses all of the body`s natural defenses against outside pathogens (skin, saliva, mucous, etc.)...

The current deaths and maiming of young girls used as guinea pigs to test this new technology may be just the beginning. No one can predict what adverse consequences this newest inter-species gene mixing technology may cause. Remember we are dealing with the reproductive systems of an entire generation of young woman.

Recombinant DNA, genetically engineered proteins, inter-species gene mixing, questionable new vaccine technology, lack of long term safety and efficacy data, questionable pre-qualifications procedures and now, an extremely high prevalence of reported adverse side effects up to and including miscarriage and death.

This vaccine represents more than just bottom line profit for Merck. This is the first genetically modified drug unleashed across a broad swath of unsuspecting, formerly healthy Americans.

Unfortunately, the target they chose for this grand genetic experiment is the entire female population of mothers to be for all future generations. Can we really afford to allow this fraud and deception to continue?"

The Truth Behind the Gardasil Nightmare

5. Vaccines are damaging human health and disrupting the neurological integrity of human beings, especially children.

"Among more than 9,000 boys age 4-17, the survey found vaccinated boys were two and a half times (155%) more likely to have neurological disorders compared to their unvaccinated peers. Vaccinated boys were 224% more likely to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and 61% more likely to have autism.

For older vaccinated boys in the 11-17 age bracket, the results were even more pronounced. Vaccinated boys were 158% more likely to have a neurological disorder, 317% more likely to have ADHD, and 112% more likely to have autism. Complete survey results are available at"

Vaccinated Children Two And A Half Times More Likely To Have Neurological Disorders Like ADHD And Autism, New Survey In California And Oregon Finds

"Both H1N1 and seasonal flu shots have been linked with a number of different side-effects across the globe, including Guillain-Barré Syndrome as well as dystonia, a paralyzing neurological disorder.

The seasonal flu vaccine has also been linked with convulsions and fits in under-5′s."

Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Skyrocket As Cover-Up Implodes

6. Vaccines are killing children, teenagers, and adults
"The four children, from under six months to 2 years old, died between March 2 and March 4. The deaths occurred the same day to three days after the vaccines were administered, the ministry said."

Japan Halts Prevenar Vaccine After 4 Children Die

"A measles vaccination program in India was halted after four children died almost immediately after receiving the shot. “Four children died within minutes of receiving a vaccine for measles followed by drops of Vitamin A solution on Saturday,” reports MedGuru.

Indian newspaper reports carried eyewitness accounts of what happened. “The four children were reported to have fainted soon after they were vaccinated and witnesses reported seeing the children’s eyes roll back as they began to have seizures,” reports Blitz.

Furious villagers reacted to the tragedy by going on a rampage, attacking health workers and holding government doctors hostage.

Health professionals and doctors with government ties were also blamed in Finland and Sweden after a H1N1 vaccination program was halted following a 300 per cent increase in cases of the neurological disorder narcolepsy amongst children and young people who had received the shot over the last six months.

According to Kari Lankinen, head physician of the Finnish Medicines Agency, doctors were complicit in hiding the link between the swine flu shot and narcolepsy and did so to advance their careers.

Meanwhile, concerned mothers whose daughters have been injured or killed by the Gardasil vaccine have put together a website that documents the truth about how the vaccine has killed and injured thousands of young girls since it was introduced in 2006. Thousands of teenagers have suffered adverse reactions and at least 71 have died from the vaccine since the HPV program was launched four years ago."

"In a 2008 trial for a bird flu vaccine, three Polish doctors and six nurses faced criminal charges after the vaccine killed 21 homeless people who were participating in the test.

Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Skyrocket As Cover-Up Implodes

"The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has told Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat to immediately suspend the cervical cancer control vaccination programme for girls. The programme is part of a two-year study to look into the utility of a vaccine in public health programmes and acceptability of Gardasil, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine made by Merck. Gardasil, available in medical stores across the country, is marketed in India by MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.
The programme was marred by controversy after four deaths and complications among 120 girls were reported after vaccination. The girls complained of stomach disorders, epilepsy, headaches and early menarche. Women activists fear the vaccine may impact the mental health of girls who have shown no signs of distress so far."

HPV Cancer Vaccine Program Suspended After 4 Girls Die

7. Vaccines are part of a eugenics-based, globalist agenda to sterilize and ultimately eliminate 90% of the world's human population so that only those who have the "right" genes will end up surviving.

"Q: If vaccines actually do harm, why are they given?

A: First of all, there is no “if.” They do harm. It becomes a more difficult question to decide whether they do harm in those people who seem to show no harm. Then you are dealing with the kind of research which should be done, but isn’t. Researchers should be probing to discover a kind of map, or flow chart, which shows exactly what vaccines do in the body from the moment they enter. This research has not been done. As to why they are given, we could sit here for two days and discuss all the reasons. As you’ve said many times, at different layers of the system people have their motives. Money, fear of losing a job, the desire to win brownie points, prestige, awards, promotion, misguided idealism, unthinking habit, and so on. But, at the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but it’s true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a long conversation with a man who occupied a high government position in an African nation. He told me that he was well aware of this. He told me that WHO is a front for these depopulation interests. There is an underground, shall we say, in Africa, made up of various officials who are earnestly trying to change the lot of the poor. This network of people knows what is going on. They know that vaccines have been used, and are being used, to destroy their countries, to make them ripe for takeover by globalist powers. I have had the opportunity to speak with several of these people from this network."

Ex-Vaccine Developer Reveals Lies of the Vaccine Industry

"Given the routinely stated goal on behalf of mega-rich foundations that fund vaccination programs around the world, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, to use vaccines as a way of sterilizing the planet’s population as part of the global eugenics soft-kill assault on humanity, it’s unsurprising that as more people become aware of this agenda, take-up rates of new as well as seasonal vaccines continue to decline.

As Jurriaan Maessen recently documented in his Infowars exclusive, in its 1968 yearly report, the Rockefeller Foundation acknowledged funding the development of so-called “anti-fertility vaccines” and their implementation on a mass-scale.

This program was then launched by a group that was created under auspices of the World Health Organization, World Bank and UN Population Fund entitled “Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation”. In the 1990′s, the WHO was mired in controversy after it distributed a “tetanus vaccine” to poor girls and women in the third world that was contaminated with human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a hormone that induces involuntary abortion.

During a TED conference earlier this year, Bill Gates openly stated that vaccines would be used to lower the earth’s population in the name of combating climate change. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the major funders of vaccine research and production in the third world.

Warning that the global population was heading towards 9 billion, Gates said, “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services (abortion), we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 per cent.”

Quite how an improvement in health care and vaccines that supposedly save lives would lead to a lowering in global population is an oxymoron, unless Gates was referring to vaccines that sterilize people, which is precisely the same method advocated in White House science advisor John P. Holdren’s 1977 textbook Ecoscience, which calls for a dictatorial “planetary regime” to enforce draconian measures of population reduction via all manner of oppressive techniques, including sterilization."

Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Skyrocket As Cover-Up Implodes


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"Another thing very injurious to the child, is the tying and cutting of the navel string too soon; which should always be left till the child has not only repeatedly breathed but till all pulsation in the cord ceases. As otherwise the child is much weaker than it ought to be, a portion of the blood being left in the placenta, which ought to have been in the child."
-- Erasmus Darwin, Zoonomia, 1801

A few months back, I did a radio show entitled "Trauma Based Mind-Control and the Real Agenda Behind Hospital Birth Protocols. For those who are interested, you can listen to that radio show here:

Beware, the content of the show is not for the faint of heart.

In brief, what I shared on the show was that there are very dark forces behind the medical "profession" that are DELIBERATELY creating hospital birth protocols that will inflict extreme trauma on incoming souls and ultimately cause a breakdown in human love. The agenda is to create a mutant human species - a species that does not have access to its full brain potential or spiritual power - a species that is very easy to control. These entities know exactly what they are doing in terms of wreaking havoc with the human race, and they have a done a masterful job of turning an overwhelming proportion of human beings into befuddled, less-than-human, biorobots.

Please keep in mind that there is not a single hospital birth protocol that does not interfere with love. Induction, pitocin, epidural, episiotomy, c-section, violent and unnecessary clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord, separating mother and baby at birth, sticking poisonous needles in our baby's body and burning ointment in their eyes, wrapping our babies so tight in a blanket that they cannot move and cannot make skin-to-skin contact with their mother, circumcision -- every single one of these technological interventions will effectuate a breakdown in human love.

Isn't it time we got hip to the underlying motives for all this violence?

For those who have the courage to listen to the radio show -- GOOD FOR YOU! For everyone else -- KEEP BIRTH OUT THE HOSPITAL WHENEVER POSSIBLE! HOSPITALS ARE NOT SAFE PLACES TO GIVE BIRTH.

Doubt They're Evil? About The Umbilical Cord, and The Profitable Procedure For Premature Deliveries

"A huge number of studies show that early cord clamping is a dangerous procedure, which weakens a newborn, and can eventually lead to brain and lung problems... Parents usually sign the fine print allowing their hospital to "dispose" of the cord blood and placenta, which is actually saved, and then sold to the highest bidder."

"Late cord clamping does not go well with the profit agenda. Ironically, the aim of the research is often to find cures for disorders which are caused by this early cord clamping."

‎"We can be sure that early cord clamping is, in some cases, creating future life-long 'customers' of the medical establishment, but this seems to be the normal pattern with allopathic medicine. Since the cord blood can contain one quarter of the total blood volume of an infant, the loss is a huge blow to his immune system."

"Premature Deliveries: Here's Where It Really Gets Evil

The cord blood of pre-term infants contains more stem cells than normal infants, and interestingly; early cord clamping is particularly promoted for these infants by the medical establishment, due to its higher market value. The welfare of the child is not even considered. For the hospital, this blood is a premium sales item because it contains more nutrients and stem cells than are normal. These are desperately needed by the weaker infants. This need is ignored, and the cord blood is literally stolen from the sickly child (by his own doctors -- no less), and then sold for maximum profit. There is no doubt that this cord blood would result in much healthier premature newborns."


People in our pornographic culture are drawn to each other based on physical, lustful attraction. Women try to look their "hottest" and lure men through the charms of their bodies, and men are conditioned to be drawn to women based on their "sex appeal." What we don't realize is that when women use their bodies or appearance to attract a man, then what they get is a man who is interested in getting physical pleasure from them. This is not love. This is not a real union. If the two end up having sex and making children, their children will sense the artificiality of the union and will be damaged by it. They will not understand authentic love.

Listen to the show here:

Listen to internet radio with MarriageCoachLynn on Blog Talk Radio


A testament to the power of human love and human contact!

"Doctors pronounced this baby dead, but after 2 hours of the mother holding him in her arms, he unbelievably started breathing again."

Baby Pronounced Dead at Birth Comes Back to Life

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After Miscarriage, Missing The Luxury Of Grieving

August 19, 2011

Ken Harbaugh is a former Navy pilot and an NPR commentator.

"It has been three months since the miscarriage. We weren't far along, still in the first trimester, so only our closest friends knew we were expecting.

Annmarie, my wife, is fine. At least, her body is fine. There is something broken in both of us, though.

My wife and I have every reason to be grateful. The miscarriage happened early on. Annmarie was never in danger. We have two beautiful girls already. If we want, we can still have more. But the whole experience left us wondering how one deals with a tragedy that happens quietly at home.

A few weeks before we lost the baby, my wife's grandfather died. His funeral, like any other, was solemn. But also beautiful. Everyone came — all 10 kids, from across the country. Distant relatives, co-workers, people from church stopped by to pay their respects. They mourned alongside the family. We buried Grandpa Kel that afternoon, and woke the next morning with the memory of a beautiful send-off.

There is a reason that such ceremonies exist. Who knows if it meant anything to Grandpa, lying in his coffin, but it meant a lot to everyone else. I gave him my gold Navy wings, pinned to an American flag laid on his chest. He was the only other Navy pilot in the family, and I felt the need to solemnize that connection. Others said goodbye in their own way. Some talked to him, some knelt for a while by his side. Most important, we all said farewell together.

A miscarriage is tragic enough by itself. What makes it worse is the fact that no social custom has evolved to help us through the loss. There is no ceremony, no coming together, no ritualized support. Annmarie and I suffered alone, in silence. Most of our friends had no idea we were grieving. It took me two weeks to tell my own mom.

And it's not as if life stopped, or even slowed down to allow us a moment to reflect. We had jobs to get to, kids to take care of. Real sadness seemed an indulgence we could not afford.

In the months since, I have learned something about this kind of grief. It is not a luxury, but an essential part of healing. So this weekend, after the kids are in bed, Annmarie and I will do something that may seem a little crazy. We will head into the garden with a bulb we've been saving. We will bury it, say a few words, and hold each other. We will finally have our ceremony.

I suspect that watching the first green shoot push up through the earth will hurt. Every time we see it, we will be reminded of what happened to us. But that's alright. Grief cannot be buried forever. With enough time, and a little sunlight, it might just transform itself into something that aches a little less."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"A new study involving nearly 8,000 first time mothers suggests a strong link between inductions and c-sections. Researchers found that women who had their labors induced were twice as likely to have a c-section."

Induced labors twice as likely to end in C-section

And from another post:
"In the Thorsell 2011 study (abstract below), first-time mothers with an unripe cervix who were induced had a 42% c-section rate in labor. Yes, you read that correctly; nearly half ended up with a cesarean. After controlling for other factors, inducing labor in a first-time mother with an unripe cervix tripled her risk for a cesarean."

Induction triples the risk for cesareans in first-time moms

Monday, August 22, 2011


HBA4C: Homebirth After Four Cesareans!
by Birth Without Fear on August 21, 2011

A Successful HBA4C Birth Story - By Rachelle

In order to fully appreciate C’s birth story, I feel like it’s important that I put it in context: I have never before had a vaginal birth. I had labored with my first two, and after hard labors that were made even more difficult with medical interventions, both ended in c-section. My next two babies were born via elective repeat cesarean.

When we learned that I was pregnant with C, I immediately knew that I was going to look into attempting a VBAC again. (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). Having a 5th c-section carried risks that I was not comfortable with, and though I knew it would be a struggle to find someone willing to attend me, I knew I had to try.

We tried various doctors and birthing centers only to be repeatedly turned down. The risks were “too high” they said. We did a lot of research during those months: reading studies, analyzing data, making sure we were still making the safest choice possible for the baby and I. We tried finding the big “increased risks” that the medical community talked about and simply couldn’t find them.

And then we found midwives who were unable to find those risks either. They confirmed what my husband and I had learned: the risk of a VBAC after 4 c-sections were no more increased than the risks of a 5th repeat c-section. Our VBAC plan was a ‘go’ with only one small detail: we would be giving birth at home.

I have to say that I was really OK with that. After reading VBAC studies and studying my own medical records from the previous deliveries, I really felt that my only chance of having a successful VBAC was away from all the “interventions” of modern technology. No, I did not want to be induced: that would put increased stress on my scarred uterus. No, I did not want pain medication. It would make it impossible for me to alert my birthing team if anything felt “off”, etc. The only way I was going to do this, was if I was left to do it on my own.

And so we did.

Contractions started on Sunday night. Pretty mild in hindsight, but that night, they were strong enough to wake me from sleep every 30 minutes. When I woke up Monday morning, I told my husband, R, to go to work and that I would keep him posted. As I got myself and the kids ready in the morning, they increased to about every 10 minutes apart, but were easy to talk through so I continued to go to work and see what the day brought.

By 2:00 Monday afternoon, some of the contractions were getting pretty uncomfortable. I preffered not to talk through them and they were coming about every 7 minutes. Shortly after that, I told my co-workers I was going to go home and have a baby. I had R pick up the kids from the sitters and we all hung out at home hoping to have a new baby by morning. I put a lasagna together so we would have a meal ready to eat after the birth and the kids and R swam.

After supper we had my mom pick the kids up and R’s sister came over ready to help with the birth. At this point, the contractions were about 5 minutes apart, but weren’t increasing in intensity or pattern. At around 11:00 Monday night, we decided to all lay down and try and get some sleep. The contractions spaced back out to around every 30 minutes throughout the night.

By Tuesday morning, I was so tired from the two previous sleepless nights and was feeling really discouraged. My contractions picked back up to about every 10 minutes and were getting increasingly difficult for me to deal with, but I wasn’t sure if that was because they were indeed getting stronger, or I was just getting less able to handle them because I was so tired. One of the midwives came over around 9:30 to listen to baby’s heartbeat and provide some much needed encouragement. She said that this could last for even a few days and that it was perfectly normal, my body was doing what it needed to do, and that I should take care of myself: rest, eat healthy food and stay hydrated. And so we continued to wait.

Throughout the day, the contractions remained about 5-7 minutes apart. Ingrid went home and we assured her we’d call if anything happened. By 9:45 Tuesday night, I woke R up and told him I needed help getting through the contractions. I thought that things must be picking up and started to feel like I REALLY WAS going to have a baby someday! R started timing the contractions and they were coming every 3 minutes. I was also becoming increasingly uncomfortable during them. We decided to time them for a while to make sure it was the real deal and then we would update the midwives.

At 11:00 there was a change of plans: my water broke all over the living room floor. R actually heard it ‘pop’ from the other side of the room. I immediately felt a welcome relief of pressure. But that nice feeling only last a few minutes because after my water broke, the contractions immediately picked up in intensity and frequency. We called R’s sister and the midwives and by midnight, the whole team was assembled for the job ahead.

As everyone was arriving, I was on the floor on my hands and knees trying to work through the contractions, but my legs were starting to shake and I felt like I needed to get off of them for a while. The midwives helped me lay down in bed on my side and we labored like that while the birth pool was getting filled up. I couldn’t wait to crawl into that pool!! My body was starting to get that pushy feeling and I had even asked for the bucket to throw up in so I was feeling happy, assuming I must be getting close. I got in the pool and my body continued to push and I remember thinking, “Well, the midwives got here just in time! This is happening so fast!”

After I was in the pool for a while, my midwife asked to check and see how dilated I was. I crawled out of the pool and was devastated to learn I was only about 6-7cm! My mood immediately changed. This was exactly what happened with my first two labors: I got the urge to push “too early” and the reminder of my first two “failed” vaginal deliveries just completely devastated me. I started to try and beg R and the midwives to just let me go to the hospital and have a c-section since I was convinced my body was betraying me. But as hard as I tried to tell them that I couldn’t to do this anymore, the more they told me that I WAS doing it — one contraction at a time. And a half hour later, when the midwife checked me again, I was at 9cm.

I was still having the urge to push, but the midwife said that it obviously wasn’t swelling my cervix at all and I was progressing well, so to continue to work with my body rather than fight it. She just kept telling me to give each contraction only the amount of energy it required and nothing more. Wise words!

The next time she checked me, she noticed that I had a stubborn lip on one side of my cervix that wouldn’t thin out. She recommended that I lay on that side of my body and she gave me the option to let it work itself out or she could help push back the lip during contractions. Her pushing back the lip would be “pretty intense” as she said, but it may make baby come faster. I decided I wanted my baby here faster and so she worked on the cervical lip while I clung to R’s hands.

And then it was time to push. The midwives could feel that C was coming down a bit crooked. They recommended that I get in some different positions to help move him down. Moving around during that part of labor was not exactly fun, but it worked. I could literally feel his little body moving and adjusting with each change that I made. I was so proud of my tiny little son doing his part to help with his own birth. So amazing.

Once it got to the point where I could reach up and feel his little head, it was game on. I was so ready to meet this little person and ready to do whatever it took to get to the finish line. We were about half way into the 1 hour it took to push him out when I made a stunning realization: If I got his head pushed out to his ears, I was going to have to sit there like that with him halfway out until the next contraction. I said this to the midwives and they got a good laugh over the fact that I was just now realizing that. So, yes, indeed I got him out about halfway and then had to wait for the next contraction to push the rest of his head out. That was probably the longest minute of my life, but after that, he was out and on my chest and life was perfect.

He came out so calmly and peacefully alert. The midwives joked saying “Does he even know he was born?” He pinked up really quickly and immediately started nursing like a champ. He had a little bit of extra fluid in his lungs that the midwives helped him take care of, but his Apgar scores were both 8s and they declared him A-OK.

I still am not sure that I have fully processed the culmination of a 7 year journey. I am so happy that we finally got to give birth on our terms, just me and my baby doing our thing together that God designed us so perfectly to do. I wasn’t a hero — I didn’t handle it with quiet grace and poise like I had hoped I would. Ha ha ha! I moaned and grunted and even cried my way through it all. But I wouldn’t take it back or change it for the world. Birth is truly transforming… and I can finally say I got to experience that beautiful transformation. I am so very blessed!


Link Discovered Between Maternal IV Fluids And Newborns' Weight Loss

Very interesting. This study indicates that mothers who receive IV fluids during labor often end up with infants that are “overhydrated,” who then need to do extra work to “regulate” their bodily fluids in the first 24 hours of life. Since the babies are born swollen from the excess liquid, they weigh more than they otherwise would, and when they are brought back a few days later for their postpartum check-up, medical professionals are surprised to find that the babies are weighing in at less than they did at birth.

As if it weren't bad enough that we are forcing our babies to have to use their precious life-force energy on metabolic processes that would otherwise be unnecessary if not for technological interventions, this entire iatrogenically-induced situation trickles down into the lie that women are not producing enough milk (or are doing something wrong) and that they are at fault for their babies weight loss.

Never once in this article is there a mention that we might want to reconsider whether the use of IV fluids at birth is OK.

Let's be more gentle on our mamas and babies. Avoid the use of IV's in labor whenever possible.

Here are some more good reasons to avoid the use of IV's during labor:

- Allowing medical professionals to insert an IV during labor subconsciously means we are prepared to accept drugs during labor, are willing to forego the freedom to eat and drink as we please, fear that our bodies might not work properly, and believe that we need a lifeline to the hospital. As Robbie Davis-Floyd so eloquently put it:
"The intravenous drips commonly attached to the hands or arms of birthing women make a powerful symbolic statement: they are umbilical cords to the hospital. The cord connecting her body to the fluid-filled bottle places the woman in the same relation to the hospital as the baby in her womb is to her. By making her dependent on the institution for her life, the IV conveys to her one of the most profound messages of her initiation experience: in American society, we are all dependent on institutions for our lives. The message is even more compelling in her case, for she is the real giver of life. Society and its institutions cannot exist unless women give birth, yet the birthing woman in the hospital is shown, not that she gives life, but rather that the institution does."
The Rituals of American Hospital Birth

- the insertion of an IV can be the beginning of a cascade of technological interventions that will undermine the mother's (and baby's) ability to have a positive and love-filled birth experience.

- the introduction of an IV during labor can ultimately end up restricting the birthing mother's ability to move freely, making it difficult for her to get into positions which will help her baby get born.

- restriction of movement often leads to longer and more difficult labors.

- restriction of movement can lead to increased pain during contractions which leads to women asking for pain relief.

- all forms of pain relief will undermine the mother's ability to feel her own body, and therefore undermine her ability to help her baby get born. This can leave the baby feeling abandoned and unable to get proper support from his/her mother, and can leave the mother feeling completely disempowered and out of control of her own birth.

- all forms of pain relief will undermine the production of the natural hormones and neurochemicals of birth (such as oxytocin and beta-endorphins). These natural hormones not only bring enormous pain relief, but are also necessary for proper bonding, breastfeeding, and the production of the neurobiology of love at birth. If the natural hormones of love and well-being are not released during labor and birth, the neurobiology of grief activates instead and leads to postpartum depression.

Isn't it better to keep it safe and avoid the use of IV's during labor?

Friday, August 19, 2011


Why is it that our schools are so busy providing our teenagers with so-called "sex education," but the word "love" is never mentioned and discussions about conscious parenting are completely absent?

Why is it that our culture is encouraging young people to engage in fleshy, indulgent sexuality rather than teaching them about the spiritual, psychological, and life-long ramifications of haphazard sex?

Isn't haphazard sex leading to billions of unwanted pregnancies, unwanted children, and millions of teenage girls having to undergo abortions or become single parents?

Wouldn't it be better if we busted out of this toxic "program" and made an effort to teach our kids instead how easy it is to get a handle on their carnal impulses, and how important it is to bring forth life in a conscious, loving way?

Just sayin.....

"...Prenatal and early post-natal stages determine to a very large extent our biological and psychological make-up. That is... all kinds of medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and many, many other immune diseases, are really the result of some very early stresses in life...

Our ability to relate to other people, our ability to love and be loved... are already determined in prenatal and early postnatal life. And so it follows that in these early pre and postnatal stages, we can provide a unique and best opportunity for the primary prevention of most medical and psychological disorders...

Thomas Verny

Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology: An Introduction, Part 2 Thomas R. Verny MD

Here is the solution to our dilemma...

By Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.

Current research indicates that youth all across America are increasingly at risk for a variety of social and emotional disorders including drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, severe depression, suicide, violent behavior, criminal behavior, and much, much more. As if all of these things weren’t bad enough, young people are also at risk for premature sexual activity, unwanted teen pregnancy, single or repeated abortions, becoming unwed mothers and/or giving birth to unwanted children.

Much to our misfortune, there is not a single school (that I am aware of) in the whole of the United States that has taken on the responsibility of teaching young adults about the principles of conscious procreation and parenting. Although “sex education” has made its way into high school classrooms, truly meaningful discussions about the spiritual implications of haphazard sexual behavior, and/or about the importance of conceiving babies consciously, gestating them in loving and trauma-free wombs, birthing them gently, and parenting them consciously, are sadly absent.

As a result, millions (perhaps billions) of children are being gestated in wombs filled with fear, shame, and resentment, and birthed in environments that are drenched with trauma and toxicity.

According to a study done by William Emerson (expert in pre- and perinatal psychology and pioneer in the field of birth trauma healing), 95% of American hospital births are considered traumatic, with 50% of these being rated as moderately traumatic, and 45% being rated as severely traumatic. Early trauma has been shown to affect the development of the fetal and infant brain, nervous system, neuro-chemistry, organs, physiology, psychology and consciousness. Early traumatic memories leave imprints that are stored somatically and, although these “memories” may not be available to our conscious minds, they nevertheless influence all aspects of our health and personalities.

Traumatic imprints create psychological and behavioral patterns that tend to repeat themselves throughout life. Thus, if we were gestated in the womb of a mother who was not in a loving relationship with our father, we will carry an imprint of dysfunctional relating which will manifest and seek resolution during adolescence and adulthood. The imprint can effectively cause us to repetitively enter into unfulfilling and/or abusive relationships, as we re-create the traumatic conditions of our early wounding in order to find our way through to love. Unless we become conscious of this inter-generational pattern and heal it, we are likely to repeat it with our own children such that they, too, will be imprinted with dysfunctional relationship memories that can cause a lifetime of unsatisfying and/or abusive relationships. And the cycle continues.

Early traumatic experiences can include, but are not limited to:

- being in a womb where we are unwanted and/or where thoughts of abortion are contemplated

- being in a womb where our mother is experiencing deep emotional pain or chronic depression (the fetus is swimming in the hormonal/neurochemical make-up of its mother)

- being the product of a loveless sexual experience

- being in a womb that is filled with stress hormones due to the stress our parents (especially our mother’s) are under

- being exposed to toxic substances such as alcohol, nicotine, and illegal and prescription drugs while in the womb, at birth, or during the first two years of life

- being exposed to domestic violence or violence of any kind before, during or after birth

- being abandoned by one or both parents

All of the above experiences (and this is a very small sampling) can, and most often do, result in the underdevelopment of the human brain and the over-adrenalization of the nervous system. Biological deficiencies and traumatic compensations tend to compound over time and can lead to an adolescent and/or adult that has difficulty generating healthy behavior, satisfying relationships and a joyful life.

It is for this reason that it is imperative to offer an educational youth program that will raise awareness of the social conditions that are perpetuating this dis-ease and offer tools that will help our youth put an end to the lineage of abuse, maltreatment and dysfunction.

The program described below is geared toward youth and young adults between the ages of 13 and 30. It is designed to help change the way young people think about relationships, sexuality, pregnancy, birth, and parenting. It is also designed to provide youth with tools and knowledge that will help them heal their past and create a better future.

The curriculum outlined below encourages young people to understand the social implications of irresponsible sexual activity, thereby encouraging them to be in absolute integrity with their sexual behavior. Each class will stress the importance of being truly ready to bring forth life before becoming sexually active and, once this readiness is established, to seek a stable, committed, loving relationship and home before conceiving a child.

The curriculum is further designed to educate youth about the types of trauma that can occur during prenatal life, at birth, and during the first two years of life. This information has a variety of benefits including:

- helping youth become conscious of any trauma they, themselves, may have experienced in their own early life, thereby starting the process of conscious resolution;

- providing them with tools they can use to heal their own damaging imprints; and

- encouraging youth to make absolutely sure all the important pieces are in place BEFORE they become pregnant and have a child.

Emphasis will be placed on their capacity to make responsible choices, encouraging them to maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment at all times and trusting that, if they do choose to become pregnant after this program, they will have enough information to create the best possible circumstances for themselves and their babies.

The program consists of a 20-week intensive lecture, film, and experiential series that will utilize a combination of classroom-like discussions, auditory and visual aids, and on-going focus-group interactions.


I am a former adjunct college professor with a master’s degree in sociology and a minor in women’s studies. I’ve taught numerous classes at various SUNY schools on Long Island with my expertise being in the area of gender issues, human sexuality, pre and perinatal psychology, and conscious birth.

I have been an independent childbirth educator for the past 7 years, offering classes and workshops in preparation for conscious birth.

I am a certified Jin Shin teacher and practitioner, who emphasizes and teaches about the benefits of using subtle energy medicine for the resolution of primal shock and trauma. I have studied in-depth the impact that early trauma has on the human mind/body system, and, in particular, the ways in which prenatal and birth trauma effect the development of the fetal nervous system and the brain. I have learned how early overwhelming experiences can influence our personalities throughout life and can cause a variety of disorders later in life including, but not limited to, repetitive relationship problems, chronic health issues, drug and alcohol addiction, uncontrollable violence and criminal behavior, chemical imbalances in the brain, fertility issues, severe depression, and an inability to lead a joyful, healthy life.


The course you are about to review is designed to examine cultural practices and beliefs in the areas of sexuality, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. By utilizing cross-cultural anthropological data, in combination with a critical analysis of American habits and customs, we will delve into the shadow side of how we have been conceiving, gestating and birthing our babies – and the impact that this is having on us as individuals, as families, and as a society. Through a combination of lecture, film and focus-group interactions, we will discuss, at length, the things that we can do to heal our past and create a better future for ourselves and our children – a future that will enable us to preserve love in our families forever and completely transform the quality of our civilization.

Part I – A Cross-Cultural Look at Human Sexuality

Weeks 1 & 2 – An overview of the social construction of “masculinity” and “femininity” how these cultural definitions impact our relationships and the way we think about sex and love.

Week 3 – An examination of the media and pornography and the impact they are having on our understanding of human sexuality.

Week 4 – A review of some of the most pertinent religious beliefs that Americans hold about gender, sexuality and childbirth, how this compares with indigenous cultures around the world, and how this is influencing the way we are conceiving, gestating and birthing our children.

Part II – A In-Depth Look at Pregnancy and Childbirth

This part of the course will offer in-depth information about the importance of our prenatal and birth experiences, and how they affect our lives and our civilization. We will look closely at hospital birthing practices and how technology can negatively influence gestation and birth. We will examine how the relationship between mother and father can affect baby’s brain development as well as its relational abilities later in life. We will learn about the importance of the mother-infant bond and how this bond begins to build in the earliest stages of gestation and can create a lifetime of healthy relating or its opposite. We will discuss, in-depth, the types of trauma that can occur during the various stages of gestation and at birth and how these traumas affect our later lives. We will also look closely at ways to prevent prenatal and birth trauma, and examine tools we can use to reorganize our own neurology and brain chemistry to repattern our own unhealthy imprints.

Weeks 5 & 6 – An examination of the pre-conception environment and an exploration how we can prepare ourselves for a love-filled conscious conception.

Weeks 7 & 8 – An overview of life in the womb and how our experiences during the first nine months of life can affect our health and personality throughout life.

Week 9 – An examination of the significance of mother’s emotions during gestation and at birth and how they impact the neurology, brain chemistry, physiology and psychology of the fetus. Included here will be a discussion about parental love and how mother’s relationship with father plays a very important role in our brain development, our personality, and our capacity to develop healthy love relationships later in life.

Weeks 10-13 – An examination of modern birthing practices and the impact of technological interventions during gestation and childbirth (including review of several pertinent films including Pregnant in America and The Business of Being Born).

Week 14 – An overview of the significance of the mother/infant bond and the impact on the parent/child relationship and the psychological health of mother and child if this bond is interfered with.

Week 15 – Viewing of the film “Birth As We Know It.”

Weeks 16 & 17 – How to heal our past trauma with Jin Shin and prepare for conscious birth.

Part III – Conscious Parenting

Week 18 – Attachment parenting – the importance of holding the baby, sleeping with the baby, and making sure the baby and the mother are properly nurtured and cared-for

Week 19 – Discussion about the physical and emotional benefits of breast-feeding, and provide info about lactation support and/or post partum doula support.

Week 20 – An in-depth look at vaccinations


Dear Friends and Family!

Birth of a New Earth is pleased to announce its second Conscious Birth Movie Night on Long Island. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response of our last showing, we will once again share Elena Tonetti’s groundbreaking film, "Birth As We Know It". For those who are interested in gentle birth and conscious parenting, and would like to learn more about home birth, water birth, ocean birth, and birth without technological interventions, this film is a must see. In this 90-minute documentary, Elena shares her experiences as one of the co-creators of the Conscious Birth movement in Russia, which included a revolutionary birth preparation program for the healing of unresolved relationship issues, emotional blockages, and past birth trauma. The program culminated in the creation of summer birth-camps at the Black Sea where women gave birth to their babies in warm shallow lagoons where dolphins are aplenty. The movie features eleven natural births, including home birth, water birth, ecstatic birth, birth of twins, breech delivery, and an astounding unassisted home birth by Tanya Sargunas – a world renowned Spiritual Midwife and pioneer of Conscious Birth in Russia. The midwifery community calls this film “the most profound and comprehensive guide to conscious birth in the world”, because it delivers a powerful transmission of what it really takes to give birth consciously and gracefully.

You don’t want to miss this folks. Viewing of the film will be followed by an open discussion and sharing. Those who have experienced past birth trauma will find this gathering invaluable.

For more information, please visit: or e-mail
When: Friday, Sept. 16, 2011

Where: 10 Franklin Blvd., Apt. 402, Long Beach, NY

Time: 7:00-10:00pm

Cost: $15 in advance or $20 at the door

To register with a credit card or paypal account, follow this link:


Please note: a portion of the proceeds from this evening will go to support Elena Tonetti's not-for-profit organization, Population Dynamics.

To learn more about Elena Tonetti's film, please visit her website at and/or watch this 10-minute trailer:

Birth As We Know It Trailer

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Folks - do you really wanna know who and what is controlling the U.S. Government? If you do, I think you should read this.

First, let me start by reminding you of something I shared last week - i.e., that President Obama recently appointed Monsanto's Vice President as senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA. Michael Taylor is his name, and not only is he the Vice President of Monsanto, he is also their chief lobbyist.

According to David Avocado Wolff, leader in the raw food movement:
"...on March 31, 2000, Monsanto was merged with Pharmacia & UpJohn Inc. to become Pharmacia Corp.

Pharmacia Corp. (Monsanto) is owned by Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company."

For those who may not know this, Pfizer is the pharmaceutical company that produces some of the most toxic and dangerous vaccines on the planet - vaccines that are killing children and/or causing them to collapse into comas.

Japan halts vaccines from Pfizer, Sanofi after deaths of four children

So here we have a very interesting, not-so-innocent, triangle between the US government, genetically-engineered agriculture (Monsanto) and the pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer)-- all of whom clearly do not have our best interests at heart.

For those who think that vaccines are "good," please review the following links at your earliest convenience so that you, too, may understand the truth about vaccines.

The Ineffectiveness of Vaccines

Vaccines – The Hidden Truth

Vaccine Injuries and Death Sky-rocket as Cover-up Implodes

Vaccines – Get the Full Story

Vaccine Ingredients

The Tragic Truth Behind the Gardasil Nightmare – genetically altered vaccines

My Eye on the Flu Shot

Now, let's talk about Monsanto.

For those who do not know this already, Monsanto is the leading manufacturer of genetically modified seeds and foods. The seeds and "foods" that Monsanto produces are basically mutations of real, living food, and are causing mutations in the DNA of humans and other animal and plant life forms. They are now threatening the Earth's entire food supply through cross-pollination. These frankenfoods are also poisoning the soil and causing severe illness, miscarriages, and permanent infertility in humans and animals.

To understand the serious side-effects of consuming GMO foods, please read the following paragraphs and also the links listed below. Keep in mind that infant formula (produced by the now omnipresent pharmaceutical industry) is often made-up of several different types of GMO foods such as corn and soy, as well as other extremely toxic ingredients, including MSG (neurotoxin), aspartic acid (neurotoxin), manganese (causes brain damage in infants/altered behavior in adolescents), and is processed with hexane (petrochemical neurotoxin). Please also keep in mind that vaccines also contain various types of alien and human DNA, all of which are contributing to a breakdown in the genetic integrity of the human species.
"GMOs were rushed onto our plates in 1996. Over the next nine years, multiple chronic illnesses in the US nearly doubled—from 7% to 13%. Allergy-related emergency room visits doubled between 1997 and 2002 while food allergies, especially among children, skyrocketed. We also witnessed a dramatic rise in asthma, autism, obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders, and certain cancers.

In January of this year, Dr. P. M. Bhargava, one of the world’s top biologists, told me that after reviewing 600 scientific journals, he concluded that the GM foods in the US are largely responsible for the increase in many serious diseases.

In May, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine concluded that animal studies have demonstrated a causal relationship between GM foods and infertility, accelerated aging, dysfunctional insulin regulation, changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system, and immune problems such as asthma, allergies, and inflammation

In July, a report by eight international experts determined that the flimsy and superficial evaluations of GMOs by both regulators and GM companies “systematically overlook the side effects” and significantly underestimate “the initial signs of diseases like cancer and diseases of the hormonal, immune, nervous and reproductive systems, among others.”

The Fox Guarding the Chickens

If GMOs are indeed responsible for massive sickness and death, then the individual who oversaw the FDA policy that facilitated their introduction holds a uniquely infamous role in human history. That person is Michael Taylor. He had been Monsanto’s attorney before becoming policy chief at the FDA. Soon after, he became Monsanto’s vice president and chief lobbyist.

This month Michael Taylor became the senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA. He is now America’s food safety czar."

You're Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It's Not So!

In addition to producing GMO foods, Monsanto is also the creator of dozens of other deadly and toxic products such as aspartame, bovine growth hormone, agent orange, dioxin, DDT, Roundup, and PCB's, all of which are being tied to extreme human and animal health problems, birth defects, and deformities.

Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

Researcher: Roundup or Roundup-Ready Crops May Be Causing Animal Miscarriages and Infertility

Roundup Causing Male Infertility

Roundup: Birth Defects Caused By World's Top-Selling Weedkiller, Scientists Say

Monsanto Tried to Block Research Showing GM Corn Causes Infertility

GMO's causing animals to have miscarriages and infertility

New Study Links Genetically Engineered Corn to Infertility

The Health Risks of GM Foods: Summary and Debate

Wikipedia on Monsanto

span style="font-weight:bold;">"GM soy, reproductive problems, and infant mortality

- More than half the offspring of mother rats fed GM soy died within three weeks.

- Male rats and mice fed GM soy showed changes in their testicles; the mice had altered young sperm cells.

- The DNA of mouse embryos whose parents ate GM soy functioned differently than those whose parents ate non-GM soy.

- Many offspring of female rats fed GM soy were considerably smaller, and more than half died within three weeks (compared to 10% of the non-GM soy controls).

Bt crops linked to sterility, disease, and death

- When sheep grazed on Bt cotton plants after harvest, within a week 1 in 4 died. Shepherds estimate 10,000 sheep deaths in one region of India .

- Farmers in Europe and Asia say that cows, water buffaloes, chickens, and horses died from eating Bt corn varieties.

- About two dozen US farmers report that Bt corn varieties caused widespread sterility in pigs or cows.

- Filipinos in at least five villages fell sick when a nearby Bt corn variety was pollinating.

- The stomach lining of rats fed GM potatoes showed excessive cell growth, a condition that may be a precursor to cancer. Rats also had damaged organs and immune systems.

Functioning GM genes remain inside you

Unlike safety evaluations for drugs, there are no human clinical trials of GM foods. The only published human feeding experiment verified that genetic material inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of intestinal bacteria and continues to function. This means that long after we stop eating GM foods, we may still have their GM proteins produced continuously inside us.

- If the antibiotic gene inserted into most GM crops were to transfer, it could create super diseases, resistant to antibiotics.

- If the gene that creates Bt -toxin in GM corn were to transfer, it might turn our intestinal flora into living pesticide factories.

- Animal studies show that DNA in food can travel into organs throughout the body, even into the fetus.

GM food supplement caused deadly epidemic

In the 1980s, a contaminated brand of a food supplement called L-tryptophan killed about 100 Americans and caused sickness and disability in another 5,000-10,000 people. The source of contaminants was almost certainly the genetic engineering process used in its production. The disease took years to find and was almost overlooked. It was only identified because the symptoms were unique, acute, and fast-acting. If all three characteristics were not in place, the deadly GM supplement might never have been...

55.6% Mortality in Rats Whose Mothers Were Fed GM Soy

A recent Russian study found that an astounding 55.6% of the offspring of female rats fed genetically engineered soy flour died within three weeks. The female rats had received 5-7 grams of the Roundup Ready variety of soybeans, beginning two weeks before conception and continuing through nursing. By comparison, only 9% of the offspring of rats fed non-GM soy died. Furthermore, offspring from the GM-fed group were significantly stunted—36% weighed less than 20 grams after 2 weeks, compared to only 6.7% from the non-GM soy control group.

The study was conducted by Dr. Irina Ermakova, a leading scientist at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). It was originally presented on October 10, 2005 to the symposium on genetic modification in Russia , organized by the National Association for Genetic Security (NAGS).

"An independent study commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Health has found significant infertility effects from mice fed genetically modified (GM) corn. Monsanto, which has a near-world monopoly on all agricultural seeds tried to, not only stop the study from the beginning, but then tried to block the results from being published... The corn, sold by Monsanto, contains a gene that produces the toxic “Bt” pesticide in every cell and in every bite. The results raise the question whether this toxin (or some other unpredictable change in the GM corn) might be contributing to the rise in infertility, allergies or other immune disorders in North America."

"While Roundup has been associated with deformities in a host of laboratory animals, its impact on humans remains unclear. One laboratory study done in France in 2005 found that Roundup and glyphosate caused the death of human placental cells. Another study, conducted in 2009, found that Roundup caused total cell death in human umbilical, embryonic and placental cells within 24 hours. Yet researchers have conducted few follow-up studies."

So, should we be surprised that the President of the United States would appoint a prominent Monsanto employee as chief advisor to the commissioner at the FDA? Apparently not, because this is not the first time Michael Taylor has been in charge of FDA policy. In fact, during the 1990's, he was the man responsible for allowing GMO foods to enter the US food supply without requiring them to undergo a single test to determine their safety.
"The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar. This is no joke.

Here’s the back story.

When FDA scientists were asked to weigh in on what was to become the most radical and potentially dangerous change in our food supply—the introduction of genetically modified (GM) foods—secret documents now reveal that the experts were very concerned. Memo after memo described toxins, new diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and hard-to-detect allergens. They were adamant that the technology carried “serious health hazards,” and required careful, long-term research, including human studies, before any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could be safely released into the food supply.

But the biotech industry had rigged the game so that neither science nor scientists would stand in their way. They had placed their own man in charge of FDA policy and he wasn’t going to be swayed by feeble arguments related to food safety. No, he was going to do what corporations had done for decades to get past these types of pesky concerns. He was going to lie."

Amazing huh! Well here's even more...
"The FDA does not require any safety tests on genetically modified foods. If Monsanto or other biotech companies declare their foods safe, the agency has no further questions. The rationale for this hands-off position is a sentence in the FDA’s 1992 policy that states, “The agency is not aware of any information showing that foods derived by these new methods differ from other foods in any meaningful or uniform way.”[1] The statement, it turns out, was deceptive. Documents made public from a lawsuit years later revealed that the FDA’s own experts agreed that GM foods are different and might lead to hard-to-detect allergens, toxins, new diseases or nutritional problems. They had urged their superiors to require long-term safety studies, but were ignored. The person in charge of FDA policy was, conveniently, Monsanto’s former attorney (and later their vice president). One FDA microbiologist described the GM food policy as “just a political document” without scientific basis, and warned that industry would “not do the tests that they would normally do” since the FDA didn’t require any. He was correct."

As if all of this weren't bad enough, check out the arrogance of this statement!:
"A Monsanto official told the New York Times that the corporation should not have to take responsibility for the safety of its food products. 'Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food,' said Phil Angell, Monsanto's director of corporate communications. 'Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA's job'".

You may also want to know about this...
"Prior to being the Supreme Court Judge who put GW Bush in office, Clarence Thomas was Monsanto's lawyer.

The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture!!!!!! (Anne Veneman) was on the Board of Directors of Monsanto's Calgene Corporation.

The U.S. Secretary of Health!!!!!!!, Tommy Thompson, received $50,000 in donations from Monsanto during his winning campaign for Wisconsin's governor.

The two congressmen receiving the most donations from Monsanto during the last election were Larry Combest (Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee!!!!!) and Attorney General John Ashcroft. (Source: Dairy Education Board)"

"The Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) was on the Board of Directors of Monsanto's Searle pharmaceuticals. Donald Rumsfeld is the man responsible for allowing Aspartame to infiltrate the American diet, despite FDA scientists' disapproval.

Aspartame has been known to cause brain damage and brain tumors, and to pass through the placenta to human fetuses in dosages twice as heavy as those received by the mother."

For more information on Monsanto's contribution to deforming human placentas, please follow this link:

GMO Foods and the Damage to Human Babies, Placentas, & Umbilical Cords

"When we started the documentary, "Sweet Misery", we did not know that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of Searle at the time aspartame was approved. Not until our first interview with Dr. Jim Bowen.

According to a G.D. Searle's salesperson, Patty WoodAllott, Donald Rumsfeld stated "he would call in all his markers and that no matter what, he would see to it that aspartame be approved this year."

This interview with consumer attorney Jim Turner reveals how Donald Rumsfeld "called in his markers" as part of Reagan's transition team in 1981. Here is why G.D. Searle felt compelled to reapply for aspartame's approval one day after Reagan's inauguration.

This is despite rejection of aspartame over brain tumors."

Monsanto's Government Ties

Sick From Aspartame? Meet Donald Rumsfeld

Learn How Aspartame Affects Pregnancies

And here's a nice wikipedia summary of Monsanto's revolving door into the U.S. government:

"Former Monsanto employees currently hold positions in US government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Supreme Court. These include Clarence Thomas, Michael R. Taylor, Ann Veneman, Linda Fisher, Michael Friedman, William D. Ruckelshaus, and Mickey Kantor. Linda Fisher has been back and forth between positions at Monsanto and the EPA."