Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome to Birth of a New Earth blogspot

Aloha and welcome to Birth of a New Earth blogspot. We hope you enjoy your visit here. This blog is dedicated to awakening all future parents to the importance of conscious procreation and to educating young adults about the power we have to transform the Earth by transforming the way that we give birth.

We wish to alert all future parents to the fact that the journey toward parenthood is a shamanic initiation -- a doorway through which we may experience transcendent union with the divine. We, as humans, have the capacity to create ecstatic and orgasmic spiritual experiences during conception, gestation and childbirth. However, in order to reach this transcendent way of procreating, we must shift our focus away from the current trauma-based paradigm of birth and make a commitment to move our sexual energy into alignment with its life-creating potential.

It is our belief that conscious conception, followed-by a trauma-free gestation and a gentle, joyous, birth allows all family members to activate the neurobiology of love within themselves, thereby laying the foundation for the preservation of love in families forever. We are committed to assisting humanity in moving toward the reclamation of our inherent right to experience a love-filled life, and to provide future parents with the education, tools, and nurturing environment necessary for the preparation and successful creation of a supremely pleasurable birth.


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